Steam Cleaning: What it is & Why it is so Effective for Home Cleaning in 2021

what is Steam Cleaning machines and why it is so effective for Home Cleaning

The steam cleaning is one of the cleaning techniques is achieved greater relevance since the public knows its results and ease of use.

The purchase of a steam cleaner machine is an idea that gains increasing strength, later we will analyze the different types that exist.

These work with water vapor. Inside, it is heated to about 90 ° C so that the steam comes out under pressure. The more pressure, the greater the cleaning power. Readout our reviews of high-pressure steam cleaners.

It has ended up becoming a great ally for cleaning not only for its depth in cleaning but for its versatility, as it has multiple functions to clean, disinfect, remove dust or degrease the kitchen.

What is a Steam Cleaner? How much Steam Cleaning effectiveness is?

The steam cleaning machine is an invention of the early ’80s by the Italian brand Polti. His machine was called Vaporetta and since then that name has been extended to all steam cleaning machines even if they were not from Polti.

It was intended to implement a system that softened and descaled the dirt before it could be removed with the vacuum cleaner, an appliance already quite extended then. Basically, it is governed by the same principle that coffee makers usually use to make espresso coffee.

The mechanism was based on the steam jet that penetrated in the form of dry steam into microscopic particles that took off the dirt.

Little by little, accessories were added to make cleaning more precise, thus reaching every possible corner. Commercial Steam Cleaners are powerful among all.

Steam Cleaning Machines Mechanism

The use of the steam cleaning machine is only part of the cleaning process. This consists of applying steam and subsequently cleaning with an accessory, be it a cloth, a curl cover, a brush, or a rubber lip. At all times it will depend on the material we want to clean.

Although the steam will end up drying on its own, it is convenient to dry it with a cloth, since the usefulness of the steam is to descale the dirt, but at no time picks it up. For that reason, as we will see later, there are units that incorporate a vacuum after the steam is applied.

The care to take into account for its correct use

The boiler containing the water deserves attention at all times since it is the most important and also the weakest part. This is because at all times, depending on the water we use at home, it can be prey to the lime clogging the ducts of the machine.

Therefore, the descaling tablets that we already use in other appliances such as washing machines, capsule coffee machines or dishwashers are very important. Its employability will depend on the hardness of the water, but in any case, we must empty the container every three uses approximately.

Steam machine surfaces and accessories

As with any cleaning product, not all surfaces are equal and, therefore, not all can and should not receive the same treatment. For this reason, we will have at all times a complete set of accessories in our steam cleaning machine suitable for each of the materials.

It is not the same to clean more resistant surfaces such as a blind than more delicate surfaces such as a sofa. Despite being accessories, understanding them as something “supplementary”, they are fundamental instruments that we must use yes or yes.

This variety should not be seen as uncomfortable, but as a great advantage since each of them will save us time, water and energy as they are indicated to use the recommended amount.

Nor is the steam that we must apply on one or the other material since, in elements such as parquet wood and rubber gaskets, the steam must be dried immediately so that these materials do not deform. If our equipment has a speed regulator, we must use the minimum available.

One of the main advantages that we will find in steam cleaning machines is that they allow the cleaning of mites, that is, to eliminate allergens that, otherwise, we could not eliminate because they are invisible.

To this is added that we will not use any cleaning products, harmful to both the organism and the environment. It is, therefore, a very ecological system that allows us to save by using fewer products.

You can also use this steam machine to easily clean. It is much faster than by other manual methods and when it is a large surface it is appreciated.

