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Best Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors of 2021 [Reviews]

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One of the most beautiful things is a cleaned wood floor. However, to get a beautiful floor, we need to use a lot of chemical cleaners and other solutions.

But most of us do not prefer using chemicals, especially if you have an old or engineered hardwood floor. And this is where the hardwood floors steam mop comes into play.

With the help of these professional steam machines, you will be able to deep clean your dark floors. And the best part is that they do not need additional cleaning solutions for the job.  Even, there are a lot of tests suggests that steam cleaners are pretty great when it comes to removing stuck-on stains like chocolate syrup, muddy footprints, and other things.

Hence, there are quite a lot of people who prefer steamers over any other deep cleaning solutions. However, buying a steam mop for wooden floors can be a hard thing. As there are too many options that are available in the market.

Plus, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Such as how much the water is heated? How much dry vapors do they produce? How quickly they heat? What’s the Price and other features?

And all of these options can make you or me confused. However, to make it easy for you, We had tested, reviewed, and handpicked a couple of best steam mops for deep cleaning the hardwood floors. So go ahead and have a look at these wooden floor’s steam cleaning machines and pick the right one for yourself:

Best in PerformanceBest in Performance
LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional Mop
  • Smart Switch
  • Touch Sensor
  • Multi-Purpose
  • On-demand steam settings
  • Generates 110°C super hot steam
Check Price
Vacuum plus SteamerVacuum plus Steamer
Bissell Symphony Pet
  • Dry Tank Technology
  • Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray
  • Steamboost Tray
  • Cyclonic Vacuum
  • Steam on Demand
Check Price
ThermaPro 10-in-1
  • Quick heat-up in 30 sec
  • 3 different steam modes
  • Child and Pet safe
  • 20-25 min of run time
  • Handheld & Multipurpose
Check Price
Solid ScrubberSolid Scrubber
Sapphire Powerfresh Deluxe 1806
  • On-Board SpotBoost Brush
  • Scented Boost
  • Swivel Steering
  • Variable Steam Levels
  • A large reservoir of 16oz
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Highly FlexibleHighly Flexible
  • Unique square design
  • Smart 2.0 Intelligent Sensor
  • Larger water tank
  • Quick Release cord
  • Fluid 360 Degree Handling
Check Price
Touch-Free OperationTouch-Free Operation
Shark Lift-Away Pro
  • Dual-sided dirt grip pads
  • Touch-free technology
  • 3 levels of Intelligent steam control
  • Direct Steam Channeling System
  • Steam Blaster 7 Handheld
Check Price
  • Generates steam of 212F
  • 20ft long cord
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Comfortable Handling
  • Flexible
Check Price

Shark Genius Cleaning System S5003D
  • Genius Mop Head
  • Dirt Grip Pads
  • Water Fill Flask
  • Electronic 3 Levels
  • Touch-Free Technology
Check Price

Shark Steam Mop S1000A
  • 12.68 oz tank
  • 30-sec Heat-up Time
  • Energetically effective
  • Chemical Free
Check Price

O-Cedar Microfiber
  • Snap-on carpet glider
  • Heats up quickly
  • Adjustable steam settings
  • Triangle head
  • Lightweight design
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Best 10 Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors [2021] Reviews – Shine your Wooden flooring

One of the most used procedures to guarantee deep floor cleaning is steam cleaning. Here we present 10 of the most recommended wooden floor steam mops so you can make intelligent use of your money when choosing and buying the professional steam mop for your solid wood floor which has high value for money in the market.

#1 LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional – Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Flooring

Best steam mop for wooden floors
Sanitizing the tight corners of the house isn’t an easy task for you with a regular mop. As it’s hard to swivel the head around the little space present behind the appliances or any furniture. This results in improper cleaning of the hardwood floor. And over time dust accumulates on the floor and other surfaces.

This LIGHT ‘N’ EASY steam mop is well known, especially for its multi-functionality. In a couple of seconds, you can convert it to a handheld steam cleaner.

The handheld unit feels very comfortable and lightweight while operating. Also, it doesn’t leave any water stains as generally machines do. Thanx to its dry vapor steam 🙂

From the hardwood floor to ceiling, from the behind of kitchen appliances to under the furniture, from the sticky messes to pet urine, this professional steam machine is capable of cleaning and disinfecting everything.

