best handheld steam cleaner for grout and tile floor

Finding out a best handheld steam cleaner for cleaning grout and tile floors are difficult task. Well, we made it easy for you. We shortlist some great handheld grout and tile floors steamer for you after hours of testing by our expert team. Check out it.

Our picks for Best Handheld Steam Cleaner for Cleaning grout and tile floors are:


1. Karcher SC 1 – handheld Steamer for Cleaning Grout


If you want to clean your home quickly and be sure to disinfect each space, especially if you have children and pets, from different household steam cleaners for grout and tile floors users prefer SC 1 for several reasons: it is light and manageable, has an excellent value for money, facilitates an intense and fast cleaning, does not require any detergent or chemicals to remove dirt.

Its small size allows it to be stored anywhere without taking up a lot of space, its powerful 1200W steam cleans all dirt from any surface by killing bacteria with 99% effectiveness, its brush, nozzles and other accessories facilitate access to the most difficult places to reach, also brings a bag designed to store these aggregates. Child insurance prevents accidents due to improper use.

The heating speed is 3 minutes, its use is applicable in toilets, windows, walls, mirrors, faucets and others. It includes a manual in several languages ​​with simple instructions for use. That is why it appears as a frequent response when asking about which is the best grout and tile floors steam cleaner.

The benefits of grout steam cleaners are many, especially when you want to obtain a practically sterile surface:


This tile floor steam cleaner is capable of reaching the temperature necessary to produce it in just 3 minutes combined with a power of 1,200 watts.


It is one of the smallest of our list, having dimensions of 12.8 x 32.1 x 18.6 centimeters and a weight of 1.5 kilograms, which makes handling much easier.


In addition, it has an A + energy consumption category, which is beneficial when deciding to save on the electricity service account.


However, its compact size affects its tank which has a capacity of just 0.2 liters which are not sufficient for a thorough and thorough cleaning.


On the other hand, one of the users indicated that, although it would not be ideal for cleaning the home, its size and power will serve very well in a car.


2. H. Koenig NV60 – Handheld Steamer for Cleaning Tile Floors


The NV60 is the most powerful and compact steam cleaning machine available in the market, weighs only 1.3 kg and measures 23 x 14 x 25 cm, is designed in yellow and black colors.

It reaches a maximum temperature of 130ºC and a power of 1000W, it is small and light but efficient in cleaning the most greasy and greasy surfaces of the home. It has a capacity of 300ml and brings a safety valve.

Its accessories are composed of a funnel, a measuring cup and 6 nozzles to clean any area especially in hard to reach areas. Its heating is fast and the vapor pressure is 4.2 bar, it has the best value for money because it is cheap and efficient.

Ideal to carry out household chores and disinfect all spaces without investing a lot of money, because the biggest advantage of this device is that it does not need chemical detergents to leave everything impeccable, so it is ranked as the best price-quality grout and tile floors steam cleaner .

If you are looking for a much cheaper equipment than those mentioned above, H. Koening has one of the cheapest models on the market:


Despite being almost a compact steam cleaner for cleaning tile floors and grout, this model has a power of 1,000 watts, which offer steam quickly and at a very good pressure.


It has a safety lock that will prevent the equipment from being activated without supervision or that children can handle it.


It includes six nozzles, a funnel and a measuring cup so you can get the most out of your performance.


It has a tank of 0.3 liters of water, so it is a cleaning equipment in small and fast spaces.


It was known that until the temperature required by the steam is reached, the equipment may drip constantly.

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