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Dupray Neat

Are you a homeowner or a steam cleaning service provider? Are you looking for a companion as asteamer? Then this product will suit your pocket and its performance will surely surprise you. Dupray neat can do wonders, with its 18 additional tools and incredible working mechanism.
This professionally designed steam cleaner comes with an energized boiler, which is capable of generating dry vapors steam of 275F in just 7 minutes. So, it will save your lot of time.
These superheated vapors are highly effective in eliminating grease, sticky stains and other hard to remove residues from many types of surfaces.
A larger water tank of capacity 54 oz. / 1600 ml has been fitted inside its compact shape body. This makes this steam machine suitable for you to use for a long time cleaning.
So, even if you need to clean your complete house including floors, bathroom, kitchens, or outdoor, this steam cleaner will do a pretty good job. Its retractable handle and smooth-rolling wheels make it easy for you to carry from one room to another.
Also, you don’t need to worry while filling the reservoir in hurry, a funnel has been designed over the outlet of the tank to prevent the water from spilling over your floor. This a unique feature that you won’t see on most of the steam cleaner. However, there is no water tank indicator that lets you know when the tank gets completely filled.
Its long steam hose (6’6’’ / 2 m) and power cord (16’/ 5 m) enhanced the flexibility of cleaning in under low areas. To get more out of it, make sure to attach suitably accessory for different surfaces. An integrated cord wrap is also placed on its body, to keep the power cord safe and manageable.

Overall, Dupray Neat does effective chemical-free cleaning and also comes with an affordable price tag. Its tools are well made and durable for multiple surfaces cleaning.

PureClean XL Rolling

Do you want to save some bucks without compromising with the steamer’s performance? I know most Americans say Yes!. That’s why we always test and pick this budget-friendly dry vapor steam machine for you.
Featuring with a saving price tag and 5-year warranty, this steam cleaner has accomplished great deep cleaning results in our tests. Apart from floor, kitchen, and bedroom, this will also capable of purifying mattresses, carpets, sofas and rest of the fabric items by attaching its additional attachments.
It comes with 18 pieces of tools, which provide you the ability to sanitize different types of items without purchasing an additional machine for them.
The 1500 watt boiler enhances its cleaning ability by generating a 240°F dry vapor steam in just 10 minutes. The good is that you don’t need to add any extra harsh chemicals, the vapors are completely dry and chemical-free.
Another plus point is its 1.5-liter large water tank. This steam cleaner releases hot and nonstop steam up to 45 minutes and gets rid of the issue of refilling. If you have a small or moderate home, this run time is enough of disinfecting the whole house in one go.
The 6.5-foot steam hose helps you to take down hard to reach and tight areas. Apart from this, its 16-foot long power cord makes it possible to operate in no outlet areas. So even if you need to clean your outside windows, you can easily move it there without attaching any extra extension board.
One more thing we liked is its uniquely designed handle. Its handling is very comfortable and controllable. Especially while cleaning racks, it is quite easy to steam in all the directions.
Overall, this machine did more than we expected. And there is no doubt if you have a bit less budget, this is the best cheap and powerful steam cleaner for you.

Dupray ONE steamer

Apart from providing 303°F super dry steam, Dupray One gives you additional functionality of adjusting pressure as per requirement. Among all, this is the most powerful steam cleaner I have seen.
Packed with an Incredible boiler, this steamer is capable of boiling water up to 150°C\303°F in less than 8 minutes. No other model can generate such a level of dry vapor steam.
There is a pressure gauge placed on its body. By adjusting it correctly, you can purify a lot of different types of items without damaging them. For example, for cleaning fabric items like curtains, sofas, carpets you can lower the pressure and temperature of flow. Whereas for shining floors, window’s glasses, kitchen appliances, bathroom shower, you can keep the gauge between medium to high.
Thus, you can expand the usability as much you want just by adjusting this trigger accurately. In the box, 16 pieces of the tool are also placed, which provide you the cleaning flexibility which you desire.
This compact designed machine equipped with a 39 oz large capacity water tank, which overcomes the headache of the refilling reservoir again and again while cleaning. Once you filled the tank full, you will get up to 50 minutes of cleansing time.
Its long 16’5’’/ 5 m electrical cord makes it easy to use it in more areas without removing it from the power outlet. This will also help you with cleaning the storeroom if there is no outlet. To keep your cord safe and crack-free, an integrated cord wrap has also placed on its body.
Whereas, the 6’2″ / 1.88 m steam hose, allows you to reach and clean the elevated areas like the top surface of the cupboard or kitchen’s chimney. With its smooth-rolling wheels, you can effortlessly roll it over the floors.
It’s Surprising but true that Dupray One comes with a Lifetime warranty on its stainless steel boiler.

Vapamore MR-100 Primo

McCulloch MC1385

COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

McCulloch MC1275

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