With the help of its three different modes, you can adjust the flow in no time. This will not only allow you to use it over distinct types of flooring but also makes the steamer suitable for using it over different types of stuff. In the meantime of disinfecting the floors, you can also purify the sofas, bed, carpets, and lots more items.

One more essential feature we like is its Smart Switch and Touch Sensor. The smart switch will stop the flow automatically whenever you keep it in an upright position whereas, with the help of its touch sensor, you can start the flow just by placing your finger over it. Thus no more wastage of steam power and no hassle for pressing the on/off button.

Its large capacity tank will provide you with a non-stop and steady flow for a long time. In just 30 seconds, the Light ‘n’ Easy makes the hot steam ready for you, quite impressive.

Apart from this, its 110°C super hot vapors strongly passed in our tests for removing some stickest stains. This superheated mop is very effective for every stain and can bring back your wood flooring shining in a couple of seconds.

The vapor generating process is completely chemical-free and works with distilled water. So the mopping is still great for you if you have any baby or pets.

Also, it comes with One-year quality assurance. So for the next year, if you face any problem, you can grab a free replacement without spending a single buck.

For getting a decent result, make sure to sweep the floor properly before mopping, else the residue layer reduces the effectiveness of steam.

However, you have to push a little bit harder in the areas of heavy foot traffic, as the dust/dirt particles get stuck tightly with the floor. Its versatility gives you an extra edge over other cleaning solutions.

Overall, the performance and flexibility you’ll get at this price tag are great. With it, you can easily sanitize from bathroom to kitchen, hall to the bedroom, wooden floor to wooden furniture, and every corner for your home with ease.

#2 Bissell Symphony Pet 1543A – Vacuum with Steamer for Shining Wood floors

Steamer with vacuum for cleaning wood floorsWe were impressed, how well the Bissell put the concept of steaming and vacuuming in a single unit. It not only save your time and bucks but also reduces the hassle of maintaining and storing two different machines.

Bissell Symphony 1543A steam with vacuum functionality will surely make the deep cleaning process shorter for you, as you won’t need to vacuum your hardwood floor before moping.

Also, the Dry Tank technology will keep the dirty tank fully dry, so the vacuumed dust won’t stick with the surface. Apart from this, you can easily empty the dust tank without getting your hands dirty.

A powerful Cyclonic Vacuum has been inbuilt in its sturdy body, which has been qualified in our tests for vacuuming small particles and dog hairs from the grout.

The Symphony 1543A has been powered by some solid mechanical mechanism and Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray. Its 12.8 oz capacity tank is qualified enough for supplying steam for multiple room cleaning.

In just 30 seconds, this machine gets warm up and ready for cleaning. You can conveniently adjust the dry vapor flow rate using its different flow Control modes.

Even you don’t need to bend to press the buttons, as they are present on the upside.
The only negative we saw is its weight, i.e. 10.6 pounds.It might feel heavier initially but you will get used to overtime.

This steam mop is also self-supportive, it means that you don’t need any support to keep it in standing position.
Its pad has a width of 11 inches will help in covering more area in one go. It comes with Disposable Mop Pads and two different washable pads.

One of them is soft and suitable for daily use, while the other is scrubby which is used for rubbing the wood flooring’s sticky residue.
The good thing is that both of them are washable, so you can wash them in warm water after every use.
Overall, it works great on hard flooring and rapidly brings the flooring to shine back.

Key Features:
Dry Tank Technology
Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray
Steamboost Tray
Cyclonic Vacuum
Steam on Demand

Easy to use
High Maneuverability
Easy to clean and maintain
Work decently for deep floor cleaning.
Feels a bit heavier in the starting
Not convertible to a portable steamer

#3 PurSteam ThermaPro 10-in-1 – Affordable Steam Mop [Budget Friendly]

cheap and affordable hardwood floor steam mopWe know that budget is the problem for some people, might be yours too? That’s why while keeping in mind your all basic need, we selected the ThermaPro 10-in-1 Multipurpose steam mop as a budget-friendly pick for your wood flooring.

While comparing it to the above options, yes it has some minor performance difference. But the ThermoPro is capable to do almost every task decently.

