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Would you like to spend money on buying multiple tools, when you can do all those work with a single machine? Well, I won’t and I’m sure you don’t want too.

In the era of technology, we always trying to build machines that are capable of doing lots of work in less time. And here Multi-purpose steam cleaners are one of those machines.

From grout to bathroom shower, window’s glass to kitchen slab, mattress to couches, you can clean all any type of item, surface, or floor with the help of these incredibly made steam machines.

These Versatile steam cleaners can eliminate grease, grime, stains, and mold from a wide range of surfaces including ceramic tile, grout, granite, sealed wood flooring, laminate, appliances, grills, autos, and more.

With the help of superheated dry steam, you can sanitize any corner or fabric item of your home in a couple of minutes. Steam treatment is effective for killing germs and bacteria with a 100% success rate. It will not only helps you in removing sticky stains but also keep your family’s health good by disinfecting each corner of your home.

After each cleansing, you will feel a freshness in the air. Eventually, you will start feeling fresh all day and thus stay more productive and dedicated to your business.

But it quite difficult for you to decide which one is best for you. So here we picked some great all-purpose steamers which deliver amazing deep cleaning results.

After testing and reviewing the top 37 steam machine models popular on the Amazon USA, our team has been able to compile a review list of Best 7 Multi-Purpose or Versatile Steam Cleaners for you.

Best in PerformanceBest in Performance Top-rated multipurpose steam cleaner machineDupray Neat
  • Max. Temp.: 275°F
  • Pressure: 50 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 50min & 7min
  • Capacity: 54oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6.6ft & 16ft
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Budget-FriendlyBudget-Friendly cheap multi purpose steamer for kitchen cleaningPureClean XL
  • Max. Temp.: 240°F
  • Pressure: 43 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 10min & 45min
  • Capacity: 50oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6.5 ft. & 16 ft.
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Most PowerfulMost Powerful best model for multipurpose usageDupray ONE
  • Max. Temp.: 303°F / 150°C
  • Pressure: 50.8 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8 min & 50 min
  • Capacity: 39 oz
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6.2ft & 16.5ft
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Heavy-DutyHeavy-Duty multi purpose steam cleaner for furniture, tile floorVapamore MR-100
  • Max. Temp.: 220°F
  • Pressure: 46 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 60min
  • Capacity: 54oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6 ft. & 18 ft.
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Long-Lasting TankLong-Lasting Tank multi purpose commercial grade cleaner equipmentMcCulloch MC1385 Deluxe
  • Max. Temp.: 200°F
  • Pressure: 58 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 12 min & 120 min
  • Capacity: 64 oz
  • Hose & Cord Length: 10 ft. & 18 ft.
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CompactCompact compact and small size multipurpose steamer machineMcCulloch MC1275
  • Max. Temp.: 200°F
  • Pressure: 43 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 45min
  • Capacity: 48oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 9 ft. & 15.7 ft.
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Best 7 Multi-Purpose aka Versatile Steam Cleaners to Buy in 2021 for Deep Cleaning

#1 Dupray Neat – Top-rated Multipurpose steam cleaning machine


  • Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 14 inches
  • Max. Temp.: 275°F
  • Heat up & Run Time: 50min & 7min
  • Capacity: 54oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6.6ft & 16ft
  • Warranty: 2 years / Lifetime on steam cleaner boiler

Extra features: Built-in funnel, Retractable handle, Integrated cord wrap, Steam lock, ETL Certified safe.

OVERALL RATING: 9.9 out of 10

After crushing the test’s results, Dupray Neat has taken the position of our best pick. In just last year, it gained a peak of thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. That’s why we were also curious to know, why it became the most popular and best-selling steam cleaner in the USA.

And, we got plenty of reasons! One of the best things we liked is its affordable price tag.

Dupray neat can perform every task, that a steam cleaner does. So even if you want to steam your garment, floor, furniture, kitchen appliances, or even your car’s interior, then no biggie. Literally it can do wonders with its 18 pieces kit of additionals tools.

Its powerful boiler boils the ordinary water in just 7 minutes and releases hot steam for up to 50 minutes. This makes it easy for you to start cleaning quickly without wasting any time.

