Best 8 Bissell Steam Mops in 2020 Reviews

How do you feel if you see stains, trash, and filth all around the floor at home? Terrible isn’t it!

Cleaning the dirty floor may turn into ages especially when you have to do multiple activities in the home.

But how about if I say that you can do this cleaning job with a magical mop in minutes? Excited!

Steam Mop is an innovative way to clean the house without chemicals and fillers. Cleaning is an essential part of the household, and there are plenty of solutions available in the market. Most of the cleaning solutions consist of chemical use and hardware, which makes the process slightly tricky. We have witnessed chemicals causing an environmental problem like leaving a bad odor that can adversely affect the health of kids.

Bissell Steam Mops are powerful because the chemicals do not back them, and you don’t even need special ingredients for it to work. It is an electrically powered machine that needs regular water and a few minutes to heat the liquid in the tank.

The most exciting part of Steam Mops is that they are 10X effective than chemical-based solutions. The hot steam melts the stains naturally and leaves no bad odor. Consumers are saving plenty of money and gaining a good environment experience. Bissell is a steam mop cleaner manufacturer, and we have compiled a list of steam mops for the readers.

Best 8 Bissell Steam Mops in 2020 Reviews for Deep Steam Cleaning

1. Bissell 18061 Powerful Steam Mop

Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe...
6,245 Reviews
Bissell PowerFresh Deluxe...
  • Sanitize your hard floors to eliminate 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals; (When used as directed; Does not include fragrance disc)
  • Power fresh deluxe steam mop has an On Board spot boost brush to remove tough, sticky messes
  • Leave behind a refreshing spring breeze scent as you clean.Power Rating: 12 amps, Power Cord Length: 25 feet
  • Leaves behind a refreshing Eucalyptus Mint fragrance as you clean
  • For use in all steam mops, all brands

Bissell 18061 is an affordable steam mop cleaner for consumers, who are looking for a scrubber-based variant. If your house has old fixtures or flooring, then you have to scrub your way to remove tough stains from the surface. Its SpotBoost Brush technology works flawlessly with Ceramic Tiles, Granite, Marble, Wood, etc. You don’t need to adjust the machine because the manufacturer bundled 7.5 meters long power cord for smooth cleaning.

The 18061 comes with an upward water tank, and the manufacturer did not mention the capacity, which is a bummer. We cannot expect from 18061 considering the price point, but it should be somewhere around 0.3 litres to 0.5-litre size. For some odd reason, Bissell did not mention the maximum temperature of the mop, and we are expecting it to be somewhere around 180°F – 200°F temperature.

The company bundled Spring Breeze Scent Discs to leave natural smell after the work. The consumers do get free accessories like soft microfiber pad, Spring Breeze Fragrance Discs, microfiber scrubby pad, and an adjustable water cup. Bissell 18061 is backed by 2-year limited warranty and makes sure to read the Terms & Conditions for further information.

2. Bissell 2747A Professional Steam Mop

Bissell, 2747A PowerFresh...
881 Reviews
Bissell, 2747A PowerFresh...
  • Vacuum and steam your hard floors at the same time.
  • Sanitize floors using the natural power of steam, eliminating 99. 9% of germs and bacteria.
  • Easy Touch Digital Controls to switch between vacuum, steam or both.
  • Powerful, cyclonic vacuum helps capture dirt and debris.
  • Includes: (1) microfiber soft pad, (1) microfiber scrubby pad and a detachable mop pad tray.

Bissell manufactured 2747A under All-In-One Vacuum and Steam Mop category. Don’t get confused because Bissell launched seven similar products with the same design, with minor changes to the functions and aesthetics. The small 12.8 oz or 0.3-litre water tank, which doesn’t last longer per session, but it, should be enough for 10 – 20 minutes of cleaning.

The 2747A did not mention the temperature levels that are estimated to be 180°F – 200°F per session. The manufacturer added 7.6 meters power cord for smooth movement around the house, and it is long enough for larger rooms. The handheld model has Vac&Shine technology, which is capable enough to work on Tile, Laminate, Granite, Sealed hardwood floors, etc.