What is and how a pressure steam cleaning machine works

How a pressure steam cleaner machine works

  • The machines steam cleaning work in general connected to the mains feeding through a safety wire with a fairly long length to ensure that the machine can be moved at certain distances from the point of the plug, equal vacuums.
  • Basically, these steam cleaning equipment are composed of a boiler or tank with wheels and handle, in which the water is introduced by a plug located at the top, for subsequent heating through resistors, channeling the steam produced by the Activate the operating switch outwards from an outlet hose terminated in a nozzle to which different accessories are attached, according to the cleaning applications that you wish to obtain.
  • Being cleaning machines that operate under pressure, all of them have a pressure gauge, or pressure measuring device, and the corresponding safety valves.
  • When the operation of the steam engine is started, it must wait long enough for it to reach the optimum operating pressure point, before starting to work with it, which implies forecasting to avoid delays and wasted time.
  • It should also be taken into account that steam machines cannot work in a vacuum, or fully filled, and this implies a need to monitor the maintenance of an adequate level of water at all times.
  • The steam cleaning comes in different sizes and powers, as benefits are sought for industrial cleaning or domestic.
  • Its maintenance is quite simple, but it is necessary to check from time to time the safety valve that may be obstructed with particles of dirt or dust, preventing its operation, which is to prevent vapour overpressures that can cause an explosion of the device.
  • Depending on the quality of the water used according to the zones, water softeners should also be used to avoid obstructions in the components of the Vaporetto, as in any other appliance.
  • Manufacturers also recommend completely emptying the tank of the cleaners, every three or four uses, to avoid deposits of lime and other problems, or even better to store empty whenever it is not used, as is done with steam irons.
  • And of course, you have to make careful use of these machines for cleaning, without sudden jerks, and taking care that the power cord and hose do not bend or twist to avoid deterioration and breakage.

Main advantages of steam cleaning

Advantages of steam cleaners and cleaning

  • Power cleaning and disinfection very effective. The steam cleaning pressurized hot water temperatures between 90º and 180º, 200º, depending on the power of each machine, expelling steam of water at a temperature that is unnecessary in most cases the use of products of complementary cleaning to achieve an effective cleaning and disinfection, using as unique and effective cleaning agents the power of the projected steam on the surfaces and the high temperature is capable of finishing with 99% of pests hidden in any place.
  • Savings on cleaning products. When working only with water as a cleaning system, avoid the purchase of cleaners, assuming savings in this chapter.
  • It is an ecological cleaning system. Because its use avoids the manufacture and use of chemical cleaning products, with the consequent residual contaminant spills.
  • Healthy cleaning system. Because steam cleaning, in addition to removing surface allergens, prevents poisoning and allergies in the handling of chemicals that can remove dirt with the same efficiency.
  • The versatility of its uses. The steam cleaning machine system allows the cleaning of all types of surfaces with the same equipment as long as the application of temperature or humidity is not contraindicated.
  • Comfort. Avoid being aware of the purchase, replacement, and storage of different types of cleaners, such as degreasers, glass cleaners, upholstery sprays, etc., always having on hand what you need, which is simply tap water and electricity to generate steam.
  • Easy cleaning and disinfection in hard to reach places. Thanks to the nature of the steam and with its high temperature, it is possible to access places where no hands or other accessories enter, guaranteeing the cleaning and disinfection of gaps by softening and descaling the dirt in, cracks, folds, edges, spaces later of anchored or heavy installations, among other places.

What are the disadvantages of steam cleaning

Here is some issue with steam cleaning:

  • The problem of moisture in steam cleaning

Despite the speed and depth that allow steam cleaning, it is still necessary that we clean the moisture left in furniture and carpets. This steam is after all water, so it is possible that small accumulations of water form that we must remove to prevent fungi or spots that are difficult to remove.

While they are small in size, steam cleaning machines are usually large and uncomfortable.

  • Slow commissioning

When we start a steam cleaning machine, we must take into account that in order to start cleaning, it is necessary to previously heat the water inside the machine, as well as other functions that also require a previous time to be able to perform it.

  • Changing the steam machine tank

To be able to use these machines correctly, it is necessary at all times to change the tank with some frequency, since a single water tank is not enough to completely clean a room.

  • Put ourselves in the hands of cleaning professionals

Given the many precautions that we must take when we start steam cleaning, the need to make a significant outlay if we want to buy the device, and the inconvenience of storing it at home, we can go to the professionals.

The cleaning companies do not serve only to clean your home after a great work or have an employee going weekly for general cleaning, but we can go to them in a timely manner.


If you want to clean your upholstery with complete safety and effectiveness, or professionally repeat a treatment that at home has not managed to remove those difficult stains on the sofa

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