The generated steam can reach up to 275F superheated temperature. Thus, it is more effective on sticky stains, residue and any hard to remove messes.

For long cleansing, Dupray has fitted a large water tank of 54 oz. / 1600 ml in it and also designed an inbuilt funnel. So, even if you filling the tank in hurry, the funnel prevents the water from falling over your floors.

Thanks to its extra-long power cord (16’/ 5 m) and steam hose (6’6’’ / 2 m ), which makes it easy to operate especially in tight spaces. By attaching a suitable accessory, you can achieve more flexibility for purifying upholstery, tile floors, and grout.

Give a rest to your finger, by pressing its lock steam button. This will prevent the nozzle outlet from closing and provides a smooth and non-interrupt steam flow.

Overall, Dupray Neat is Best in performance considering its price. No doubt, It is a multi-purpose steam cleaner and best option for those who want to clean there home completely including floors, bathroom, kitchen, storeroom, or anything.


  • Awesome Build Quality
  • Easy to handle and Store
  • All the Attachments of this Steamer feels very durable and solid
  • The whole operation of this professional steam cleaner is hushed and smooth
  • The Boiler capacity is voluminous makes it perfect for long-lasting usage


  • No Water level Indicator
  • With prolonged usage, plastic gets a little bit warm

#2 PureClean XL Rolling – Cheap and Portable All in one Steamer for Home


  • Max. Temp.: 200°F
  • Pressure: 43 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 45min
  • Capacity: 48oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 9 ft. & 15.7 ft.
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Extra features: 18-Piece Heavy Duty Set, Pressurized, XL’s mop head, Built-in cord wrap, Compact design, Targeted Steam Cleaning.

OVERALL RATING: 9.6 out of 10

If you’re the one who doesn’t want to steam clean your home every day and wants to save some bucks too? Then this pick is for you. Considering the budget, we chose PureClean Steam Cleaner as our budget-friendly pick without compromising with performance.

The saving price tag and 5 years warranty, keeps it apart from others.

With its 1500 watt robust boiler, this steamer is able to boil water up to 240°F high temperature. The achieved steam is completely dry and fabulously effective in eliminating 99% of germs, debris. It also kills pests like bed bugs in no time.

Its 1.5-liter rigid water tank is capable of providing a constant and super hot steam up to 45 minutes. This is a bit lower than Dupray Neat, but enough for those who do short cleaning. Rarely you need to refill your tank. Otherwise, its long steaming time is enough for you to sanitize your home in one go.

This working mechanism of this machine is also chemical-free and works with ordinary water. Also, it doesn’t leave any calcium minerals over the surface after cleaning. So you can safely use it over different types of surfaces, bathroom, kitchen, and even on appliances body.

The long 16-foot power cord makes it usable on no outlet areas and 6.5 ft steam hose provides you additional resilience especially while disinfecting elevated surfaces. Its ergonomic designed handle provides extra comfortability and balances while steam cleaning.

Weighing in at just 15 pounds, this steam machine also comes two big rolling wheels. So moving the steamer while cleaning will be fluidly for you. A sturdy handle has also placed over its body, will makes easy for you to carry it.

Pure Enrichment gives you a five-year warranty with it. So whenever you feel any problem with your steam cleaner, feel free to contact them.


  • Targeted Steam Cleaning
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Inexpensive Price Tag
  • Suitable multiple types of flooring and surfaces
  • Easily fit into corners


  • You can’t keep floor pads attached to the cleaner head
  • Average Brass Brushes quality

#3 Dupray ONE – Best Hottest and Powerful Steam Cleaner package


  • Max. Temp.: 220°F
  • Pressure: 46 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 60min
  • Capacity: 54oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6 ft. & 18 ft.
  • Warranty: 3 years / Lifetime on stainless steel boiler

Extra features: 16 peice of Quality Accessories, Adjustable Steam and Pressure Control, Integrated cord wrap, Ultimate Sanitation.