The steam mop is efficient as it doesn’t leave water droplets behind because it vaporizes in mere seconds. Consumers get free accessories, including Scrubby pads, Soft white pads, Set of vacuum filters, etc. The 2747A backed by 2-year limited warranty, so make sure to read Terms & Conditions on what the manufacturer will cover0

3. Bissell Powerfresh 1940

BISSELL Power Fresh Steam...
17,528 Reviews
BISSELL Power Fresh Steam...
  • Clean and sanitize sealed hard floors without the use of harsh chemicals; Eliminates 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria with the natural power of steam
  • Power through tough, sticky messes with the flip down easy scrubber
  • Choose from high, medium, or low steam based on your cleaning needs with the smart set digital steam control
  • Features swivel steering and a 23 foot power cord. Ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Includes: (1) microfiber soft pad, (1) microfiber scrubby pad, (2) spring breeze fragrance discs, and a carpet glider. Power rating: 1500 watts

The Powerfresh 1940 design seems familiar with other models, but it is 1500 watts cleaner. The SmartSet Digital Steam Control in the filter allows the consumers to set three different levels, and take control over the process. The 0.3-liter water tank is not sufficient for longer hours, but it is an ideal capacity for 10 – 20 minutes of continuous cleaning.

Speaking of insufficient information on the paper, Bissell did not mention the maximum temperature in this model as well. However, the 1500 watts machine is capable enough to throw 200°F – 230°F steam, which is not accurate, but a close approximate value. The mop can handle a wide range of surfaces, including Ceramic, Marbles, Granite, Hardwood, Waterproof wood, etc.

The manufacturer bundled Spring Breeze fragrance discs, a Washable soft mop pad, and a Washable scrubby mop pad. Customers can get their hands on Eucalyptus Mint (1392), Spring Breeze (1394), and Citrus (1393). The PowerFresh 1940 covered in 2-year limited warranty, which should be enough for long-term cleaning experience.

4. Bissell 2685A Steam Mop

BISSELL Power Steamer...
616 Reviews
BISSELL Power Steamer...
  • Powerful, high-temperature steam to blast away dirt, grime, grease, stains, and mold across a wide variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. For use in garage and workshop areas; interior and exterior of auto's, boats, ATV's, and recreational vehicles; windows; outdoor patio furniture and decks; and all sealed hard floor surfaces.
  • 3-in-1 heavy-duty multi-purpose steam cleaner. The upright steam cleaner transforms into both an extended reach steam cleaner and a handheld steam cleaner.
  • Chemical-free cleaning. Sanitize with the power of steam, eliminate 99. 9% of germs and bacteria.
  • Variable steam modes and on-demand trigger allows you to control the intensity and amount of steam being released
  • Convenient storage with wall mount for easy and convenient storage.

Bissell 2685A is a lightweight handheld steam mop that has a 0.3-liter water tank. The brand has advertised it to use indoors only, and it is not designed for outdoor use. The 3-in-1 steam mop works flawlessly on Ceramic, Linoleum, Sealed Hardwood, Granite, Marble, Tiles, and waterproof wood. Unlike in other models, Bissell bundled eight pack of Spring Breeze Fragrance Disc, which will leave a pleasant fragrance smell.

The 2685A comes with a traditional accessory kit that includes Spring Breeze fragrance discs, a Washable soft mop pad, and a Washable scrubby mop pad. The handheld steam mop has 7.6 meters long power cord to clean larger rooms with ease, and it is enough for indoor use. The indoor steam cleaner is ideal for Upholstery, Hard Floors, Pet Beds, Bare Floors, Counter Tops, Children’s Toys, Clothing, Metals, and more.

The 2685A manual does not have temps information, which does give us details. We are assuming that it could be somewhere between 180°F – 200°F After reading the manual that doesn’t have a single point on the readings.

5. Bissell Lift-off 1544A

Bissell PowerFresh...
1,366 Reviews
Bissell PowerFresh...
  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • A Safer And Easier Way To Clean Homes With Pets. No Need To Use Harsh Chemicals On Your Floors
  • The Lift-Off Pet Model Features A 2-In-1 Steam Mop, Allowing You To Tackle Pet Messes Both On And Above Your Floors
  • The Lift-Off Pet Model Includes 13 Versatile Tools For Use With The Handheld Steam Cleaner; Heater Warm-Up Time: 30 Seconds
  • Eliminate 99. 9% Of Germs And Bacteria* With The Natural Power Of Steam. Power Rating : 1500 Watts

The Lift-off 1544A is a steam mop designed explicitly for pet cleaning. The portable cleaner is powerful because it doesn’t use chemicals and clean the pet’s mess naturally. The extension hose comes in handy to reach tricky spots, and the brand added odour eliminating Fragrance Discs. The 0.39-litre water tank is enough for 10 – 20 minutes of work, but it isn’t the most efficient tank. The 1544A can remove tough stains from Sealed hardwood, Linoleum, Granite, Ceramic, Marble, Tiles, Waterproof wood, and more.

