best cordless electric brooms of 2019

If you have a traditional broom, one of the purses of a lifetime, recognize it: you use it less than you should. It is necessary to take it out of the closet or under the bed, adjust the tubes, go looking for where to plug the cable throughout the house, have spare bags at hand … what a laziness it gives only to think it!

To avoid it, you can always pass a broom but it is not, by far, as clean as after a broom . In addition, by sweeping you raise dust and you never get the picker to live up to its name and allow you to throw away everything you’ve cleaned.

If you are allergic to dust mites , daily cleaning is a sneeze festival, with irritated skin and eyes. And if you live with pets , you have probably resigned yourself to living with hair on the floor, on the sofa, in your clothes …

However, the battle is not lost. In recent times, cyclonic technology has led to a leap in quality in broom cleaners, which have been recycled into manageable appliances for daily use. And so, the broom cleaner combines the best of both tools : the simplicity of brushing the floor with the relief of not having to pick up the crap. And if you do without the unhygienic bags and it works without cables , the comfort is already total.

Living without dust or lint is possible!

The only bad thing? That you’ve run out of excuses for not vacuuming.

Below you will find a list with the best cordless broom cleaners on the market, chosen according to their characteristics, their value for money and the valuations of experts and users.

We have focused on bagless broom cleaners because it is a much more ecological and economical option that prevents you from having to buy spare parts periodically.

Our Picks for best cordless electric brooms Cleaners are:

5. Taurus Ultimate Lithium

A cordless broom without large capacity cables, which also cleans and purifies the air.

One of the things that first attract the attention of the Taurus Ultimate Lithium is its design, with the engine and tank in the handle , to which the different pieces are attached: an optional 70 cm tube and the appropriate brush to whatever we want clean. This in practice makes this broom a 3 in 1, since it can be used perfectly as a handheld broom cleaner .To the Cyclone System technology , which stores the dirt in the removable tank, a HEPA filter is added that purifies the air and removes dust and mites, making this  a great purchase for allergies to dust or asthmatics . The filter is washable and easy to maintain.

Lithium batteries are the latest generation and allow a quick charge . They are changeable, light and four hours allow an autonomy of 30 minutes . The charge indicator gives us an idea of ​​the state of the battery at all times.

All accessories are easily assembled and disassembled with a single click , so that we have at any time the most appropriate tool for our needs. In addition to a brush for furniture and another for upholstery, the motorized floor brush protects the wood from scratches and has lighting to thoroughly clean even in the darkest corners. The articulated base allows 180º mobility, to reach any corner comfortably.

The Taurus Ultimate Lithium does not use a charging base, but a transformer that plugs directly, to save storage space . Unlike other cleaners that have more weight near the ground, this model is not held in an upright position, so it includes a wall bracket that allows you to store the structure without complications.

  • The HEPA filter retains 99% of dust, mites and dirt.
  • The large capacity tank, with 650 ml.
  • The handheld broom cleaner is especially effective combined with the upholstery brush.
  • It has no automatic shutdown.

4. Polti Forzaspira Slim SR100

The SUV: broom + handheld cleaner without wires to reach any corner.

With a design that is very reminiscent of the Dyson (but at a much more restrained price), the Polti Forzaspira Slim SR100 comes into force in our Top 10 cordless brooms.And it does so on its own merits, since the brand has made a great effort to create a cordless cleaner that stands out for responding well in all situations , from the daily cleaning of the house to that of the car. For this, it uses cyclonic technology, that is: without a bag, efficient and ecological.

The body of the cleaner is a cylinder with a handle. Here is both the engine and the dust bin, which empties very easily without having to stain.

This is the way you’ll see in the most modern cleaners. Although it is very comfortable, practically the entire weight of the equipment rests on the handle . Something more than two kilos that you must handle with ease. It’s not much, but maybe you accuse it if you do a long and deep cleaning.

The body is a long tube to from the floor to the cobwebs of the ceiling, with a motorized brush, great for carpets . And a detail that we loved: LED lights on the brush so you can see dirt even under furniture or the bed. In addition, the brush responds well on wooden floors, protecting the parquet or flooring.

To vacuum upholstery and small corners such as drawers or shelves , you can remove the tube and put the nozzle directly. In addition to the large brush, you have two other options: a narrow lance to focus the aspirate or a suction nozzle with bristles, for more embedded dirt.

It weighs little, has an autonomy of almost one hour and fast charging (4 hours to reach 100%). All this, together with an efficient design, make the Polti Forzaspira Slim SR100 an all-terrain cleaner for home cleaning.

  • The price, very reasonable.
  • The combination between floor and handheld works great.
  • Different brushes and cleaning accessories for each situation.
  • The charging station is a wall bracket that forces you to make holes.