OVERALL RATING: 9.4 out of 10

It is a compact and most powerful steamer, and capable of generating 303°F highly heated steam. Apart from this, its pressure adjusting mechanism makes it the most pleasurable steamer for deep cleaning and commercial usage. With its 16-piece of quality accessory, you can take your steam cleaning to the next level.

Dupray One is equipped with a solid boiler that is qualified for achieving 150°C/303°F highly heated steam in just 8 minutes. If you’re asking, Is this the highest temperature steam cleaner? then undoubtedly I can say YES!

It also comes with a large water tank (of 39 oz), and able to release a flow of hot steam continuously up to 50 minutes. This capacity is quite enough for sanitizing a medium-sized house.

By adjusting its steam pressure, you can make it suitable for disinfecting different types of items with ease. For example, by lowering the pressure and temperature, you can purify your fabric items like curtains, pillows and even your garments. And by rising these both, you can shine your floors, grout, shower or any hard surfaces.

On the other hand, its long power cord (of 16’5’’/ 5 m) makes it convenient to use in no power source room. And the 6’2″ / 1.88 m long steam hose helps you to reach any area. Both things will provide your extra flexibility while cleaning ceiling fans or windows.

To keep your cord safe and prevent it from cracking, you can wrap it over its integrated cord wrapper. Its super-smooth wheels help you in moving it from one place to another.

And the most AMAZING part is that Dupray One comes with a Lifetime warranty on its boiler. So it’s super worthy to invest in this powerful steam cleaner.


  • Durable and Vesatile
  • Decently work for Deep Cleaning
  • Compact and Easy to Store
  • Lifetime Boiler Warranty
  • Amazing Built Quality makes it more Reliable and Comfortable to use


  • A bit Expensive but still worthy
  • The handle can’t stand alone

#4 Vapamore MR-100 Primo – Versatile Steamer with a large mop head


  • Dimensions: 13 x 15 x 14 inches
  • Max. Temp.: 220°F
  • Pressure: 46 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 60min
  • Capacity: 54oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6 ft. & 18 ft.
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Extra features: Improved Larger Floor Head Design, Extremely Effective Bed Bug Treatment, Adjustable Steam Output, Solenoid-Operated Steam Control, Accessory Storage Bag, Carpet Slider.

OVERALL RATING: 9.3 out of 10

Clean any surface 20% faster and save more time and energy to spend with your family and friends. But how?

With its large mop head, you will able to sanitize 20 percent more area in a single go. So, you will cover more areas with fewer efforts and time. Vapamore MR-100 Primo has been made with a large mop head and suitable for any medium to a big house.

You will also get more control over the steam output with its Solenoid Operated Steam Control mechanism. So, you won’t need to buy any additional steamer for purifying fabrics and couches. By adjusting its outlet pressure, MR-100 Primo can deeply clean them without any damage.

It comes with a solid 1500 watt stainless steel boiler which is able to produce 210°- 220°F hot steam within 10 minutes. Apart from the high-temperature output, with its 54oz (1.6-liter) big water tank, you will also get a long run of 1 hour. Thus, you don’t need to spend time in refilling its tank again and again.

This versatile steam cleaner operation is completely dry. This means that after cleaning it doesn’t leave any water droplet on a surface. So, you won’t need to clean the steamed areas with a dry cloth after each cycle.

Whether you want to disinfect a ceiling or bathroom tiles, its 6ft. long hose and 18ft. long power cord helps you to reach any areas of your home effortlessly. So, even if you need to sanitize your garden’s furniture or glass windows, you are good to go with this powerful multipurpose steam machine.

To provide more flexibility to their customer, Vapamore also gives 21 High-Quality accessories. But attaching the correct tool, you can clean any small-big areas or any home decor items with ease.

Also, if you face any problem with its boiler in the coming future, you won’t need to spend a single buck on it. Vapamore is providing a lifetime warranty on its MR-100 Primo. It’s amazing, right?


