Cleaning agent for Steam Cleaners: Do we need to use detergents in Steam Cleaning?

is cleaning agent is use in steam cleaners

Steam cleaners perform their task completely without additional cleaning centers.

Descaling sticks are the only additives needed. For the steam cleaning result, these are insignificant, but essential for maintenance essential.

Because over a longer period of steam cleaning, limescale can settle in the device and impair its functioning.

Improper use of the steam cleaners will void the warranty. Most commercial steam machines are not intended for use with detergents and may harm your health and the device itself.

The addition of detergent for commercial steam cleaners

In almost all commercial steam cleaners, the warranty expires when detergent is added to the water tank. This information can be found in the operating instructions of the respective steam cleaner.

addition of detergent in steam cleaners

The seals in a steam cleaner become porous and leaky due to the use of cleaners.

In this way, other components come into contact with the hot steam, and the unit gets damaged.

In addition, improper use of detergent will damage your health. The cleaners are vaporized with the water and so get into the air.

This produces toxic gases that attack the respiratory tract. However, this only happens with inappropriate cleaners.

Cleaning Agents for Steam Cleaners – The Exceptions

Some manufacturers offer special detergents for steam cleaners. These should be biodegradable and heat resistant. These are the most important properties that a steam cleaner should possess.

cleaning agents or detergents use in steam cleaners

There are still limitations here. Because often the manufacturer points out that the warranty expires when using a cleaner.

This also applies to cleaners which are designated for steam cleaners, do not be fooled here.

The use of detergents must either be expressly permitted or the manufacturer offers special cleaning agents for its steam cleaners.

Another special feature is industrial steam cleaners, these usually use detergents. There is a suitable cleaning agent for every application.

So you often need several cleaners, as they are otherwise not suitable for your application. You can also use an industrial steam cleaner completely without detergent. Often this is enough.

If the Steam cleaning performance is insufficient

No matter how good a steam cleaner maybe, at some point, each device will reach its limits. However, with a few tricks, you can significantly increase the steam cleaning performance.

For particularly stubborn stains, simply soften the stain a little. You can either use water or detergent for this. Then the steam cleaner should usually be able to remove the stain without further problems.

When using cleaning agents, however, you should wipe off the residue after softening with a rag. Because the cleaning agents for steam cleaners can evaporate through the hot steam and so get into your airways.

High-quality steam cleaners have an additional function with which you can easily wash away even stubborn dirt. In addition to the hot steam, this feature allows you to spray hot water at high pressure on the dirt. Never use this feature for wood floors or linoleum. Because you can so swell the wooden floor and under the linoleum, the adhesive can dissolve.

The simplest solution, however, is choosing the right nozzle. For particularly stubborn soiling you can use a spot jet nozzle. This nozzle again increases the pressure of the steam and allows him to penetrate so deeply into the pollution.

There is effective dissolves the dirt and flushes it out of small cracks at the same time. This accessory is not included with every steam cleaner. You can buy them separately.

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