3. Rowenta Air Force Extreme Vision Pro

An electric broom with a long-lasting battery, designed to thoroughly clean even the most inaccessible corners.

The German brand Rowenta has more than a century positioned in the market for small appliances, such as irons, dryers and epilators and, of course, cleaners such as cyclone technology .With the Air Force Extreme Vision Pro , Rowenta presents the superior model to another that we have already seen in this comparison: the Air Force Extreme Lithium RH8828 . One of the main differences is that the full charge is finished in just 6 hours , compared to 10 that takes the lower model. Also that achieves an autonomy of 65 minutes , twenty more than the model already seen.

It also has a charge indicator with three positions , which indicates the state of the battery and allows us to better calculate the usage time.

The suction nozzle is very similar, with a characteristic triangular shape that allows access to the corners, and an ultra-thin design to better clean under furniture. But in addition the Vision Pro adds LED lights to better see the area we are cleaning, even if it is a dimly lit corner.

Otherwise, the electric brush is removable and easy to wash, as well as the tank, half a liter capacity. It is stored in an upright position and occupies little more than a traditional broom . It can be used in three different powers: from the minimum for daily cleaning of floors to the maximum for carpets or surfaces that trap dust or pet hair.

In short, a large in the technical part with small details that help comfort in use.

  • Good autonomy of use, up to 65 minutes.
  • The LED lights on the  base allow thorough cleaning even in dimly lit corners.
  • The charge indicator allows us to know the state of the battery at all times.
  • It can only be used in broom mode, since it does not include any other nozzle to fit other surfaces.

2. Proscenic P8 PLUS

An economical and powerful broom  cleaner with removable battery.

Following the design of Dyson cleaners, this Proscenic P8 PLUS is a much cheaper option than the English brand. It is true that Proscenic is not a known name, but it is all we can expect from a brand made in Taiwan : affordable price and correct technology.We are facing a device designed for fast and daily use. Its 36 minutes of autonomy can fall short on a very large area, but they are more than enough if house maintenance is common.

As an interesting detail, the battery is removable . If those 36 minutes fall short on a regular basis, you can buy a separate battery and have it charged and ready to continue cleaning. The change is very easy, with one click. The battery level is controlled with LED lights on the handle.

To make the battery last longer, it allows two levels of suction : standard and turbo. The turbo has surprised us by its power, although it is fair to say that it makes a lot of noise and can be annoying if you do not alternate it with the standard (enough for daily cleaning).

With a weight of 2 Kg, you can handle it with one hand . It has two extra nozzles , in addition to the typical large floor brush. Our impression is that, especially if you use it in handheld mode, you can miss some accessory for upholstery and a long mouthpiece to reach every corner, if you use it in the car.

We also liked the size of the tank, 1.2 liters, and have a HEPA filter to purify the air. In return, we must recognize that the materials look a bit weak and may not be a  cleaner designed to last for many years.

In any case, the Proscenic P8 Plus is a good buy if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you want a comfortable and powerful broom cleaner.

  • Removable battery
  • Large deposit.
  • Good suction power.
  • The materials look delicate, especially in the joints between pieces.

1. Dyson V7 Fluffy

High technology for a high performance broom cleaner and impeccable industrial design.

For our number one we have gone to the origin of everything: Dyson is the creator of cyclonic technology , and its products, whether cleaners, dryers or air conditioners, set a trend not only in R&D but also in design.This can be seen logically in the price, since we are facing a high-end product with all the details taken care of to the extreme.

That’s why the Dyson V7 Fluffy does not disappoint: a cordless broom with a powerful motor and a combination of 15 cyclones to achieve optimum air flow . When not in use, it is stored in a vertical charging station, where additional accessories are also stored.

The name of this model comes from the type of brush: the Fluffy (fluffy, fluffy) is a special brush designed for hard floors . It is designed to collect any type of dirt (such as bread crumbs, for example) but also for the finest dust. And all that with a soft surface designed to respect the most delicate parquets.

It also includes a motorized mini-brush, very comfortable as a handheld  cleaner to clean upholstery . Also two small nozzles for a more targeted .

On paper it is striking that it has a range of only 30 minutes at low power , much less than other cheaper  cleaners. However, it is about real operating time . Other brooms do not allow shutdown until they are in the charging station, while this is triggered by trigger, so it only consumes battery at the right time to sweep.

The tank has a hygienic emptying system, with which we do not come into contact with the dust at any time. In the part of the filter, it includes a HEPA that protects the engine and purifies the air . Therefore, the Dyson V7 Fluffy is recommended for people with allergies or respiratory problems.

  • It is the most powerful electric broom that you will find in the market.
  • All Dyson broom cleaners become handheld.
  • The battery is fully utilized thanks to the trigger-shaped switch.
  • The price, more expensive than any other brand. In a Dyson you pay for technology and design.