You can shine your bathroom’s shower, kitchen appliances, ceiling fans, and lots more items rapidly. Also with its carpet glider, you can effortlessly slide it smoothly over the carpet

With its 340ml / 11.5 ounce tank, you disinfect everything fast and efficiently. Without adding any harsh chemicals, the ordinary water gets converted to steam in just 30 seconds, that’s too quick!!

You don’t even need to worry about your pet and child(if you have any), as the whole operation is chemical-free. Its 99% killing rate will remove any germs and bacteria present on your wood floor.

To provide more flexibility to you, PurSteam has added three different stream settings in this mop. Just by pressing a button, you can manipulate the flow speed as per your needs. Adjusting the discharge rate is very important to get back your engineered hardwood floor’s shine.

Also, Its reservoir is big enough to supply hot vapors continuously for 20-25 minutes. Thus for you, there would be no headache of refilling it repeatedly.

The machine body is well made and sturdy. As it is lightweight, so it feels comfortable to handle while cleaning. You can swivel it easily while sanitizing tight areas like under the bed, behind the cupboard, kitchen appliances, and lots more.

Comparing to rest, the steam temperature is a bit low. But hot enough to remove any type of stain and messes. Honestly, it would be perfect for light usages but not suitable for heavy and commercial working.

Key features:
Quick heat-up time i.e. 30 seconds.
Child and Pet safe
Capable of giving 20-25 minutes of run time
Three different steam settings.
Two years of the free replacement policy

Glide beautifully on carpet
Easy to Assemble and Use
Lightweight and Comfortable to handle
Long operation time and less heat-up time

Steam is not superheated
Not suitable for commercial and heavy usage

#4 Bissell Steamer 1806 – Steam Mop with Scrubber for Dark Hardwood Floors

steam mop for dark hardwood floorsIt is another robust mop made by Bissell. It is a mid-range steam cleaner for hardwood floors which consists of a long cord of 25 feet and a 16oz of water tank for performing a long-lasting floor cleaning.

Thus, you won’t need to worry if any of your room has no power outlet. Whether it’s your garden, terrace, storeroom, or garage, you can conveniently take it and starts your cleansing operation.

Bissell has fitted a strong boiler in its Sapphire Powerfresh Deluxe body. In just 30 seconds, this machine can heat the water and convert it to dry vapor for you. So, you don’t need to wait for long.

One more thing which impressed us is its Scented Boost. Just insert the Spring Breeze Fragrance Disc into the tray present on the mop head, and it will start releasing an aromatic smell while you do steam cleaning.

Using its On-Board SpootBoost Brush utility, you can scrub away tough and sticky messes of your hardwood floor effortlessly. For this, you have to pull out the body from its mop head. Now it gets converted to a handheld steam cleaner, equipped with a strong scrubbing brush on the bottom side.

As there is no way to combine any extra accessories with it, so it is limited to scrubbing tasks only. Perhaps, this is the only negative point we get to know about it.

Although, the process of filling the water in the tank is very convenient. If you do with stability, not even a single drop fall on the wooden floor.

The Swivel steering will make the cleaning of low gaps areas easy for you. Apart from this, this steam machine is also suitable for multiple types of flooring. Like ceramic, linoleum, tile, granite, and marble floors.

It totals weighted of just 6 lb, so you can easily carry it while cleansing. The Microfiber Pads are washable and you won’t need to replace them for a long time. We suggest you wash them after each uses with warm water.

While keeping in mind the multi-purposes of customers, it comes with variable steam levels. So you can switch between them as per your needs.

Overall, the Sapphire Powerfresh Deluxe 1806 wood floor cleaner is well made and beautiful design machine. However, it posses less portability as there is no way to attach additional accessories. But you can do deeply sanitize your floor with ease, and remove any type of residue with its sturdy scrub brush.

Key features:
On-Board SpotBoost Brush
Scented Boost
Swivel Steering
Washable Microfiber Pads
Variable Steam Levels
Long cord length of 25ft
A large reservoir of 16oz
Easy to Use and Clean
Capable for deep scrubbing the grout
Heat up quickly
Long run time
Fast and Effective
Less portability
No additional accessories support
Cannot be used for multipurpose

#5 LIGHT ‘N’ EASY S7338Wooden Floors Deep Cleaning Machine

Wooden floor cleaning machineLight ‘n’ Easy always brings something unique in their product. From the past few years, this company gained a lot of popularity and trust among US people.