  • This Steamer is perfect for heavy and long time cleaning. The build quality is pretty good.
  • Handle weight is very light, feels comfortable while handling.
  • Its mechanical mechanism is potent and produces dry steam
  • Sturdy and Armoured Design
  • Comes with dozens of tools


  • The nozzle tool gets warm after long cleaning
  • A bit Noisy in operation

#5 McCulloch MC1385 – Flexible Canister Steam Cleaner kit


  • Dimensions: 13.1 x 13.3 x 19.1 inches
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Max. Temp.: 200°F
  • Pressure: 58 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 12 min & 120 min
  • Capacity: 64 oz
  • Hose & Cord Length: 10 ft. & 18 ft.

Extra features: On-demand variable steam control, Canister Design, Integrated Handle and Cord Wrap, 4 Bar Pressure, Extra Large Water Tank, Squeegee Attachment.

OVERALL RATING: 9.1 out of 10

Isn’t it would be frustrating to refill the tank again and again, especially when your house is big or if you provide steam cleaning services to a wide number of apartments daily? Well, I’m sure it will be.

So while keeping that in mind, we chose McCulloch MC1385 versatile steam cleaner as our long-lasting pick.

If you have a large house or if you run a steam cleaning agency, then a big tank would probably your one of the important requirements. If yes then Deluxe Canister Steamer will surely fulfill that for you.

This because, it comes with a sturdy 64oz (1.9 liters) huge water tank, which is qualified for providing a long steam time up to 2 hours (120 minutes). Among all of our picks, it will provide you the longest run time.

Apart from this, you will also get the ability to adjust the steam pressure as per requirements. You can get up to 4bar (58 psi) high pressure just by rotating its pressuring valve. So whether you have to clean a sticky grout or a bed mattress, by adjusting outlet pressure you can achieve decent results with the help of this versatile steamer.

Its robust 1500 watt stainless steel boiler skillful for transforming water into 200F superheated steam in just 12 minutes. So, in 12 minutes you will get ready to kill germs and bacteria for the next 2 hours. Thus no need to waste time in refilling and all.

With the help of its 10ft long steam hose and 18ft power cord, you will get more flexibility while cleansing ceiling, walls or any hard to reach areas. It also has the longest hose and cord length.

Clean any type of surface whether it is grout, window’s glass, kitchen slab, pillows, or any other item, just by attaching its 23 multi-purpose accessories. These tools will help you to achieve more deeply cleaned results, without spending any extra bucks. Always use correct attachments.

However, you need a bit more space to keep this machine as it is a bit bulky in size. But it is worth it as it also comes with great specifications. If you face any issue in the next 2 years, the McCulloch will provide you a free replacement.


  • The build quality is very decent
  • The steamer pressure is maintained even after attaching an extension hose
  • Tank capacity is enormous
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories
  • Ready quickly and has a discharge rate control mechanism


  • Scrub brushes do not stay attached with the steam cleaner head for a long time. If you want to scrub hard your floor or any surface, you have to push them hard at the right angle else it will detach
  • Tools quality is not supreme

#6 COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner – All purpose Steam cleaner with Compact body

Most of the time it’s difficult to clean and maintain a bulky machine. You need a large space for storing it and have to apply more effort from carrying it from one place to another.

In order to keep you free from these problems, we have also chosen COSTWAY Multipurpose Steam Cleaner as another compact pick for you. Its small size makes it easy for you to carry it from one floor to another, even if its tank filled completely.

Its ergonomic design body has been packed with a 1500 watt empower water boiler, which is proficient for generating 226℉ super-hot steam. The max to max time it takes for producing dry vapors is 9 minutes. Which is quite fast, isn’t it?

And the 4.0 bar work pressure gives you additional power to push forceful steam vapors into tight areas and grouts. This will pop the sticky dirt quickly and bring back the shine of your floor.

The most impressive thing we like about it is its smartly designed accessories. To be honest, the tool kit feels very premium and incredibly efficient for cleaning edges and tight areas. Especially its triangular brush, which will cover your house corner deeply.

In the box, you will get 8 Versatile Accessories which will be beneficial for you for cleaning both indoors and outdoors. From cleaning grout to kitchen slab, window’s glasses to sofas, tiles to carpet, you can sanitize or disinfect anything with ease.

And with its 51oz. (1.5 L) tank, there would be no hassle of refilling for you. You can continue your sanitizing operation smoothly for the next 40 minutes after filling it fully. It is good enough for any small to medium-size home.