Our final recommendations

The best cordless broom cleaner: Dyson V7 Fluffy

Dysonis the queen of the sector . His is the cyclonic technology that has given rise to bagless cleaners, and his is a characteristic design, with the motor and reservoir in the grip of the cleaner, which many other brands have copied behind.And it is that the models that Dyson brings to the market are those that mark the tendency to follow for the competitors . Not in vain much of its budget is invested in R&D and in perfecting to the limit the small details of industrial design .

Although the Dyson V7 is number one on our list of recommended, we can only put two buts . The first, that the battery only lasts 30 minutes, when there are cheaper models that double this time (with less efficiency, everything must be said). And the second, the price, much higher than its competitors.

Why those prices? Because Dyson is to the home appliances market what Apple to the computer. Its products are of an unquestionable quality, but much of its success is due to an intelligent advertising display. By creating this hype or interest on the part of the public, it has turned its products not only into efficient appliances , but also a symbol of social status.

Beyond fashions, it is clear that Dyson cordless electric brooms are the best: high suction power, energy efficiency, ergonomics, possibility of using as a handheld cleaner, interchangeable brushes, HEPA filter for allergy sufferers, etc.

In the model at hand, the  Dyson V7 Fluffy , includes a special hard floor brush that protects even the most delicate wood.

The V7 is not the last one that has gone on the market, which will allow us to acquire it at a discounted price . If you prefer to have the latest of the latest, keep in mind that the Dyson  is already on its V11 version . 

The improvement is noticeable in the battery, with greater duration, and in small technical details. But the price difference with the V7 is very large (more than double) and most of the features are similar, at least in the basics. So for now we are left with this model in our list of recommendations.

The best quality-price broom cleaner: Rowenta Air Force Extreme Vision Pro

Find the quality of a recognized brand, but without reaching the more than € 400 that a Dyson can cost , it is possible if we opt for this broom  cleaner of the German brand Rowenta.The Air Force Extreme Vision Pro costs just under € 200, and offers one of the longest lasting batteries on the market : up to 65 minutes at low power.

In addition, the maximum charge is achieved in just six hours, but in case we forget to plug it in the light will indicate how much battery we have left.

We especially liked the brush , with electric rotation, which fits into a triangular and ultra-thin design, which makes it easy to reach corners and thoroughly clean under furniture.

And we have finished convincing the LED lights, which illuminate until the corner of less visibility so that not a speck of dust remains throughout the house.

The dust container is half a liter, a reasonable size for a of these characteristics, and is easy to empty and clean, just like the filter. Although it does not serve as a handheld vacuum, the broom function is great and will solve the house cleaning even to the most thorough.

The best cheap broom cleaner: Cecotec Conga ErgoExtreme 3 in 1

 Although the price of a broom cleaner has already democratized a lot (except the Dysons, which do not loosen in their pricing policy), we were surprised to find such a complete model for less than € 100.

For that price, the Cecotec Conga ErgoExtreme 3 in 1 offers you:

  • Handheld  cleaner
  • Motorized brush for very dirty surfaces.
  • LED lights to dark corners.
  • Articulated handle to clean under furniture.
  • Three cleaning modes
  • HEPA filter, recommended for allergy sufferers or people with respiratory problems.
  • Enough power to remove pet hairs.
  • 800 ml tank , large enough for such a broom.
  • 60 minute battery, with fast charge.
  • Low noise , especially if you do not use the motorized brush.
  • Parking position: that is, it stands upright to occupy less when you store it.

However, we must be very aware that for that price the materials are what they are : basically, plastic. Hence, many users complain that over time the handle will be damaged or the case will crack. Our tests have not been of intensive use, and there it worked perfectly, but it is something to keep in mind if you are going to give a lot of cane to this Conga.

The most versatile broom cleaner: Polti Forzaspira Slim SR100

Why versatile ? Because it serves perfectly to clean floors or high corners , thanks to your removable metal tube. But it is also a great handheld, with sufficient autonomy to clean the sofa or upholstery in depth.

We like interchangeable brushes, which are coupled with a simple click . Especially the large brush, motorized and with LED lights to reach any corner – under the bed, the sofa, a large piece of furniture – stands out.

The aspirate uses cyclonic technology , which is undoubtedly the best invention that has been made in the sector in recent years. Thanks to that we have more suction power, we avoid the anti-ecological bags, and in addition to cleaning we purify the air thanks to the HEPA filter.

The charging station goes on the wall , which can be inconvenient if you don’t want to make holes, for example, in the kitchen tiles. But you also have the option of using the charger directly , supporting the engine on any surface. It is less beautiful, but it is equally effective.

