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Best Rowenta Steam Irons Reviews [2021] – Professional Smart Iron Station

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Steam irons are essential for our daily use as it’s easy to remove wrinkles, creases from the clothes with the high pressure steam. Such professional appliances are always helpful in our everyday race life. Otherwise, doing iron in the early morning during the rush hour is not less than trouble.

But Steam Irons does all this work in a quick snap. Usually, clothes get folded and moisture after lying for a long time in the cupboard but with the help of professional steam irons you can easily sanitize your clothes from moisture.

Many smart irons are available in the market and the best brand among them is Rowenta. With Rowenta steam iron station, you can save thousands of dollars without spending on dry cleaning.

Here we have reviewed and compared the top rated Rowenta’s professional steam irons that are high in power steam along with large water tank capacity for better performance. Take a look at our reviews NOW!

10 Best Rowenta Steam Irons Reviews [2021] – Top Rated Professional Smart Steamer Station

#1 Rowenta DW7180 – Top Rated Everlast Anti calc Steam Iron

Best Overall


  • Removable lime-scale collector
  • Self-cleaning and Anti-Calc systems
  • Automatically adjust Steam
  • 3-Way Auto-off

Rowenta Everlast Anti-calc steam iron has the unique stainless steel soleplate that glides over the fabric smoothly and easily.  The 400 micro steam holes distribute even steam across the fabric. Its high precision tip helps you to reach the hard to reach areas like the collars and the trouser plates.

The best feature of the Rowenta’s steam iron is its anti-calc system. Usually, in America, hard water is found and they can leave insoluble mineral deposits all over appliances and fixtures. But fearlessly you can add tap water in these steam irons.

As to fight the scale building in your steamer, Rowenta’s Everlast Iron captures the limescale particles in its patented calc collector. Also, it has a self-cleaning feature that saves your time and helps in easy maintenance of steam performance over time.

With the easy control thermostat knob, you can control the burst of steam depending on the material of the fabric. Equally, the water tank is large enough to use continuously for 45min.

With an easy push-button, you can blast the high pressure steam to moisture the crumbled clothes. Overall the Rowenta Everlast 1750 is a perfect choice for you with its advanced features. Go get it!

#2 Rowenta DW5080 – Affordable Model

Affordable Pick


  • Anti-Drip Lid
  • Translucent Water Tank
  • Automatic 3-way shut off system to prevent accidents
  • Multiple Steam Modes

Ironing jobs is the most tiring activity among the household, at least for me. Being a mom of two princesses, It’s never an easy task for me. But Rowenta DW5080 can make your ironing job enjoyable as well as less tiring.

Its an affordable steam iron that can be used at boutiques or shops even at home. The iron produces a huge burst of steam that softens the wrinkled clothes easily and its stainless steel soleplate helps to glide it evenly on any type of fabric.

Normally ironing pleated trousers and heavy denim are a pain to the shoulder, but with Rowenta steamer you can save your energy and efforts. It has a 10oz water tank that helps to use it continuously for more than 45 min and also easy to refill.

The steam iron is optimized for use with tap water so you don’t need to refill distilled water. The highlighted feature is the effortless vertical steaming function that allows you to iron curtains, A-line dress, suits, blankets, and more.

Its anti calc and anti drip systems increase the lifetime of the steam iron and also protect delicate garments from drips and stains over the fabric.

The steamer is durable, reliable, and also the price of the steamer is perfect and would definitely suit your pocket.

#3 Rowenta DG8520– Best Professional Steam Iron Station

Professional Steam Iron


  • 400 Micro Steam Holes
  • Extra Large, Removable and Visible 47oz Tank
  • 5 bars of pressure
  • 1.5 hours of Continuous Ironing Time
  • Rinsing system

Do you need a heavy duty steam iron with a tank? Rowenta DG8520 is a professional steam iron station. It has a detachable stationery base which is quite unique. As most of the steam irons hold water in the body but this one has a water tank in the stationary base.

This makes the iron lightweight use but with a beast pressure of steam. Also, it can be used for 1.5hours of continuous ironing. Unlike other steam irons, it has 5 power setting control that makes an easy manual setting as per the type of fabric.

Its exceptional 5 bars of pressure are ideal to get out wrinkles from hanging drapes or curtains and or smoothing and shaping sewing projects.

The 1.9 meter of the power cord of this professional steamer gives you easy mobility around the place either you are ironing on board or in an upright position. With a touch of a trigger, the powerful steam makes ironing fast and effortless. Equally the eco setting saves 20% of energy as well.