Its 16ft extra long power cord and 2 alternative extension steam tubes, allow you to use it on no outlet areas, like storeroom or garden’s porch swing. The 79.0” soft pipe provides added maneuverability and allows you to reach those hard to get to places. Your home cleaning will be like a walk in the park from now on.

This Costway all-purpose steamer is certified safe and ETL listed for the USA. Thus it gives you an extra safety guarantee.

#7 McCulloch MC1275 – Cheap and Small Size multiple purpose steam machine


  • Dimensions: 20.1 x 13 x 12.6 inches
  • Weight: 10 lstrongs.
  • Max. Temp.: 200°F
  • Pressure: 43 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 45min
  • Capacity: 48oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 9 ft. & 15.7 ft.

Extra features: 18 Accessories, Steam Lock Switch, Powerful Jet Nozzle, Floor Mop Attachment, Added Scrubbing Power, Water Funnel.

OVERALL RATING: 9.0 out of 10

Budget is really a serious concern for some people, is it for you too? If yes, then this is for you.

MC1275 is another multipurpose steam cleaner made by McCulloch. It comes with a low price tag and a sleeky compact designed body. You can easily store and carry it from one place to another. However, it is not suitable for commercial or heavy-duty work.

Packed with an adamant 1500 watt stainless steel heater, this steam cleaner can boil water up to 200F within 8 to 9 minutes. Thus, you don’t need to wait for long.

Once you filled its 45 ounces water tank completely, you will get up to 45 minutes of cleansing time. It is quite good for steaming any medium-size home completely.

Also, its tiny pointed nozzle pressurizes the steam coming from the boiler. You will get up to 43 psi pressure and 33-37 g/min steam rate. This is highly helpful for cleaning any tiny gaps like grout and floor’s edges. Once you push the pressurized steam into these areas, it will eliminate the grimes within a second.

In order to provide more resilience and maneuverability, McCulloch has inbuilt a 15.7 ft power cord and also gives 9 ft long steam hose. So you won’t face any problem while disinfecting far away surfaces.

In the box, you will also get a kit of 18 versatile tools. It includes all the major attachments like a floor mop, mop pads, nylon brushes, brass brush, scrub pad, squeegee, and many more. To be honest, some of the tools have been made using average build quality materials. After some months, some got bent due to heat, and some got broken.

However, the MC1275 all-purpose steamer has been tested and technically certified safe to use in the US.


  • The nozzle diameter is small, and its well made for pressurized steam
  • Its weight is pretty less makes it easy to carry
  • Compact Design, so takes less stroing space
  • Comes with wide variety of tools


  • Some of the accessories quality is average, like brush heads.
  • After a long run time, its handle gets warm which makes it uncomfortable to operate

Buying Guide – Buy the Best Versatile Steam Cleaner for multipurpose usage

Guide to buy top-rated versatile aka all-purpose steam cleaner machine

On the market, you will discover a wide range of high-quality multipurpose steam cleaners. But it will be difficult and it even may be frustrating for you to decide which one is best. With our guide on SteamersArena, you will find a steam cleaner that best suits your needs.

Cleaner type

If we look at any comparison of steam cleaners on the market, it is easy to distinguish between the two main types that exist today: hand-held models and sled-type models, similar to conventional vacuum cleaners in their design.

In the case of hand models, they have the advantage of being easier to carry, so they are suitable for cleaning small corners in the kitchen or bathroom. They are products with tight tanks and weights that must have good mobility so that you can work comfortably in any environment. It is also a cheaper product than almost any sled model.

Regarding these sled models, in this case, the design is similar to that of a conventional vacuum cleaner. The boiler has wheels to move it wherever we want, while the hose has a good size to move it wherever you want, being a product designed to work on large surfaces such as cleaning floors, textiles, and other items. However, if the range of accessories is adequate, it is also easy to work in difficult places.

Power and capacity

The second important aspect when it comes to knowing how much steam cleaner costs, or adapting the purchase to your specific need, is the power and capacity of the product. Two aspects that go hand in hand and that really establish what is the cleaning capacity that we are going to achieve with a given product.

