12 Things which we can clean with a Steam Cleaner at home

steam cleaning machine can be used for sanitizing and disinfecting almost anything at home. It’s just a matter of the right nozzle and handling. However, there are some things you should be aware of because it is still hot steam that you are handling.

This steam can cause damage. Here you will find all the activities listed, which can be done with a steam cleaner. Also, you will find recommendations and cleaning tips so that you do not regret it afterward.

12 Things which you can clean with a Steam Cleaner at Home

1. Remove dirt from faucets in the bathroom

Remove bathroom tile, grout and faucets dirt

Cleaning of fittings with spot jet nozzle and brush attachment

Valves in the sink often have small grooves, which accumulates over time all sorts of dirt.

Especially with the wells in the drain collects a lot. Due to the toothpaste and the lime so often creates an unsightly hue in the wells.

To get these grooves clean, aggressive cleaners are often used. These are not only harmful to your health, but also the surface structure of the sink and the chrome plating of the fittings. With a steam cleaner, however, such places become child’s play.

Simply use a bathroom tile steam cleaner, and rinse out the dirt with its spot jet nozzle. Then wipe dry with a cloth, and your sink looks like new. This can be done with any fittings, whether in the shower, bath, or kitchen.

2. Clean joints easily and effectively

Another annoyance is the joints in the bathroom. Especially white fittings are discolored by dirt very quickly. A steam cleaner can flush out any dust from these joints, so no more scrubbing with the toothpaste. However, if the bones are calcified over a more extended period, often, even a steam cleaner can not help.

You will probably have to work with aggressive cleaners here. With the regular use of a steam mop, the formation of lime can be effectively prevented. With mild mold in joints, a steam cleaner can also effectively eliminate them.

However, let the bones dry thoroughly afterward. It is best to open the window for several minutes. In the case of the durable mold but also no steam cleaner helps more.

Here, the joints must be ground is. With silicone joints, it looks even worse. If the mold has settled in these for the first time, the silicone must be removed entirely. Here also, no mold removers help.

3. Cleaning of tiles and joints

clean your home tile floor and grout

Cleaning joints and tiles

Especially in the dining area or in the bathroom, the tiles become very dirty.

In the bathroom is the constant fight against the limescale and in the dining area/kitchen against coffee stains and the likes.

Especially nasty are spots of soft drinks or sauces. Here often has to be scrubbed on the knees for quite a while. But with the right steam cleaner, this is no problem.



At the same time, the joints are simultaneously cleaned. You will need a floor nozzle andmicrofibre cloth. The microfibre cloth should be changed regularly when used.

4. Clean stainless steel surfaces – fume hoods

clean stainless steel appliances with steam cleaner

Stainless steel surfaces are particularly often found where it comes quickly and often to contamination. Because the material is particularly resistant and easy to clean.

However, this only applies if it is cleaned regularly. Often, however, there are inaccessible areas in the areas. These get dirty over time and are often a real scourge when it comes to getting it clean again.

You can find something like this in every household. The extractor hood. This accumulates fat, which later results in particularly resistant fatty encrustations.

A steam machine cleans the kitchen’s dirt quickly with a point jet nozzle. The stainless steel surfaces can also be cleaned with a hand nozzle over a large area. But do not forget the microfibre cloth with the hand nozzle.

5. Clean doors and window frames with a spot jet nozzle

jet pressurized nozzle to clean door and windows frames
Point jet nozzle for easy cleaning of doors and window frames

The exterior doors are regularly exposed to wind and weather. It is not surprising that these are quite dirty after some time.

The dirt is thereby preferably fixed in the grooves. It is especially wrong with windows.

These have namely, gutters in which quickly collect the dirt. Besides, they must be kept clean so that the water is not in the frame and can penetrate the house.

Also, catch the window often to rust on when the open water is in the window frame.

Cleaning these places is often a real challenge. Aggressive cleaning agents must not be used because they will attack the seals. Even with a rag, you usually can not get to these places.

However, a pressurized steamer blows the complete dirt in a few moments from the gutters. The outer door can also be cleaned gently and effortlessly. The seals will thank you at the end of the day. You also need only a spot jet nozzle here.

6. Clean garage doors effectively with a giant steam cleaner


clean garage doors and shutter with steamer
Fresh garage doors with the steam cleaner

A garage door has the same situation as the outside door. However, a much industrial commercial-grade steam machine is needed here for a cleaning. He should take at least 1 liter of water. You also need a spot jet nozzle, which is best attached to an extension piece.

