Are you looking to have a clean soil without bacteria without using chemicals? Read my guide to the best cordless steam mops for this year and start enjoying a 100% ecological cleaning. Once you try it you won’t want to stop using it.

Our  Picks for Best cordless Steam Mops are:


To start recommending you one of the best steam mops for cordless purpose on the market, start by the one I have at home. This model is giving me very good results, so I hope you can offer them as I do.

It is perfect to clean everything . Personally I like to clean the bathrooms, the kitchen and the parquet floor with the minimum level. On the other hand, for outdoor floors I always use the maximum steam to remove dirt better and achieve an always perfect soil. Of course, whenever you use the steam to the maximum, remember that the suede will be very wet. For this reason I always clean the interior and finish on the outside of the house.

Many people have asked me how clean the parquet is. If you also ask, I can assure you that the results are very good. In a couple of minutes the soil will be completely dry and clean, so it is worth spending the mop and have a floor always bright and germ-free.

It is also a perfect model for cleaning carpets or even carpets, although I can’t tell you how carpets look because I don’t have them at home. Instead, the carpets look great.


If you want to enjoy a clean home, this multifunction cordless steam mop model will help you achieve your goals. It is a very powerful mop. Through its 1500W of power you can get very clean floors and above all you will eliminate all the fat and bacteria from your home in an ecological way.

One of the things I like most is its design. I love its range of colors and its triangle-shaped head.

As I have commented, it is multifunction. This means that you can clean a multitude of things with it and not just the floor. For example, you can use it to clean the windows, the bathroom, the screen, the countertop … among many other things. All this is possible because it has a large number of accessories. It is a very complete mop for a very tight price.

As for the cordless steam power, it is good, but sometimes it can be very short. But if you are not a very demanding person, with this model you will have more than enough to get a good deep cleaning.


Again I recommend a model manufactured by the renowned brand Vileda. In this case, the main advantage over the model I am talking about in the first place is that it has no cables, that is, it works with batteries . So you can enjoy greater freedom of movement.

The model has a quarter liter tank. Thanks to it, you can clean an area of ​​approximately 100 square meters. But as it works by battery, then you should not forget that the autonomy of the batteries is usually about 30 minutes , depending on the state of the battery.

If you are one of the people who hate having to walk with wires from one place to another to be able to perform the cleaning in a comfortable way, this model will not disappoint you. It is very easy to handle and above all it is very comfortable. Despite having the batteries integrated inside, it does not weigh too much, so you will not have to make great efforts to get a good cleaning.

As for suede, it is 100% microfiber, demonstrating that it is a high quality product even in its components. I liked it and that’s why I included it in the list.


On this occasion I will present a 2 × 1 model that will surely be very useful if you want to have a product for different uses.

With this device you can enjoy the advantages of a cordless steam mop and a portable cleaner .

I like it because in less than a minute the water in the tank is already at the perfect temperature, that is, in about 30 seconds the machine is ready to be used.

Of course, it is not a model with batteries, but it is a model with cable . It is very long, so you will not have any movement problems.

Despite being a very complete model, its power is not the highest, but despite this, everything is very good and has a great capacity to disinfect.

If you do not like to work hard when cleaning, do not worry, this model is very light. Thanks to the fact that it weighs less than 2 kg, you can pass the mop without problems throughout the house, because your arms will not suffer.

5. VORFREUDE SPRAY Cheap cordless steam mop

It is a really very cheap mop that is giving very good results. I am sure that if I had not tried it before I would not recommend it, because it has been manufactured by a little known brand. But after using it at a relative’s house, I realized that for the price it has, it could have been a great alternative for me.

As I have been told, the mop is disassembled, but the assembly is really very simple, so in a couple of minutes it can be ready to be used.

The cleaning power is high , thanks to the strong pressure of its cordless steam. It seems incredible that such an economical model can have so much cleaning power. And it has surprised me for good.

The bottom of the mop is very easy to put on and take off. You just have to put the velcros and you will have it on the machine. As for its operation, it is very simple, like other models of which I have spoken to you. You just have to put the water in your tank, wait for it to warm up and pass it wherever you want to clean it.

6. CLATRONIC DR 3431 ELECTRIC cordless

If you are looking for a good cordless steam mop to clean without using any type of chemical, this model will also adapt to your needs. It only works with water. And thanks to its powerful steam at 100 degrees , you can clean and disinfect without problems.