The Light n Easy S7338 mop looks a bit different from others, due to its square shape head. But how this square head helpful for you? The same question arrived in our mind too, that’s why we tested it on some sticky stains and greasy messes.

Due to its square shape head, the pads can cover a particular region of your wood floor for a longer period. Thus, the steam stays in contact for more time and become more effective on your sticky stain and germs as the temperature gradually increases.

You can rotate its fluid handle to 360 degrees, thus you don’t need to turn around your steam mop after reaching corners or edges.

Apart from this, it is also designed for reducing the pressure fall on your arms. But how?

Its water heating mechanism has been built over the padded head to keep the handling as light as possible. As the handle’s weight gets reduces, so it becomes quite easy to swivel the handle for you.

As the time required by the steam for reaching the mop head is nearly nill, so you will achieve a higher temperature for deep and effective cleaning.

Its Intelligent sensor adjusts the discharge rate for you automatically. The more you move fast, the more dry vapors will flow out from the boiler outlet.

And when you turn to handle upright, its Smart 2.0 Sensor will stop the flow quickly. Thus, there would be no wastage of superheated dry vapor and you will get a non-stop steam for a long time.

On its fluid handle, a cord wrapper is placed for binding its 20-feet long power cord. So you won’t face any issue for wrapping cord.

The only problem is that it’s not convertible to a handheld unit. However, it is effective for almost any type of wood flooring and areas especially corners and edges.

Key feature
Unique square design
Smart 2.0 Intelligent Sensor
Larger water tank
Quick Release cord
Fluid 360 Degree Handling
Comfortable handling
Easy to use
Strongly effective on germs and sticky residue
Automatic steam control movement sensor inside
Easy to change pad and filling water


Not handheld
No additional accessories support
Not suitable for commercial purpose

#6 Shark Lift-Away Pro S3973D – Best Shark Mop for solid wooden floor

Shark Mop for solid wooden floorDon’t you want to get your hands dirty, especially while removing dirty pad? Well, that sounds impractical but is not. The shark, a trusted and very popular company among consumers brings a solution for you.

The Lift-Away Pro Pocket Mop S3973D has been built with an Intelligent head. Using its unique design mechanism, you can easily attach and release the pad effortlessly.

So whenever you finish your wood floor cleaning, just take the machine and detach the washable pad directly in a warm water container. The warm water won’t damage your pad, even after several washes it remains soft and reusable.

Unlike others, the pocket mop S3973D consists of Dual-sided dirt grip pads. The grip lines slide over your hardwood floor forcefully, which results in highly effective deep cleaning. It doesn’t matter you move forward or backward, its dual-sided grip pad will remain in cleaning mode.

Just by simply pulling it towards the opposite side of the body, you can convert it to a handheld machine. By rotating its nozzle angle, you can achieve more flexibility while cleansing.

By attaching its 3 feet long hose pipe, you can sanitize appliances, furniture, and fabric materials like pillows, curtains, mattresses. So you can use it as a garment steamer too, that’s cool.

Although the detachable unit is lightweight and easy to run especially on tight areas like under the bed, behind the appliances, above the shower, and so on.

Its three levels of intelligent steam control give you the ability to adjust the flow rate and temperature as per need. This will surely help you to get incredible results.

It has a water tank of 500ml capacity and a 22 ft long cord. Both of these make it useful to operate it on your home’s no outlet areas and outdoor.

Thanks to its narrow nozzle outlet, the steam gets blast forcefully on hard to remove messes. It gave us an amazing result on the hardwood and tile flooring. However, it would do much more if packed with grout tools and brushes. Overall, its a great choice for heavy works.

Key features:
Dual-sided dirt grip pads
Touch-free technology
3 levels of Intelligent control mechanism
Removable handheld unit
Steam Blaster
Direct Steam Channeling System
Easy to attach and detach pad.
Three discharge modes
Released hot vapors
Used as a garment steamer
Not suitable for long cleaning purpose
Limited accessories.
Can’t stand on it own

#7 LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 7618ANB – Good Mop for Engineered Hardwood Floor

electric mop for wood floorsAnother incredible steam mop by Light ‘N’ Easy which won our heart. However, it is made especially for some basic usage and for people who need a powerful steamer in their low budget range.