This Rowenta professional steam station is easy to carry and store with its new safety lock. So you can make a wise choice with this if you need a heavy duty steam iron.

#4 Rowenta QR1020 IXEO – Best Rowenta Steamer

Best in Steamer


  • 3 Position Board
  • Smart Board technology which prevent Back Pain
  • 1 Hour Long Run time
  • Portable steam wand
  • Get ready within 45 seconds!

If you are looking for a combo solution for home sanitize and steam iron then turn your head to Rowenta QR1020 Steamer. It’s an all in one iron and steamer with 3 positions smartboard.

The intelligent ironing head turbo steam technology removes wrinkles quickly and easily. You can adjust the flexible smartboard position into 3 ergonomic positions depending on the type of garments.

In just 45 sec it gets ready to use and can be used on a variety of fabrics including the delicate one. The dynamic feature is the built-in wheels that allow easy movement of the steamer.

Sanitization of a home can be done with this Rowenta commercial grade garment steamer and it kills 99.9% of germs and odor causing bacteria from your fabrics. It is highly portable just remove the base and the ironing head can be used to refresh curtains and upholstery around the house.

Even the water tank holds water up to 1 liter and gives you extra time for steaming on one refill. Say goodbye to your back pain and get Rowenta’s revolutionary garment care solution.

#5 Rowenta DW6080 – Eco-Intelligence Smart Iron

Energy Saver


  • Integrated Anti-Scale System
  • High Precision tip
  • 400 micro holes delivers Concentrated Steam
  • Anti-drip and Self-Clean Systems
  • Auto Shut Off Technology

The next smart iron is Rowenta DW6080 eco-intelligence. You must be wondering what exactly eco-intelligence does, right? Basically Eco-intelligence provides 3 settings- dry position, eco position, and boost position. With the push of a lever, it delivers an optimal steam output to iron that distributes efficiently over all fabrics while saving energy.

Along with this, it has micro steam 400 holes and a 3D soleplate that helps to concentrate steam and reduces losses. The high precision tip glides easily over the garment easily and removes tough pleats and creases from the hard to reach areas.

You can be completely assured with Its smart auto-off features that shut irons off after 8 min of inactivity on the heel and 30 sec on the soleplate or tipped over on its side.

The water tank is large enough for continuous use of 60min, also it can be filled with tap water. You can also use it without steam like a normal iron and don’t worry its anti-drip technology will prevent water leakage on clothes.

In a nutshell, This smart iron is beautifully designed for effective usage, has a good grip handle, anti-calc technology, and a long power cord for easy movement and storage. So Hit the cart now!

#6 Rowenta DW8080 – Professional Micro Steam Iron

Small in Size


  • 400+ Holes which deliver 150g/min Burst of Steam
  • On demand Burst of Steam
  • Long cord for more Moveability
  • On demand Burst of Steam
  • Displays the water level

Have you ever ironed a linen or cotton creased shirt? If yes then you must be knowing the hard time it brings to the wrist as well as to the back. Moving on back and forth and the desired result is still at the far end.

But with  Rowenta DW8080 Pro master steam iron, the creases can be eased in a single pass. It reduces your iron time and gives you more time for other activities.

Within a minute it produces 150gram of ultra steam burst that removes wrinkles even from the areas like buttons, collars, and edges.

This Rowenta smart iron can also be used vertically on curtains and upholstery furniture. It easily sanitizes your fabrics and leaves a fresh feel on it.

Due to hard water usually, calc gets built in the iron, but Rowenta anti calc iron technology collects the build-up calc and increases the life of the iron.

It has a large water tank and a long power cord that allows you for easy movements without constant refilling. Safety is the best feature we get from Rowenta, to prevent any sort of accident, this professional steam station comes with a 3-way automatic shut-off system. Moreover, this Steam iron is reliable and durable.

#7 Rowenta DW2459 – Smart Retractable Iron with Cord Reel

Perfect Glidability


  • Comes with Cord Reel
  • Over 350 Steam Holes
  • 180 gram/min Steam Shot
  • Translucent Water Tank

Oftentimes, when drying indoors, clothes don’t get to dry properly especially during rainy days. As a result, it causes moisture to get trapped in them, which leads to that stinky, unpleasant smell of wet clothes. To get rid of the moisture you can use Rowenta DW2459 smart retractable cord steam iron.

The steamer uses 1725 watts of power to generate high-pressure steam that removes wrinkles, creases, and also odor from the fabric.