The waiting time for the water to be at the right temperature is not long at all. In about a minute you will have the mop ready to be used. In this case the time is slightly higher than other models because it has to heat half a liter of water. If you put less amount in your deposit, then the period may be shorter.

If you decide to fill it, remembering that it should never be filled to the fullest, then you can work with the mop for a period of about 40 minutes . If you need more time, you just have to fill your tank, wait until the water warms up again and you can enjoy another 40 minutes of autonomy.

The steam power is important. This power will help you to disinfect and clean effortlessly. In addition, being a pure cleaning, you can be sure that your children will not have contact with chemicals, especially if they are of age to crawl.

7. 1600W BLACK & DECKER Best cordless

To conclude the list, I just talked about this mop model which is not bad at all for quality price.

It has a power of 1600W through which you can get the perfect temperature in half a minute . As for its operation, it is very easy to use. This will cause all household members to want to use it, since it is very fun to pass the mop.

The cloth part of the mop can be easily washed in the washing machine to further increase the hygiene we are going to get with this product.

The only negative point I’ve noticed to this model is its cable. It is not too long, so in a slightly large house it could be a problem.

If you want to forget about the mop and take a step into the ecological future, this model will help you. Moreover, it is very convenient to move and transport even when you carry the full water tank.

I like the design a lot. It has a modern design that also allows you to see how much water is left. So you can get an idea of ​​when you will have to recharge it.


It is like a lifelong mop, with the difference that it uses cordless steam power to achieve a much deeper cleaning . Thanks to cordless steam cleaning, you can get a 100% ecological home cleaning without chemicals.

In addition to obtaining a good cleaning effortlessly, you will be able to eliminate almost 100% of the bacteria in your home. If you use a good mop, you can rest assured that you are living in a much more hygienic home. The high temperatures of the steam cause that the dirt leaves without problems and the bacteria are eliminated without any inconvenience.

Steam mops usually adapt to all types of floors. But not only clean the floor, some models are multifunction , so you can use them for other cleanings. I have talked about these models in the list of the best steam mops.

How to use a steam mop?

Its operation is very simple . When you buy it you will be able to read in its instructions how they are used, but here we will show you in a summary way how easy it is to use it, so that you can see that it is a great purchase option. With just one pass you will get a cleaning that with a mop you will not get.

Before using it you must fill the mop tank. Depending on the model chosen, the deposit will have more or less capacity. The tank must be filled with water. If the tap water does not have much lime, you can use this water without problems. But many brands recommend using distilled water to achieve better results. In addition, with this type of water you will make your mop work perfectly for more years.

When you have a full tank, you must close it correctly. Now you just have to plug it into the light and wait 30 to 60 seconds for the water to pick up the temperature and the mop can begin to do its job.

As soon as cordless steam starts to come out, you can start your cleaning work. Once the cleaning is finished, you just have to unplug it and let it cool before storing it. If you are going to use the mop shortly, you will not need to remove the water from the tank. However, if you are not going to use it in a while, it is best to remove that water when it is cold.

It is important to be clear that if you run out of water in the tank, it is best to refill it with care not to burn yourself. The water will be hot again in less than 1 minute.

If at the time of using it you see that some corner resists, it is best that you leave the mop about 5 seconds over that area. You will see how no dirt resists such pressure.

Tips to buy the steam mop for cordless Uses

In the market there are a lot of models to choose from. This is very positive. So you can buy the model you like, but in many cases you will surely have trouble deciding on one model or another. To help you in the election, I will show you a series of tips, through which you can acquire the model that interests you most. Remember, the models I have shown you above are of very good quality. If you buy any of them, you can rest assured that you are buying the best cordless mop for your home.

It is important to look at the power and mop bars . Normally the vast majority of models have a power that goes from 800 to 1900W. As for the pressure, usually around 4 bar, although some models can reach up to 7 bar.

Another fact in which you should look is the steam temperature . There are models ranging from 100º to 160º. I personally recommend you acquire a model that offers you at least 120º to achieve better results. Thanks to the high steam temperatures you can achieve a deeper and quality cleaning.

If there is someone in your house who has allergy problems, especially mites or fungi, this product is more than necessary. With a good cordless machine you will reduce the allergy so that the allergic person can live without so many problems.

Look at the mop model you want to buy, it has a power regulator or not. I recommend it to be able to use the necessary power in each circumstance. You will not need the same power every day.

Finally, when you have chosen the best steam mop for you, do not buy it in a physical store. Before I recommend you look at the prices through the internet, since they are always cheaper. If you compare before buying, you can save enough money on your purchases.

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