Canister steam Cleaners – Best 5 Reviews of 2021 and Buying Guide

Are you looking forward to the best Canister Steam Cleaners in the market? Are you getting confused among so many options available? If yes, this guide is going to be supercooled for you, your family, and for all those who are currently planning to buy it.

Vacuuming and dusting are surely not so easy to go if we aren’t having the right tools in hand. One needs to have quite heavy-duty tools to deal with the tough mess and canister steamers have emerged as a great option in such situations.

The budget will not surely restrict your way here as we have tried to provide you the best and affordable products being available in the market. Steam is quite powerful and holds on the capability of cleaning up space quite effectively.

Canister Steam cleaners are one of the finest cleaning appliances that work much alike even better than that of the vacuum cleaners. It includes a tank that users the power of its motor to get heated up.

The water thus heated up produces steam at a very high pressure that can easily penetrate through the different surfaces and clean and sanitize them perfectly. Using a Canister Steam Machine will help you in making your home germ free and infection free all the time.

Best in PerformanceBest in Performance Top-rated best canister steam cleaner machineDupray Neat
  • Max. Temp.: 275°F
  • Pressure: 50 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 50min & 7min
  • Capacity: 54oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6.6ft & 16ft
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Budget-FriendlyBudget-Friendly compact and small size canister steamer machineMcCulloch MC1275
  • Max. Temp.: 200°F
  • Pressure: 43 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 45min
  • Capacity: 48oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 9 ft. & 15.7 ft.
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Most PowerfulMost Powerful best canister steamer for heavy usageDupray ONE
  • Max. Temp.: 303°F / 150°C
  • Pressure: 50.8 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8 min & 50 min
  • Capacity: 39 oz
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6.2ft & 16.5ft
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Heavy-DutyHeavy-Duty canister vapor steam cleaner for furniture, tile floorVapamore MR-100
  • Max. Temp.: 220°F
  • Pressure: 46 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 60min
  • Capacity: 54oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6 ft. & 18 ft.
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Long-Lasting TankLong-Lasting Tank canister steam machine equipmentMcCulloch MC1385 Deluxe
  • Max. Temp.: 200°F
  • Pressure: 58 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 12 min & 120 min
  • Capacity: 64 oz
  • Hose & Cord Length: 10 ft. & 18 ft.
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CompactCompact canister compact steam cleanerCostway
  • Max. Temp.: 226.4°F
  • Pressure: 4.0 bar
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 45min
  • Capacity: 51oz.
  • Cord Length: 16 ft.
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cheap canister for steam cleaningPureClean XL
  • Max. Temp.: 240°F
  • Pressure: 43 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 10min & 45min
  • Capacity: 50oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6.5 ft. & 16 ft.
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10 Best Canister Steam Cleaners

#1 Dupray Neat Powerful Canister Steam Cleaner

Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner...
  • POWERFUL STEAM CLEANER: up to 275°F/135°C. Best multi purpose steamer for home, cars and more.
  • HEAVY-DUTY & LARGE CAPACITY: Up to 50 minutes of cleaning time per fill up.
  • PERFECT FOR FLOOR CLEANING: use any regular towel or cloth, no need for expensive special pads!
  • 2-year Limited Warranty / Lifetime Warranty on steam cleaner boiler.

Dupray Neat Canister Steam Cleaner is one of the most efficient and ultra-reliable options in the market that will assist you in sanitizing your home. It is a versatile steam cleaner that is being designed to clean the hard to reach places without any issues.

The product is absolutely a perfect example of extreme performance at the temperature of 2750 F/ 1350C and eases to use at affordable pricing.

One can now easily clean the hard to reach places with the help of retractable handle. The extra-long power cord of 5 m along with 2 m steam hose makes it quite easier to be used in different places.

Dupray is being designed to provide absolute cleaning that only a larger and professional unit can only provide you. The product not only removes the dirt, grease, and stains from each part of your home but kills almost 99.9% of the bacteria, viruses, pathogens, bedbugs, and mold, etc perfectly.

One of the best things about this wonderful product is that it works great on all kinds of floors and furniture. And it can also be used to clean toys, kitchen appliances, car interiors, and grouts, and tiles, etc.

Dupray offers users a perfect cleaning experience for about 50 mins per fill with the help of an integrated 1600 ml tank without making much effort. It is a lightweight and portable product that you can easily carry along with you whenever required.