Unlike other models, you get Window Squeegee Tool that washes drools and marks from glass windows. In the free accessories, you can find Fabric Steamer that removes stains from clothes, which makes it a multipurpose tool. There is a dedicated button on the steam mop cleaner that allows the consumers to adjust the temperatures from Low, Medium, and High.T

he 1500 Watts steam mop temperature can be somewhere between 200°F – 230°F. The company added standard 7.6 meters power cord to eliminate adjustments and move around the rooms comfortably. The Lift-off covered in 2-year limited warranty, and you can contact the service center for further support.

6. Bissell 2075A

Bissell PowerFresh Slim...
1,270 Reviews
Bissell PowerFresh Slim...
  • Every BISSELL purchase helps save pets. BISSELL proudly supports BISSELL Pet Foundation and its mission to help save homeless pets.
  • Powerful handheld steam cleaner and steam mop in one
  • Clean and sanitize sealed hard floors without the use of harsh chemicals; eliminate 99. 9 percent of germs and bacteria with the natural power of steam
  • Superior clean above floors with the extension tube and extra-long 25 ft power cord to reach those difficult areas in your home
  • On board storage kit allows you to carry tools while you steam clean - grout tool, angle tool, flat scrapper tool, bristle scrub brush

Bissell 2075A designed for indoor use, and it is suitable for floor cleaning and ceiling cleaning. The company added Grout Tool in the box that aimed to remove dirt, grime, and grout from the surfaces. The 2075A has a 0.3-litre water tank that lasts for 10 minutes to 20 minutes of steam cleaning. You can find Clothing Steamer Tool, which makes the clothing cleaning process more comfortable.

The 2075A can handle Ceramic, Linoleum, Granite, Sealed hardwood, Marble, Waterproof marble, etc. The 3-in-1 steam mop can go from 180°F – 210°F temperature, and you do have one dedicated button to turn on and off. Bissell added 7 meters long power cord for excellent coverage of the room, and it is ideal for cleaning larger rooms.

The brand bundled nine free accessories in the box, including Angle Concentrator Tool, Flat Surface Tool, Bristle Brush, Flat Scraper Tool, Grout Brush, Clothing Steamer Tool, Detail Brush, etc. The 3-in-1 steam mop covered in 2-year limited warranty.

7. Bissell 19404 Steam Mop

Bissell 19404 is a pet-cleaning oriented steam mop designed for multipurpose usage. You are getting Odor Eliminating Scent Discs that allows the owners to get rid of the foul smell. The brand added multiple free accessories keeping different pet species in minds such as microfiber scrubby pad, soft microfiber pad, Odor Eliminating Scent Discs, and a carpet glider.
The 1500 watts boiler consumes less than 30 seconds to warm up and produce steam for the session. The 19404 has a larger water tank capacity compared to other models, and it is a 0.47-litre tank. The steam mop works flawlessly only multiple surfaces, including Waterproof wood, Sealed Hardwood, Ceramic, Granite, Linoleum, Marble, etc.

The brand added three dedicated buttons to set Low, Medium, and High temperature. Bissell did not mention maximum boiler temps, and we are assuming it to be 200°F – 230°F temperature. The 19404 comes with an 8-pack of Spring Breeze Fragrance Discs in the box for free-of-cost. The pet-friendly model steam mop covered in 2-year limited warranty.

8. Bissell 20781 Steam Mop

Bissell 20781 is a lift-off model designed for indoor cleaning and mild outdoor cleaning. The detachable handheld steam mop comes handy in cleaning metal-based objects and the kitchen. You get Bristle Brush and Grout Brush to remove tough stains from the surface. The 20781 can hold 0.2-liter water in the boiler tank, which is not enough for the majority of the consumers.

The 1500 Watts steam mop heats the water within 30 seconds and lasts up to 10 minutes to 15 minutes of continuous steam. The robust handheld mop can handle Ceramic, Tiles, Linoleum, Granite, Metal, Marble, etc.

The brand did not list maximum temps, which is a common problem with Bissell products. Most of the 1500 Watts boiler has 200°F – 230°F temperature, and it is powerful enough to melt the tough stains. The 20781 covered in 1-year limited warranty, and it is reduced from 2-years to 1-year on this particular model.

Bottom Line

Bissell is a steam mop manufacturer that added dozens of steam mops covering indoor cleaning, outdoor cleaning, pet cleaning, metal, and more. The brand maintained affordable pricing on the new models and even increased the warranty from 1-year to 2-years on several products. Many customers complained that the boiler doesn’t last long, so make sure to use it with care.

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