Welcome to ReviewBox.com It is impossible not to think about outdoor brooms when we want to clean the floor of our house. There are different models and in this article we will explain each one.

Outdoor Brooms are a cleaning tool that, through a brush of hard or soft bristles and a wooden or metal stick, sweeps all the dust accumulated on the floor, to collect it later in a container and deposit it in the trash.

The brooms for Cleaning outdoor also work to clean floors with soap and water, making it an indispensable element in a house, office, factory or premises. Its manufacture has some variants that we will talk about next.

First the most important

  • Brooms are cleaning tools that have a soft or stiff bristle brush and a long wooden or metal stick, which are used to sweep the floor and remove all possible dust or debris that accumulates with everyday life.
  • Although there are many materials and designs of brooms, they can be divided into three: the domestic ones that are used to keep the house or office clean, the professionals who endure a rougher and recurrent use, and the outdoor sweepers.
  • Before buying any model you like, we recommend you recognize the type of floor you are going to sweep with that outdoor broom, since this will depend on the type of bristles you will choose, as well as the type of brush you need.

Our pick for best outdoor brooms are:

The materials used for the manufacture of outdoor brooms have improved over time and today we find several models from which we can choose. So you don’t have a hard time making a purchase decision, we choose for you the 5 best models in the market.

1. Casabella – Great Broom for Outdoor Cleaning

Casabella is a cleaning kit that includes a dustpan and a broom for outdoor cleaning, designed to fit perfectly together and be stored without taking up much space. Their colors were created to show that cleaning tools can be functional and look good at the same time.

The dustpan has a rubber strip at one end to keep the dust from escaping and the broom has a brush with bristles made of PET material. It is an ideal kit for people who do not have much storage space.

2. MEIBEI – Outdoor Broom

Meibei is one of the Outdoor Cleaning brooms with soft synthetic bristle brush, which can sweep dust or water. Being flexible fibers, it can be used in various types of floors such as the kitchen or bathroom, but also in other parts such as walls, shelves or ceilings.

Its stick is the perfect height to prevent people from developing back pain from sweeping in an inappropriate posture and is made of metal, material resistant to shocks and falls from use.

3. Dracarys – Cheap

Dracarys is a model of brooms whose design includes two circular brushes with a rotating system to reach the farthest corners of outdoors. It is ideal for sweeping hard surfaces such as cement, wood, plastic, marble or slab.

It is a kit that contains 3 basic elements to achieve the cleaning of a space: a broom that in this case has two rotating brushes, a dustpan and a garbage container to deposit all the dust and dirt.

4. Mr. Siga – Value of Money

Mr. Siga is a model of brooms for outdoors whose bristles are made with rubber. It is very good for cleaning on smooth surfaces but also on carpets, as it is very good dragging hair, pet hair or other fluff trapped in the bottom of rugs or carpets.

It can also be used to wash windows or sweep the earth, since its rubber has the ability to drag as if it were a mop. It can be washed with water and used both indoors and outdoors.

5. FRMARCH – Good Broom for Outdoors

FRMARCH is a cleaning kit that includes a broom and dustpan. It is an innovative model because the broom stick, made of metal, is movable, that is, it can be folded to fit the ergonomics of the person who is using it.

On the other hand, the collector has a lid that does not let the dust or garbage that was already deposited inside it escape, so it helps to have better control. The bristles of this model of brooms are soft and quite flexible.

Buying guide

Outdoor Brooms make people’s lives much easier, so having one at home should be mandatory. So you know which model suits you best, we explain its characteristics, the advantages it has, as well as the factors you should consider before taking one.

What are Outdoor brooms and what advantages do they have?

Outdoor Brooms are cleaning tools that feature a soft or stiff bristle brush and a long stick that can be made of wood or metal. It mainly serves to sweep or remove from the floor, the possible dust or garbage that accumulates with the day to day.

The first models of Outdoor brooms were made with the same unpolished wooden stick and instead of a bristle brush, it consisted of a bundle of tied branches that could sweep the dry leaves of the trees. Today you can see some copies of this model in the streets.

With the passage of time they have improved their design and materials, and today there are different brush shapes, size, type of bristles or grip shape, so that they have gradually adapted to the needs of people.

