Best electric brooms for hardwood floors

Since 1901 the first Electric Broom for hardwood floors was created, conceived by the English Hubert Cecil Booth, this useful cleaning appliance has become indispensable in homes. But until recently it had failed to unseat the traditional sweepers. And it is that however powerful and practical the hardwood floor’s Electric Broom were, it was lazy to take them out to gather the crumbs from the ground after eating.

A few years ago a type of hardwood floors Electric Broom cleaners that we call electric sweepers began to be marketed. These models are characterized by a design more similar to that of a sweeper, its light weight and its wireless battery. Thanks to these benefits they replace the traditional brush and do their work faster and more efficiently. Models like the Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505 have great suction power and are very light to handle.

The amount of electric sweepers, also known as Broom cleaners, that are currently on the market makes the choice of the most appropriate to the needs of each home is complicated. Therefore, in this comparison experts and users have analyzed the models most valued by buyers.

One of the technical characteristics that have been valued is the power . Although in sled Broom cleaners the motor power is measured in watts in the  wireless Broom cleaners , the power of its batteries in volts is explained. It is through tests that they can be compared to traditional sled models and thus correctly assess their suction power.

Autonomy is another characteristic observed carefully. Most of these Broom hardwood floors cleaners work without wires and depend on their battery so it is convenient to know how long they need charging, how long the battery will last while we are vacuuming and the type of batteries it takes. The best batteries are lithium ion that usually offer a longer life.

The task of choosing it that suits us is not easy. We want to help you and that is why we present this comparison with the 4 most valued models on the internet, breaking them down one by one by experts and users.

The purchase recommendation of the experts is the Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505 model . It has great suction power, good autonomy.

The second purchase option is the Dyson V6 Total Clean . Innovation and effectiveness are the hallmark of this brand but its high price has relieved it to the second in the classification.

Each model has its audience so it is better to see the model-to-model analysis.

Our picks for a best electric broom for hardwood floors are:

1. Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505 – Hardwood floor Broom

This time experts and users have chosen as a favorite an electric sweeper with cable, in particular the Dirt Devil Power Air SD20505.

The electric broom hardwood floors is designed to easily and quickly collect all the garbage that is on the floor, whatever its hardness (ceramic, carpet, wood …) It is very light, since it only weighs 3 kg (6.67 lb) , to facilitate cleaning effortlessly. Great maneuverability

It is quite powerful thanks to its 10 Amp motor, perfect for cleaning on any type of floor. The broom has a narrow design, suitable for storage in any closet or corner when not in use.

The suction nozzle has a very appropriate design to clean anywhere on the floor, especially under furniture, since its height allows it. The width of the nozzle of almost 28 cm (11 ”) makes cleaning quick over the entire surface that covers the same in each pass.

The suction principle that it uses is by cyclonic filtration, without a bag, thus achieving more suction power without the need to mount a huge motor.

It has an airtight storage tank of the sucked dirt, very easy to disassemble and clean, since with the press of a button it allows us to empty all the contents sucked into the trash. The filter is of the F2 type, which collects any dust and pollen particles that are aspirated without letting it escape. Both the filter and the storage tank are washable, so that we achieve greater hygiene in our cleaning.

The electric cable has a length of 6 meters (19.69 ft) so as not to have to be aware of it and be able to reach the largest number of rooms in the house, so we will forget having to be looking for plug sockets in all rooms .

If this hardwood floors broom were battery powered instead of cable, it would be wonderful, it is still a great product.

If you want a powerful electric sweeper and at a good price, pay attention to our experts and acquire this model, which will not disappoint you.

2. Electrolux Ergorapido ERG15 – Wooden Floor Broom

This Electrolux Ergorapido cordless electric wooden floor broom model has an 18V rechargeable battery that gives you an uninterrupted autonomy of 30 minutes of continuous cleaning.

The vertical Electric Wooden Floor Broom cleaner features Cyclone technology, technology that does not need the use of awkward dirt storage bags.

Its operation is based on the most elementary physics, since it creates a small cyclone inside the apparatus that separates the heaviest solid particles from the fine dust through the centrifugal force generated by that small cyclone.

This physical principle gives the engine greater suction power and at the same time better performance without the need to install a large and heavy motor on the broom.

To undo the typical tangles of hair on the sweeping brush, Electrolux has invented the Brush Roll Clean technology, which is put into operation by pressing a pedal on the sweeping head, thus activating a blade that lowers and cuts all the tangles of hairs that is in the sweeping brush, which in turn are aspirated to the storage tank, which, since it does not have a bag, prevents us from being in contact with the dust, thus facilitating its cleaning and emptying of it.

The sweeping head is able to rotate 180º, which allows us to have greater mobility to clean all parts and corners of the house.

The body of this wooden floor broom can be detached from the sweep mast so that it can be used as a handheld Broom and thus increase its versatility and its use everywhere, whatever the dirt to be cleaned and wherever it is.

It has a charging base that is started simply by supporting the sweeper on top of it.

The charge can be seen in the body of the electric sweeper by lighting several light pilots that indicate the battery charge or if it is charging or fully charged.

It is a powerful, cordless and very versatile Broom wooden floor cleaner, since it can be used both as a floor broom and as a handheld Broom cleaner.

3. Hoover – Electric Broom for hardwood floor

Hoover broom wooden floor cleaner with cable is a device with two great virtues. On the one hand it has a great suction power. All experts highlight how well it removes dirt in the most difficult places. And on the other the variety of accessories that come with the Electric Broom that allow to reach all areas of the house.

It has a multi-cyclonic technology that makes the air pass through thirteen powerful cyclones that filter dirt without losing suction power. It has a quick cleaning brush that does not need to go through the same area several times as traditional hardwood floors Electric Broom cleaners.

It has complements for cleaning ceilings, a brush smaller than normal for smaller places and even a long and narrow tube to reach the gaps of difficult access.

One point against it is its size and weight (eight kilos) so it is not easy to transport it from one room to another.

4. Eureka AS2130A As One Pet

Another sweeper with cable and without bag but at a cheaper price. It is very comfortable to use thanks to the four kilos it weighs, half the model mentioned above.

This Electric Broom has Airspeed technology, designed to move more air to remove all dirt and thus be able to clean in depth. Experts say it is especially suitable for vacuuming carpets. It also has a special brush to suck the annoying hair of pets that stays on the sofas and furniture.

The cable of almost nine meters allows the user to have greater reach without having to disconnect the Electric Broomcleaner from the current. The filter you have is washable and reusable so it requires less changes. Its multi-cyclonic system separates the largest debris from dust and thus keeps the filter cleaner.

5. Shark HV380

This Electric Broom for cleaning hardwood floors is a refurbished product but it works as if it were a new one. It is a powerful device to clean any surface and quickly becomes a handheld broom.

It has advanced rotating direction, is very versatile and can boast a powerful suction that easily removes pet hair from carpets. The specialists affirm that it is a light, manageable Electric Broom cleaner. They also highlight the little noise it makes while it is running.

It comes with two additional brushes and a longer tube to reach all areas of the house.

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