The design is sleek, slim, and elegant and the unique retractable cord makes it more desirable. Instead of getting tangled in the wires use the retractable feature that increases the life of the steam iron. If you want to check more models similar to this, take a look at our Retractable Cord Irons reviews article.

Its comfortable grip handle allows you to handle it with ease and glide over the fabric smoothly.

Over 350 active steam holes distribute steam over the garments. It can be used in a vertical position for curtains, long clothes, suits, a wedding dress, and more.

You can be completely assured of the safety features like auto shut off and anti-drip.

The price is very affordable for the given feature. I would definitely recommend this steam iron to you for multipurpose use.

#8 Rowenta DW9280 – Digital Display Steam Iron Station

Indicate with LED


  • Smart Steam Motion Sensor
  • 400+ Steam Holes
  • Deliver 210 Gram of Powerful Steam
  • LED ready Indicator

From household linens to personal wardrobes, make a good impression with help from the Rowenta SteamForce steam iron. The handheld steam iron pumps up a substantial burst of vertical steam and pushes up to 30% more steam into the fabrics.

It is the fastest and effective steam iron to remove wrinkles and creases from all types of fabrics including cotton and linen. The unique Led digital displays the desired setting and blinks once it gets ready to use on the set temperature for selected fabric.

Its stainless steel soleplate includes an ultra-thin silicate coating for scratch-resistant and nonstick gliding to protect even the most delicate fabric. A smart steam motion sensor turns off variable steam when the iron stops moving, conserving water and electricity.

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For safety and peace of mind, the iron shuts off automatically if left unused. Other highlights include one-touch controls, a cool spray mist for extra-stubborn wrinkles, an integrated anti calcium system, and a self-clean system for long-lasting performance.

The anti-drip system helps prevent spitting and leaking even when the thermostat is on a low setting. You can definitely add this to your list.

#9 Rowenta DW3261 1725-Watt – Smart Protect technology

Good Grip


  • Packed with Smart Protect technology
  • Automatically Adjust Temperature
  • Delivers 180 grams/min of Steam Burst
  • Comfortable Gripping

If you are among the ones who are terrible at ironing and most often burn their clothes, then Rowenta DW3261 is perfect for you. The steam iron has no setting no burning stainless steel soleplate that protects your clothes from burning.

Its perfect Temp technology offers a perfect solution for all your day to day ironing needs. With exclusive multi-layer construction, it provides the optimum temperature to save time while keeping garments fully protected—all without the need to set a Thermo knob or sort garments.

You can iron all your delicate clothes with ease like silk. It uses 1725 watt of power and generates 180grams of steam burst per min to take on even the toughest wrinkles.

The large water tank can be filled with tap water and can be used for more than 60 min continuously. The high pressure steam can also be used to disinfect and sanitize your home especially if you have pets at home, steam irons are a must for you.

In all Rowenta DW3261is a high-performance steam iron that delivers powerful performance, maximum steam distribution, and impressive durability.

#10 Rowenta DA1560 – Cheap, Small & Good for Traveler

A frequent traveler usually needs a steam iron that is compact in size, portable, and lightweight which makes it easier to carry in the luggage bag. And Rowenta DA1560 is a travel-ready steam iron.

The DA1560 TRAVEL compact steam iron is a fully-featured, high performance, quality steam iron which performs all traditional ironing tasks. Its folding handle folds flat for perfect storage in bags.

The unique micro steam stainless soleplate has 200 steam holes that distribute even steam all over the fabric. Its high precision tip helps to glide smoothly even to the hard to reach areas like buttons, edges, and more.

So if you want to iron your shirts, coats, plates trousers or even a hanging jacket all can be done with this professional steam iron.

Also, the dual voltage function ensures that iron is powerful at 120 volts as it is at 240 volts and provides the full range of ironing temperatures. And the transparent water tanks help you to keep track of the water level and refill accordingly. You also get a travel pouch for easy storage of the steam iron.

Get the steam iron now!


Rowenta is a brand that can be trusted easily in the steam industry. They have features steam irons for everyone with multipurpose use. Above we listed the Best Rowenta’s steam irons reviews and did the comparison among them. But our expert choice is Rowenta DW7180 Everlast and Rowenta DW8520 Professional Smart Iron Station. Both the steam irons are best in feature and performance, also the price is affordable. So you can make a wise choice by selecting one among both.

If you have any question related to the above product please mention it in the comment section, I would love to answer your questions.

Till then have a good day!

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