This is how you reach the upper corners of the gate. You can clean almost all garage doors very gently. An exception, however, old wooden gates dar.

Due to the high pressure and heat, the color often dissolves from the wood. So you have a clear goal, but you have to repaint everything.

7. Car rims shine in a new light

clean cars rim

Clean car rims with a steam cleaner

It is often forgotten how sensitive sides are. Especially when it comes to summer rims.

These often get ugly discoloration from cleaning agents. In the past, only the visit to the car wash often helped. There you will be gently cleaned with the high-pressure cleaner.

However, if you want to clean your rims quickly at home, you often have to plan several hours. With a steam cleaner and a point jet nozzle, however, the task is done in a few moments.




8. Kill Germs, Bacteria, and Pests quickly

Purifying your home with chemical leaves unpleasant smells and sometimes create a health problem for the children as well as for your pet.

Apart from these harsh chemicals, hot steam is the only way to kill them efficiently. However, we can’t use a simple steam cleaner as they are not able to generate high-temperature steam.

To get rid of them completely, a professional bed bugs steamer will work like charm. This powerful machine will kill and sanitize your home completely in no time.

9. Clean plastic parts with a low steam level

Even in the interior, the footwell is often dirty. There, the dirt settles particularly happy in the footwell in the plastic parts. Here you usually have to scrub with a rag for several moments, so that the result looks reasonably passable.

But clean is something else. With a steam cleaner, you can also gently clean these parts. However, set to a low steam level so that the plastic parts do not come off the rest of the car.

You can use several nozzles for this purpose. The detail nozzle and the hand tool are this perfect for the interior of the car. However, all other plastic elements can also be cleaned with a steam cleaner. But do not stay in one spot for too long because the plastic can deform so easily in intense heat.

10. Clean mattresses on the surface

Cleaning mattresses is a delicate subject. Many people suffer from house dust mites causing allergic reactions. For the elimination of such a problem, a steam cleaner is by no means suitable.

You can use it for superficial dirt such as stains or the same cleaning. For a proper mattress cleaning, you need a good steamer. This gently cleans the mattress and also removes the mite feces from the bed.

11. Clean your House and Office glass windows

remove dirt from your home or office window

In principle, windows can be cleaned with a steam cleaner. It does not make sense. Because an ordinary window mop will do the job just as well. However, most of the work in window cleaning is to wipe windows dry again.

However, there is a window steamer for this task. This sucks the water directly from the disc. There are no streaks, and you can look through a transparent window again.

12. Clean leather seats with the lowest level

Leather is a natural product and does not dirty very quickly. However, when it is dirty, the question often arises of how to clean it properly. Fortunately, in most cases, a rag with hot water helps here. However, using a steam cleaner and a hand nozzle at the lowest level can also do wonders.

Never soften the leather with the steam. You have to go very fast with the nozzle over the leather. Generally, special cleaners are better for leather seats. These not only clean the bike leather seat but also retain its elasticity.

Limited use of a steam cleaner

A steam cleaner can be used fundamentally for some tasks, but mishandling can cause damage. Therefore, here is a brief overview where you should clean carefully with a steam cleaner.

1. Beware of wooden floors

clean wooden floor using steam mop

Gentle steam cleaning of wood floors

2. Other floor coverings

All floor coverings glued to the floor fall into this category. Whether carpet or linoleum. Due to the enormous heat of the steam, the bond can dissolve, and the flooring can make waves.

Therefore, this type of floor must be treated as carefully as a wooden floor. And we suggest you use steam mops for cleaning the wood floor. However, such soil can generally drain off a bit more water. In the heat, you should be careful in any case.

3. Simply remove padding stains

Cleaning upholstery items with a steam cleaner

Cleaning upholstery with a steam cleaner

Everyone knows it from his home washing machine, once a T-shirt washed too hot and it has come in. The same can happen with upholstered furniture. Because here, the fabric is loosely mounted on the seat. However, these must also be cleaned.

Just perfect for a steam cleaner. This dissolves almost all stains without chemicals. That means you have no ugly discoloration.

However, as with the wooden floor, you also need to stretch several cloths around the nozzle and set it to a low steam level. Do not stay in one place for a long time. Ideally, a hand nozzle is suitable for this task.

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