As you see in the photo, the Forzaspira Slim SR100 is very reminiscent of the classic Dyson, and is as comfortable as it seems . It is true that, in comparison, the English brand continues to gain in power and efficiency of aspirated. But the Polti is expensive for autonomy and price , something to keep in mind.

What is cyclonic technology?

Let’s look at it by contrast: think first of a classic broom cleaner, one of a lifetime bag. Simply create a stream of air, which passes through a filter. It sucks dirt and stores it in a bag that is thrown periodically.

The problem is that the “lifelong” cleaner loses suction power as the bag is filled , since the entire mechanism becomes clogged due to dust.

Faced with that, back in 1978, industrial designer James Dyson (indeed, then founded the company with the same name) was tired of fighting with his homemade cordless cleaner, which was clogged continuously. And he came up with a crazy idea: apply the cyclonic system , which was already being used at the industrial level to separate components.

Think of a cyclone now: a spiral-shaped air stream that drags everything in its path. Applied to a cordless cleaner, it is a whirlpool generated thanks to a cone-shaped design, which moves the air at high speed. That form makes clean air rise through the center of the eddy, while the dust particles, which weigh more, fall down and are stored in a closed container.

Cyclonic cleaners are more expensive than traditional ones, but they also last longer . The filtering system itself protects the engine dust and extends its life. In practice, this new technology is gradually replacing the old one, since it is more efficient and ecological, as well as being much more comfortable in terms of user experience.

Features to consider

1. Engine power

In general, the more powerful it is, the more suction capacity your will have. Although there are models that achieve extreme efficiency with lower consumption, such as the Dyson V7 , which with only 100 W has plenty of power to be one of the most effective cleaners on the market. To control this variable, check the energy efficiency class , which in the case of the Dyson is A +++.

2. The dust container

Although some cleaners still use disposable bags, it is normal for them to incorporate a reservoir where all the vacuum is accumulated. This saves you spending on bags, and the hassle of having to find compatible parts. In return, it is important to check that access to the tank is simple , that you will not get dirty when emptying it and that it has a good size . The average in a cleaner-broom is around 0.5 liters. It is not a large capacity, but in this case, lightness and maneuverability are prioritized, so we are not interested in loading with a too large and bulky tank.


3. With or without cable?

The most normal is that our new broom is wireless, to facilitate its use without having to be aware of having a plug at hand, or of changing the plug when moving between different rooms.

In this section it is important to consider two variables. First, the autonomy time allowed by the battery , which normally ranges between 25 and 70 minutes. And also the charging time , since there are fast charging batteries that allow us to have our vacuum again ready in a short space of time.

However, the disadvantage of cordless cleaners is that they are less powerful because they depend on the battery and do not connect directly to the electric current. It is difficult to make an exact power comparison because these are measured in volts (V) while in wired broom cleaners it is measured in watts (W).

4. Weight and dimensions

The brooms-cleaners are usually very light, around 3 kg in weight, since the idea is that they are very manageable. As for the dimensions, you must calculate the space you have to store your broom.

Some incorporate a charging station , which is not usually cumbersome but may involve making a hole in the wall. Others have the folding handle , to occupy less height. And not all stand up without extra support , so check that you have a proper hole next to the wall or in the broom to be able to leave it supported if necessary.

5. Broom or 3 in 1?

The broom is sure what you are going to use the most, but it is interesting to know that there are models that allow you to extract the basic mechanism (engine, filters, tank and handle), becoming a handy cleaner .

You will take advantage of it to clean the upholstery of the car or for small emergency aspirates, such as crumbs on the sofa. Option number three is to change the nozzle and use it as a traditional cleaner to clean mattresses, curtains, lamps, ceiling corners, etc.


6. Type of brushes

Most brooms include an electric brush consisting of rollers that rotate to better trap dirt .

If you have parquet, check that the brush will not damage the wood. If you are going to clean long-haired carpets, you probably need a special brush, or at least one that can block the rollers so they don’t get stuck.

If the brush is very large, you will finish before vacuuming the floor, but you may find it difficult to reach the narrowest corners. Therefore, it is interesting that your broom cleaner has different nozzles for cleaning upholstery, directing the in turbo mode or cleaning hard-to-reach corners.

7. Filter

The filter of cyclonic cleaners is not disposable, so be careful to clean it from time to time.

Some also include a HEPA filter that purifies the air  and is especially recommended for people with allergies or asthma-like breathing problems. HEPA filters are easily cleaned, and they work like this:


8. Extras

Some broom cleaners include a charge warning that warns of battery status, others incorporate LEDs on the suction base to clean even in dark corners. You may also be interested in the box including the wall hitch, especially if the broom does not hold itself vertically.

There are really useful extras , but many are only small details that you will have to assess according to the model, since they usually have a direct impact on the price.

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