Starting with the power, this is the one that heats the water as it happens with steam irons and other similar products. A high power allows us to heat the water faster and start cleaning earlier. This high power also makes it easier to have a constant steam flow and with a proper grammage, which makes it easier to remove dirt.

For reference, a power of about 600 watts is sufficient for handheld models, while on sled models this should be around 1,000 watts for reference. Also check the outlet pressure of the equipment, since the higher it is, the stronger this steam will come out and the more dirt it will remove. This pressure is measured in bars of power.

As a companion to the heating system, we have the water tank, which supplies it to generate steam. In this case, the capacity of the deposit marks how long we are going to be able to clean our home. Again, this capacity depends on the model we are evaluating, being smaller in the handheld models and larger in the sled ones.

In the first, the capacity does not usually reach half a liter, to also give it good mobility, while in sled models this is around a liter, although some models reach 3 liters. In this case, it is convenient to choose a capacity that is appropriate to your specific cleaning needs, in order to have greater comfort in use.

Accessories included

The last aspect that we should value, even if we are evaluating an economic steam cleaner, are the accessories that the product incorporates. Among other things, because these accessories are, in many cases, those that give the product real utility.

These accessories can not miss different nozzles that help to easily reach the most hidden corners of your home. In this case, we have the concentrating nozzles, which intensify the steam output, or the small, closed brush, which is used for upholstery.

We must also have accessories with mop or cloth, which help us to clean floors or tiles easily, as well as large pieces, typical of sled models, with which cleaning floors is even easier. By the way, take advantage of this aspect to also check the size of the hose, which in both models must be long enough to move and clean comfortably.

Carpet gliders – always included in the scope of delivery

In the meantime, every steam cleaner is equipped with a carpet glider so that not only hard, smooth floors such as tiles, laminate, and parquet, but also carpets and carpets can be steam cleaned.

The carpet glider reliably cleans carpets with different pile sizes without damaging them. Dust and dirt are reliably removed, the carpet is refreshed, but remains largely dry.

Nozzle set for more flexibility – also included in most models

Such models, which are designed exclusively for floor cleaning and only have a mostly triangular foot (floor element), the scope of delivery of most current models is much broader.

These primarily include hand nozzles for cleaning window glass, upholstered furniture, joints, and smoothing clothes. The conversion of a steam cleaner to a multifunctional manual steam cleaner should be done manually. Experience has shown that the easiest way to do this is with Kärcher steam cleaners;

Adjustable steam strength – a practical feature

The steam strength can be flexibly adjusted for quite a few models. This feature is particularly useful for devices that are used for other sensitive areas besides floor cleaning.

However, this feature is also useful when cleaning and caring for different types of floors, as it is recommended, among other things, to clean laminate and parquet floors with only 50% of the maximum possible steam strength.

If the model does not have a controller for setting the steam strength, only slightly sensitive wooden floors or tiles, for example, maybe cleaned with this device.

Warm-up time – important for comfortable handling and quick work

In order to get started with the cleaning quickly, the user understandably wants the shortest possible waiting time. Each steam cleaner needs a little time to bring the water to a temperature of 120 ° F thanks to the steam so that the steam is formed.

The commercial-grade steamers equipment can be heated on average within 8 – 10 minutes, the models with wheels usually take a little longer.

How a steam cleaner works

With steam, one is tempted to say. And it hits the heart of the matter: a steam cleaner essentially consists of a boiler in which water is brought to the boil and steam is generated as a result. This is led under high pressure through a valve into various nozzles, from which it then emerges outdoors. So two things are important for the steam cleaner to work well:

First, it must have a powerful heating element that boils the water in the boiler in the shortest possible time. Here, of course, the customer is happy when the power consumption of the heating element is low, a requirement that is now present in all electrically operated household appliances.

However, the steam must not be led directly to the outside, but should flow out of the respective nozzle with high pressure if possible: this makes cleaning particularly heavily soiled areas easier. That is why the steam cleaners in the boiler first build up a certain pressure (between 1 and 4 bar), which is then released via a valve in the guide tube.