#2 McCulloch MC1275 Portable Canister Steamer

McCulloch launched MC1275 Canister Steam Cleaner for larger families. The steam tank can carry 48-ounces of water that boils up the liquid within eight minutes. Clean the entire house within 45 minutes of steam and under 43 psi pressure level.

The MC1275 is compatible with most of the surfaces such as Marble, Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Laminate, Waterproof wood, and more. You do get 18 versatile accessories and tools in the package for free-of-cost. It gives you more control over the usage because you got Steam Lock Switch that lets you turn on & off the steam.

The technology of Jet Nozzle releases a powerful flow of steam that has a positive impact on the stains, which helps in cleaning the house faster. Customers have nothing to worry about as you are going to get 24-months or 2-years of warranty on the MC1275 model.

#3 Dupray One Canister Type Steam Cleaner

Dupray One Steam Cleaner-...
  • Up to 50 minutes of cleaning time per fill up.
  • QUALITY ACCESSORIES : 16-piece kit.
  • WARRANTY: 3 years / Lifetime on stainless steel boiler.

If you are willing to enjoy that extreme experience of sparkling cleaning, Dupray One Steam Cleaner is the perfect option that can assist you in the same.

Coming up with an adjustable steam control system, it is one of the finest canister type steam cleaners being present in the market that makes it quite easier to enjoy absolute and germ-free cleaning in just a few minutes.

You don’t need to take any house help nor need to spend a lot of money for sanitizing your home now, as this wonderful product will make everything much smoother for you.

One can easily enjoy the cleaning session of about 50 minutes consistently just with the help of a single fillup.

It is a heavy-duty product that comes up in a package of 16-piece kit. This powerful steam cleaner can easily clean every kind of flooring and furniture with the help of adjustable pressure.

It is one of the simplest, efficient, and chemical-free cleaning solutions that can be easily accessed without any hassle with the help of a 16 m integrated electrical cord and 1.88 m steam hose.

It is a compact and lightweight steam cleaner being present in the market is very affordable pricing. It just takes about 8 minutes for providing max steam temperature of 3030F / 1500 C.

#4 Vapamore MR-100

Vapamore launched MR-100 under a multi-purpose canister steam cleaner for families. The MR-100 carries a 54-ounces water tank that will provide 60 minutes of continuous steam. The MR-100 boiler produces over 220°F temperature that is not the highest in the industry but is sufficient.

Vapamore specifically designed the MR-100 for pet cleaning, bed bugs, and pest control. The canister steam cleaner can wipe out the dirt from Marble, Granite, Laminate, Waterproof Wood, Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, and more.

The MR-100 bundled with 21-pieces of accessories, and tools. You will find plenty of machines included the package that comes in handy while cleaning Kitchen, Bathroom, BBQ Grill, Ovens, Garage floors, Facets, Toilets, and more.

The customers can clean vehicles like Motorcycle, Cars, Vans, and more. The 220°C high-temperature is capable enough to melt down the grouts, bacteria, and viruses on the surface. The Vapamore offers Lifetime Warranty on MR-100 and contacts the customer care for further assistance.

#5 COSTWAY Compact Canister Machine

COSTWAY introduced 1500 W Heavy Duty model for multi-purpose and for large families. The 1500 W Heavy Duty carries 51-ounces of the water tank that provides 45 minutes of continuous steam. The 1500 W Heavy Duty produces over 226°F temperature that is ETL certified, so your hands are protected while using the unit.

COSTWAY considered larger rooms into the account and bundled 4.8-meter long power cord to move around comfortably. The steam pressure level is 54 psi that wipes out harmful bacteria, viruses, kill bed bugs, and more. The brand bundled 18 different accessories in the package that will come in handy in reaching tricky spots in the house.

The ETL certified product has safety features such as boiler automatic turn off button, temperature control system, and over-heating cut-out system. COSTWAY canister steamer offers three months of warranty on 1500 W Heavy Duty, which is a blunder, in my opinion.

#6 Pure Enrichment PureClean

If you are looking forward to a perfect cleaning partner to clean up your home or office, the PureClean Canister type Steam Machine is the perfect option you can invest in.

It is one of the budget-friendly steam cleaner being present in the market that can be effortlessly used on a wide range of flooring and furniture. Whether you have to clean up your windows or have to clean the hard to reach places, this tool will make everything much simpler for you.

It is being designed to be quite a user friendly and the usage of PureClean XL’s Squeegee attachment makes it every easier to enjoy the streak-free shine. Yet it is a very powerful steam cleaner option still does include a very lightweight and compact structure.