  • Sweep dust from any surface
  • They can be used dry and some with water
  • They are very easy to use
  • There are different materials
  • Its price is accessible
  • Some wear out quickly
  • Not all resist moisture

Brooms, professionals or sweepers – What should you pay attention to?

Although the brooms for cleaning outdoors seem to be the same, over time they have improved their manufacturing and today there are models with very particular characteristics that help to clean certain spaces better.

Here we tell you about 3 models of Outdoor brooms that we believe you can easily acquire, as you have surely seen them in department stores, local businesses or stores specializing in cleaning supplies.

Domestic brooms These types of brooms are perfect to use indoors because they can vary the size of your brush, as well as the colors of your design. Usually, the bristles of your brush are soft and the stick is made of wood.

Professional brooms Also known as industrial, these types of brooms are used in large places such as companies, stores or factories. The main difference is its size and resistance, as it must have semi-rigid bristles that allow dirt and particles deposited in carpets or corners.

Broom sweepers. This model of brooms is the classic that would be seen in a witch movie, because it has a large wooden stick and a bunch of branches tied at one end. It is of rough use and handling it is somewhat complicated, however it has good drag.

Bristle type

Regardless of the material with which the broom brush bristles are made, it is important that you pay attention to the flexibility and movement they have when sweeping. This will depend on whether they are soft, semi-rigid or rigid.

Soft bristles These types of bristles move easily on contact with the floor and are good at dragging dust, hair, fluff or any other small particle. It is recommended to use them on smooth and uniform floors.

Semi-rigid bristles. It takes a little more force to move this type of bristle but does not lose mobility completely. It is recommended to use them on slightly rougher floors or pavement, since they are very good when dragging dirt or particles of rugs and carpets.

Rigid bristles They are usually the tree branches tied in sweeper brooms, they are very long and do not move easily. They can also be made of plastic and are perfect for cleaning solid trash or larger floor elements.

Where to buy?

The brooms are a cleaning accessory for the home or any other space, which fortunately can be purchased at various sites, from the grocery store of the colony, a local business, to specialty stores with different models and prices.

You can find them physically in large and international stores such as Elektra, Home Depot, Walmart, Soriana or Chedraui, because among the variety of products they sell, the cleaning items section will surely be.
If you want to take advantage of online shopping, e-commerce platforms such as Mercado Libre, Amazon or Orders, they have brooms of all kinds that you can receive up to the door of your house.

But if you want advice on the best model of brooms you need, you can buy it in stores specializing in household cleaning products, as well as office supplies such as Vileda, Jolly, Grainger or Uline.

Floor type

The brooms must be manufactured according to the floor they are going to sweep, because there are very delicate materials that with bad cleaning, could be scratched or mistreated. Next we tell you which model of brooms is ideal for each type of floor.

Interior smooth floors. Soft or extra soft synthetic bristle brooms are very good at cleaning smooth wood, mosaic or marble floors. Being floors without relief, dust can be easily swept and not much force is needed to remove it.

Exterior or carpeted floors. Being outdoors or being a material that keeps a lot of dust inside such as rugs or carpets, it is necessary to sweep them with industrial or professional brooms of semi-rigid bristles that can remove all these particles.

Rough or unfinished floors. The patios or terraces that are merely concrete and have no finishes, can be swept with brooms of hard bristles that allow to exert pressure on the dust or garbage that can be embedded in them.

Brush type

Regardless of the material with which the bristles are made, whether they are flexible or not, a good result in cleaning the floor by means of brooms, depends on the brush they have.

Small brush When it is not necessary to sweep an entire surface, you can lay hands on brooms with small brushes that are handled as if they were a broom and appear to belong to the kit for bowling shoes.

Long-handled brush Unlike the brush of conventional brooms, it has a much longer handle than normal to reach hard-to-reach places such as corners, corridors or corners. It can be used under the bed, closet or car.

Ultra rigid brush It is used to clean large and exposed surfaces like a carpet, for example. The difference is that the dust that is being swept does not expand in the environment and is trapped in the bristles of this brush.

Rubber brush This brush has rubber bristles that, although flexible, have the necessary stiffness to remove dirt from a carpet or rug. Dust and other particles stick to the rubber bristles and it is very easy to wash.

Electric brush. It is a combination between a normal broom and a vacuum cleaner, since the dust that sweeps the brush falls into a container that can be removed when it is very full. It is ideal for people who do not seek to make much effort while sweeping.