How to Steam Clean Car using Steam Cleaner – Instantly Bring back its Shine

clean your car with steam cleanerThe cleaning and care of vehicles are just as important as the technical inspection and necessary repairs. In particular, passenger cars can be cleaned in car washes.

However, those are often equipped with aggressive cleaning agents or scratches cleaning brushes.

To avoid these unnecessary burdens, cleaning the vehicle and bike with a steam cleaner is recommended.

Car washes and vacuum cleaners allow easy car cleaning. But most of the residues are left behind that affect the overall appearance of a clean vehicle.

The steam cleaner is an optimal way to clean the car deeply from the outside and inside. A great effort does not have to be done here, because the steam machine is easy to use and ensures visibly clean results when it is known how and where you can use it.

How to Steam Clean your Car using Steam Cleaner

1. Steam cleaners of the vehicle body – through and straightforward

The steam cleaner can be used both for cleaning the outside and the inside of the car. The entire body of the vehicle can be done with the steam machine. Both the windows, the paint, and the rims are again shiny and clean with a steamer.

Depending on the degree of pollution, the amount of steam to be expelled must be selected, so car windows are often quickly clean again, even with small amounts of vapor.

Rims and their spaces require a higher steam output to be seen yet. Steamers can also clean other parts such as the rim, in case of heavy pollution in advance to apply, which also heavy soiling can be removed.

The steam cleaner is versatile. Since it gently but effectively cleans, it can be used for the entire body. Not only does it clean thoroughly, but it also makes any vehicle shine in new splendor without the aid of chemical agents.

Steam regulation should always be adapted to the type, quantity, and sensitivity of the material. In addition to paint cleaning, the steam machine also cleans glass, plastics, steel, aluminum, as well as engine compartments or underbody without any problem.

2. Shine your Car’s rim with the steam cleaner

Wheel cleaning is almost always associated with great efforts, especially if they have narrow access points. The steam cleaner provides relief and also comes in the hard to reach rooms. To do this, you must choose the amount of steam adapted to the respective degree of soiling.

The higher this is, the higher the amount of steam should be. Before cleaning with the steamer, you should spray on a wheel cleaner, wait a few minutes and then start with the steam cleaner at the top of the rim to loosen the dirt. Specially painted and coated sides are cleaned gently on these without being attacked.

3. Cleaning Car Upholstery and interior without foam

Contrary to expectations, the interior of a car can be safely rid of dirt with the fabric steam cleaner. For this purpose, the pads should first be removed, for example, with a hand vacuum cleaner from loose soil. Otherwise, there is a risk that it dissolves and causes stains.

Once these contaminants have been removed, it makes sense first to check the pad for compatibility at a less visible location, if no color changes occur, which is very rarely the case, cleaning can be started.

For this purpose, especially the brush attachment with cloth covering should be used, which is now slowly guided along with only low pressure along the fibers, but no pressure should be exerted. After cleaning, the vehicle doors should remain open so that the pads can vent.

Also, leather covers can be cleaned in this way, but rather a microfibre cloth should be used as an attachment for the brush; the amount of steam should be reduced to the lowest level. Also, suitable cleaning agents can be integrated into the care in heavy soiling, if necessary.

With the Dampreiniger, not only the interior of the caravan or car can be cleaned, but on the upholstery in the living room. Ideally, a handy and portable steam cleaner can be used for steam cleaning – to be flexible during the cleaning process.

How to Clean Car Interior with a steam cleaner?Clean Car Interior with a steamer

In order to achieve an impeccable result and to make Interior inside the vehicle look like new again, you should first clean the upholstery with a steam cleaner.

In order to avoid undesirable results, it is recommended that you carry out a color fastness and compatibility test before using the steam machine. For this, you choose an inconspicuous place on the upholstery.

If the test is positive, a brush attachment is placed on the steamer, which is additionally covered with a cloth.

You should choose a low position in the setting of the steam. This will prevent the pads from absorbing too much moisture.

Then you always run the steam cleaner in the fiber direction with slow-moving webs, so that a uniform interior cleaning takes place. The pressure is to be avoided. Once the pads have been cleaned, the doors of the vehicle are opened so that they can dry out thoroughly.

For leather seats and covers made of Alcantara is also proceeded in the same way, which should be used as cloth cover Mircofasertücher. But especially with these car interior materials, you have to pay attention to the small amount of steam.

Additional cleaning agents are usually not required in the steam cleaning of upholstery or leathers. For particularly stubborn dirt, they can still be used meaningfully. Here you must distribute the cleaning agent evenly and make sure that the cleaning agents are suitable for the material.

Clean the caravan, caravan or camper with a steam cleaner

The methods described above can also be used in the same way for campers and trailers. This is usually a more straightforward solution even for campers, as regular car washes are often not designed to cope with RVs, caravans, and caravans because of their height.

With regulated pressure cleaning kitchens, floors, and toilets can also be expertly cleaned, which makes it possible to clean the motorhome without adding any chemical cleaning agents entirely.

Conclusion – Steam cleaner (one for everything)

The steam machine is a beautiful cleaning device for the care of all motor vehicles. It can be cleaned the entire body along with their rims, without the risk of scratches and harmful cleaning agents.

Also, the interior can be easily cleaned and maintained with the steamer, which makes the steam cleaner in this regard a perfect cleaning device, which competition must not fear.

The steam machine is the perfect partner when it comes to the care and cleaning of your own car. In addition, laminate, tiles, and parquet can be cleaned with a steamer,  or even blinds and shutters can be cleaned with a steam cleaner and many other areas of application.

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