This canister steam machine comes up in a package of 18 pieces of the heavy-duty set that can be easily used for cleaning every corner of your home. you just have to fill in the 1.5-liter water boiler to start up the cleaning phase. The presence of an extra-long power cord f 16 feet makes it quite easier to be used at faraway places effortlessly.

Whether you have to clean the waterproof wood flooring or have to clean up the car upholstery, everything will be done in just a few minutes. The 1.5 L boiler can efficiently help you with cleaning for about 45 minutes continuously.

#7 McCulloch MC1375

The MC1375 has a water tank capacity of 53-ounces that heats up within 12 minutes of the period. The cleaner fires up the steam up to 200°F temperature and lasts up to 90 minutes each round. The MC1375 power cord length is 5.4 meters and has a 3-meter long hose, which will decrease the adjustment of the canister cleaner.

The multi-purpose steam cleaner cleans Wood, Laminate, Granite, Sealed wood flooring, Ceramic Tiles, and more. The MC1375 removes tough stains from subjects that can handle 200°F temperature, such as BBQ Grills, Carpets, Autos, Vehicles, Kitchen, Toilets, and more. McCulloch’s model can remove grouts from rough surfaces and wouldn’t have complications in indoor cleaning.

You do get 20 accessories and tools in the package that includes Extension Wand Angled Nozzle, Triangle Brush, Brass Utility Brush, Nylon Utility Brush, Scrubbing Mop Pad, Round Scrub Pad, Storage Bag, Accessory Net and Fill Cup and more. The MC1375 got covered under 2-years of warranty and have a dedicated customer support team.

#8 Steamfast SF-370

Steamfast brought SF-370 for consumers, who are looking for compact edition of canister type steam cleaners. The SD-370 is known for portability that has 1.9-meters of hose, 4.5 power cord, wheels, wrap, and carrying handle for ease of use.

The 48-ounce water tank doesn’t make you wait and heats the water in 8 minutes and lasts up to 45 minutes of steam. However, we don’t have information on the SF-370 steam temperature, but we are assuming that it could somewhere between 200°F – 220°F.

Steamfast bundled 15-pieces of accessories that are Scrub Pad, Sponge Pad, Short Nylon Brush, Fill Cup, Extension Wand, Boiler Cap, and Steam jet nozzle. The SF-370 covered under 2-years of warranty, and the brand promises to replace the unit if they failed to satisfy the customer.

#9 Ivation 1800W

Ivation 1800W is a multi-purpose canister steam cleaner that works on multiple surfaces. The 1800W model works flawlessly on Clothing, Floors, BBQ Grills, Kitchen, Ceramic items, and more.

The 1800W can store up to 67-ounces of water heats up within 7 minutes. Ivation model is a beast as the steam temperature goes beyond 338°F and lasts up to 30 minutes of continuous steam.

The term “multi-purpose” applies to outdoor cleaning and anything that can handle 338°F high-temperature. Remove hardened Grout, Mold, Mildew, Dust, Dirt, Germs, Grease, Allergens, Grime, Dander, Wrinkles from fabric, and more.

Monitor the steam pressure from the dedicated meter and has an ETL-listed water tank. Enjoy cleaning tricky spots using 14-pieces of accessories and expansion kit that includes Extension tubes, Handheld nozzle gun, Window squeegee, Rotating brush, Large floor scrubber, and more. Ivation offers a 1-year limited warranty on the 1800W model.

#10 COSTWAY 2000W

COSTWAY is making way to the list again with a 2000W canister steam cleaner that has a more powerful boiler. The 2000W has 51-ounces of the water tank that heats up within 6 minutes. The maximum boiler temperature is 329°F for deep cleaning and will last up to 30 – 45 minutes of continuous steam.

The powerful canister 2000W model is a multi-purpose cleaner that works flawlessly against dirt on Vehicles, BBQ Grills, Carpet, Toilet, Car seat, Oven, Floor, Sofa, and more. I’m glad that COSTWAY added two temperature functions, where you can set 226°F & 329°F temperature.

You do have a child safety lock that turns off steam instantly and is located on the top of the handle. There is a safety feature that releases the steam if it overboils.

The combination of 3 meters power cord & two extension tubes assists the customers to reach tricky spots and 19 different accessories included in the box. I have repeated the same information that COSTWAY offers three months of warranty that is not sufficient.

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