The inside of a steam cleaner: the water in the steam boiler is boiled in a short time.

As soon as sufficient pressure is available, the steam flows out through the corresponding nozzle on request.

Depending on which nozzle you use, you can now direct the steam over a large area with the floor nozzle or selectively via a point jet nozzle to the area to be cleaned. Many devices have a switch to control the steam strength (which is the same as the steam pressure), often it is attached to the handle, sometimes also on the top of the boiler. Most have 2 levels for regulating the steam pressure, the slightly more expensive then also have step-less rotary controls.

At level 0 you will often find the childproof lock, which prevents steam from escaping at all. This is an absolute necessity for steam cleaners because due to the high boiling point of water (under normal ground pressure conditions 100 degrees Celsius) there is always a risk of burns if you come into direct contact with the steam.

Do you need a two-chamber system?

This is definitely an advantage. If you only have a single chamber for the water, you have to wait until the device has cooled down to refill the water (and it should also be switched off completely).

But if you want to clean a larger area in the house for which the water tank is not enough, you should buy a cleaner with a 2-chamber system. In addition to the main water tank, there is also a second tank that can be used to add water during operation.

Water is the most important “material” for a steam cleaner, similar to gasoline for a car.

The water tank should be large enough and ideally have two separate chambers.

So if you want to remove 150 square meters of the terrace from moss and greenery, you should prefer a steam cleaner with a 2-chamber system!

Accessories and attachments

The accessories for steam cleaners are just as diverse as those for vacuum cleaners. We include below only on the accessories market at all offers and refer back for more precise information on our comparison chart :

Standard floor nozzle

This looks just like a vacuum cleaner, except that it does not suck anything in, but does the opposite: the hot steam flows out of it and loosens the dirt under the nozzle.

In most cases there is a “web” (a floor wipe ) to which can be attached to the floor nozzle, usually also the ranges “bristle variant”, eg when rubbing on stone slabs.

 Floor steam nozzle

For indoor cleaning and careful dust removal on houseplants, there is the large floor steam nozzle, the outlet radius of which is as large as that of the steam pipe. This does not do much for intensive soiling.

However, it makes sense to use it, for example, to “preheat” window surfaces that you should never suddenly expose to a concentrated hot steam jet. And – as just mentioned – plants can also be gently dusted in this way.

 Round brush attachments

Round brush attachments can, for example, on the terrace, on stone slabs in the garden or in the bathroom when cleaning help, especially here increases its use as a hand tool, the effectiveness enormously.

 Point jet nozzles

The detail nozzle, after all, is the strongest weapon the steam cleaner: from the extremely narrow opening occurs, the hot steam at full speed, so that one can hereby specifically remove the dirt in however narrow areas.

Especially in the grooves between individual terrace stones, the point jet nozzle can do a lot, or even in hard-to-reach places in a shower, where mold and mold tend to accumulate.

 Window wipers

A window wiper without nozzle connection is supplied with most devices. After careful warming up, you can process the window panes with the wide hand nozzle and then remove the residual water with this window wiper.

However, there are also special combined window wipers that can both spray steam and draw off the residual water.

Areas of application and taboo zones

In addition to the entire household, the steam cleaner is primarily used for terraces and other areas in the garden. Here, the nature of the surface to be cleaned must be carefully observed: natural stone, for example, tolerates the “attack” with the point jet nozzle, whereas marble or slate are more sensitive. Here you can work more gently with the regulation of the steam pressure and the use of the round brushes.

A common application for a steam cleaner is floor cleaning.

Thorough and clean and without the use of chemical cleaning agents!

Also defrosting the freezer, removing limescale, or cleaning car rims: all conceivable applications of the steam cleaner.

But be careful with floor coverings: you should never use the steam cleaner on unsealed wood. Even with sealed laminate, you should not start with the point jet nozzle on the floor, but rather work with reduced steam pressure and a wipe over the floor nozzle.

Who is a steam cleaner suitable for?

Basically, this electrical device is a good choice for every household, because it makes housework easier. The steam cleaner proves to be a welcome solution, particularly wherever high demands are placed on hygiene, as well as in allergy-free households.

