How to Instantly Steam Clean the Kitchen with Steam Cleaner

There are some rooms in every house and apartment that are extremely dirty again and again. This does not always have to be impurities that you see at first glance, but only on closer inspection.

Especially in the kitchen, fats settle or clogged the drainage by food debris. Good advice is often expensive. And it does not always have to be the chemical club, as poisonous remains can easily be transferred to food.

A perfect solution is, for example, a steamer, with which you even permanently remove stubborn dirt and grease.

Since steam cleaners do universal work and can, therefore, clean the kitchen as good as anything, the use in the kitchen is also possible. With steam, almost everything can be cleaned in the kitchen. Whether fat deposits on kitchen cabinets and extractor hoods or clogged outflows – with the right pressure and brush, it is not a big challenge for a cleaner with steam.

Steam Clean the kitchen Sinks, Cabinets, Hob and many more with a Steam Cleaner

1. Clean blocked drains with steam

With a steam cleaner drains, which have been added by food debris and fat, free again. The whole thing can be done without chemical pipe cleaners.

This should be done as follows, first compress the ventilation holes of the drain, while a hole should remain free – so that there escapes the steam. Subsequently, in one of the holes, the steam cleaner with the associated attachment into it.

For this, you can use a steam lance or angle nozzle. The steam output can also be set to the highest level. Then simply rinse with water.

2. Clean cooker hoods and kitchen cabinets with a steam cleaner

For stubborn grease deposits, which like to settle on hats or on the surfaces of kitchen cabinets, a steam cleaner can be used. Here the range of the nozzle is crucial – with coarse dirt, you should approach as close as possible to the surface because how close the more effective is the cleaning of the steam. This makes it easy to clean stubborn grease deposits on cooker hoods.

These soiling can, in most cases, be cleaned with the existing nozzles that are already included in the delivery. The fat that was released by the steam can be wiped away with a rag. Here you can proceed as follows: With the right hand, one steams with the nozzle on the fat deposit and with the other one wipes directly with the cloth.

On some models, you can also straight stretch cloth over the brush attachment – which, of course, makes the whole process much more comfortable. But you should change the fabric at regular intervals, so as not to smear the grease on the surface.

3. Remove cooker hoods from grease

When cooking greasy vapors, splashes from sauces often contaminate the shades. To prevent germs, it is essential to ensure that the surfaces around the stove and the extractor hood are thoroughly and regularly cleaned.

With a steam cleaner, you can also clean the small spaces correctly by the intense beam. The closer you bring the nozzle to the surface to be cleaned, the better the result. One place that is usually hard to clean is the connection of the cooker to the work surface.

Again, the use of a household steam cleaning machine is recommended. If the standard nozzle does not clean, you can also use a brush attachment. If a lot of fat has accumulated, then the grease that has been removed with the steam cleaner should be removed with a cloth.

If you apply a stainless steel scourer over the brush, you can also Cerankochfelder without scratching to clean. Even burnt-in and encrustations can be solved.

4. Clean the sink and fittings with a steam cleaner

clean kitchen sink and fittings with steam cleaner

With a steam cleaner, the fittings in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom, can be easily cleaned. Very well suitable accessories are stainless steel and chrome. 

The whole thing should be done but only with the designated brush, otherwise scratches on the fittings may arise. Mostly, the kitchen’s sink gets clogged due to food and other stuff.

Here it is recommended to use the spot jet nozzle to unclogged the way. After cleaning, you can then dry the joint with a microfiber cloth.

If calcifications are present, you can just hold the nozzle as close as you can to the surface to be cleaned. If the calcification is very thick and stubborn, you can treat the fitting with vinegar before – after that, the limescale layers will dissolve more easily.

To avoid calcification, you should, after the basic cleaning, the accessories and sinks regularly edit by quickly evaporating the surfaces.

5. Kill the germs of kitchen

Elimination of germs and bacteria without using a chemical is not easy, right? Well, it was but now you can effortlessly do this with the help of a steam machine.

The majority of bacteria are in our kitchen and you can rapidly kill them using an ordinary steam cleaner. But for eliminating some dangerous pests like bed bugs, an ordinary steamer won’t work as it’s not able to generate superheated steam. So, use a high-pressure steam machine for killing bed bugs.

6. Radiant shine in the hut

Stainless steel fittings and sinks can be seen quickly, how intensively they are cleaned. Of course, you can work with special cleaning agents to counteract the pollution at these points. But streaks or stains are best removed with the steam jet. Only one should make sure that stainless steel can be scratched very quickly.

Therefore, a spot jet nozzle is particularly suitable for this purpose. You do not necessarily have to do without the old household remedies, as separated lime dissolves when vinegar or lemon is applied and can then be removed much more quickly. Rinsing with clear water is no longer necessary.

7. Clean the hob and the hob with a steam cleaner

The coarse dirt on the stove or hob should be generously evaporated in advance. To clean the stubborn dirt at the joints and the edges of the hob, a small round brush should be used.

To clean the ceramic hob gently and adequately, it is advisable to drip some stainless steel top scourer onto the attached round brush on the steam cleaner. Now the soaked soiling can be easily removed.

Very important: During the entire cleaning process, care should be taken that steaming is always done so that the ceramic hob does not get scratched because the steam unfolds a sliding layer.

Use right Steam Cleaning Accessories to clean your Kitchen perfectly

With the right accessories, you can clean almost the entire kitchen with a steam cleaner. Cooker hoods, cooktops, fittings, kitchen cabinets, and clogged drains can be easily cleaned with a good steam cleaner.

When dealing with sensitive surfaces, it is essential to ensure that you always steam during your entire work to avoid scratching the surface.

A steam cleaner can replace many appliances in the household – and is a time-saving device for many. Coarse dirt and stubborn grease deposits are no problem for a steam cleaner with the right accessories.

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