Which surfaces can be cleaned with a steam cleaner?

Where we can use multi versatile steamersAlmost every steam cleaner is a multifunctional device that can be used in different ways in the home.

Hard floors such as parquet, laminate, and tiles – easy to clean with all steam cleaners.

A steam cleaner is the first choice for smooth floors and cleaning the tile floors with joints.

For laminate and valuable parquet floors, a comparatively weak steam jet is recommended at 50% of the maximum strength, whereby the steamers offer a gentle solution due to the overall comparatively lower pressure.

Carpets and carpets can be cleaned with all steam cleaners

The so-called carpet gliders are included in the scope of delivery of each steam machine from the product selection on The steam cleaners are also equipped with a carpet glider that can be easily integrated into the patented EasyFix system.

Clean mirrors and windows with a steam cleaner – with a practical hand nozzle

Most models of steam cleaners are equipped with a point jet nozzle. Among other things, this accessory can be used to clean window panes and mirrors. In order to clean glass surfaces with the steam, the coarse dirt should first be removed with a wipe, and then the surface thoroughly treated with steam. The water residues are then removed with a puller. In this way, the glass becomes effortlessly clean without unsightly streaks.

Shower, bath and especially fittings – ideally suited for cleaning with steam

In the bathroom and toilet, not only can the tile floors be successfully cleaned with steam. The fittings, in particular, are given a beautiful gloss finish thanks to steam treatment. Shower stalls, bathtubs, and washbasins can be successfully freed from soap residues and lime with steam. This is where the point jet nozzle comes into play; you may need to help with a wipe. Overall, cleaning in the bathroom and toilet with steam is progressing very quickly.

Upholstered furniture – only clean with a special upholstery nozzle!

Textile upholstery fabrics can be freshened up with steam and cleaned of dust. Even stubborn stains can be easily removed from the upholstered furniture using the steam cleaner.

Clean joints and hard-to-reach areas with a steam cleaner

In this case, a narrow nozzle specially designed for this purpose is used. But the joints can also be cleaned with a point jet nozzle in combination with the round brush. Not only the tile joints can be cleaned with a steam jet, but also radiators or other hardly accessible corners.

Refresh clothes and iron out wrinkles

On the one hand, items of clothing that had to wait months in a closet to be used can be refreshed with a hand nozzle for textiles. This way, the clothes do not necessarily have to be in the laundry. On the other hand, steam can be used to smooth out unsightly wrinkles with ease in order to save the hassle of ironing.

5 tips for cleaning with a steam cleaner

Cleaning with a steam cleaner is usually very straightforward. However, there are some aspects to consider:

  1. Before steam cleaning, it is advisable to treat the relevant surfaces with a vacuum cleaner or dust wipe.
  2. Unsealed, including oiled, floors must not be cleaned with steam. Caution must always be taken with sensitive floors.
  3. Under no circumstances should the water tank be opened when the steam cleaner is running.
  4. The cleaning cloths should be replaced more frequently to achieve an optimal cleaning result.
  5. If you want to avoid descaling, you are welcome to use distilled water to fill the tank. However, it is not a must.

Descale steam cleaner? That’s how it’s done!

If the steamer is not equipped with an integrated descaling cartridge, the device must be descaled manually at regular intervals. Experience shows that the device must be decalcified every four weeks if used intensively.

There are two ways to descale:

  1. Descale with vinegar. For this, about 200 ml of vinegar is poured into the water tank for around 24 hours to allow this liquid to take effect. The tank contents should then be completely disposed of, the water tank rinsed and the steam cleaner started up with a full load.
  2. Use commercial descaling agents. In this case, proceed exactly according to the instructions for use of the respective agent.

Is a steam cleaner suitable for outdoor use?

Basically, these devices are mainly designed for i7lindoor use and are insufficiently protected against the effects of the weather.

A steam cleaner can therefore only be used outdoors to a limited extent, for example, to clean the vehicle or to clean the immediate entrance area of ​​the single-family house.

High-pressure cleaners are designed for cleaning garden paths and house walls, which wash away the dirt with a powerful water jet.

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