The 7618ANB outperformed everyone in the weight metrics. Out of all, it is the lightest machine, which will ridiculously deep clean your hardwood floor. Its 20ft long cord helps you for using it in no outlet areas.

It is powered by a small and energetic water boiler, which can boil water up to 212-degree F. This superheated vapors are completely dry and highly effective for eliminating your floor’s germs and bacteria. These dry vapors are also capable of killing bed bugs in your home.

The body is well designed, sturdy, and has very little weight. Even If you are old or very thin, you can still effortlessly operate and carry this wooden floor steam mop anywhere.

This cleaner has scored well in different flooring tests. So you don’t need to think twice before using it in your bathroom tiles or kitchen slape.

As soon as you lift its handle upright, the flow gets stopped immediately. And starts again instantly when you start moving. Also, it contains a manual pump for preferable control over the release rate of vapors.

A small tank of 200 ml is placed above the mop head, which possesses the capability of sanitizing any small room or area deeply. The good thing is that you won’t see any water droplets after any operation. Its tiny and powerful boiler is capable of generating completely dry steam in just 30 seconds.

You don’t even need to add any chemical, tap water will work decently. Also, it’s pet-friendly and skin safe, as the entire boiling process is harsh chemical-free. In the box, you will also get two extra pads.

Overall, we don’t recommend this pick for heavy usage. But if you rarely use the mop for some cleaning, it will work wonderfully.

Key Features:
Ultra Lightweight
Able to generate steam of 212F
Easy to carry and use
20ft long cord
Comfortable Handling
Cheap and Lightweight
Generate superheated steam
The boiling process is Chemical-free
Not suitable for heavy usage
No accessories support

#8 Shark Genius Pocket S5003D – Electric Mop for Wood Floors

electric mop for wood floors
Its vertically align heating mechanism makes it slimmer and classy in look. While comparing it with our above Lift-Away Pro S3973D pick, you won’t find much difference.

The Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System S5003D is packed with a small water tank of capacity 350ml and an adjustable boiler. Yes, It has the smallest tank among all. That’s why it is limited to a small working area.

However, you can accommodate the flow from the boiler outlet into a three-way. The first one is the low mode which is suitable for light usage, second is mid-flow which is best when you need to wipe out non-sticky stains and the third one is made to vanish hard to remove stains.

Thanks to its narrowly designed nozzle, which provides you a blast of steam whenever required. It will be very helpful for you, especially for deep cleaning narrow areas, and gaps.

To tightly resist against the tint, its pads contain grip lines on both sides. So whether you move forward or backward, the cleaning process won’t stop. Also, the pads are washable and reusable. But to keep them in mild condition, always dip them in warm water for washing.

For making the pad attaching and removing process hands-free, Shark has introduced the touch-free technology which makes it Genius Head. So just by pressing one button you can attach or detach the pad in no time.

The good thing that it has a long cord length of 22ft. So there will be no hassle for you to plugin it in one room and perform the cleansing process in another room.

Key Features:

Genius Mop Head
Dirt Grip Pads
Water Fill Flask
Electronic 3 Levels
Touch-Free Technology
Very Lightweight
Comfortable handling
Easy to set up and use
Clean hardwood floor Decently even on low mode

Limited water tank capacity
No extra grout tool, brush or anything
Less run time

#9 Shark Steam Mop S100A – Cheap & Affordable Cleaning Machine

So here is our second last pick. In short, the cheapest steam mop for your hardwood floor. However, it’s not filled with features but still useful and has a very high value for money.

This beautifully designed Shark S1000A wood flooring steamer has been made for some basic functionality. It is capable of eliminating all the bacterias, germs, or residue lying on your floor quickly and conveniently.

However, you can’t change the discharge rate as there is none modes level present in it. Honestly, it will surely disinfect and sanitize your wooden flooring with ease.

But for wiping some hard to remove sticky and greasy things, you need to move it over them multiple times.

A 12.68-ounce water reservoir has been placed in its body, which makes this mop suitable for multiple rooms cleaning in one go. Its powerful boiler can get ready the dry vapors in just 30 seconds for you.

The process of filling the tank is a bit longer, as you have to pull out the container. Either use a funnel or fill it calmly, else the water might fall over the floor.

This wooden floor steam cleaner is lightweight and maneuverable, which allows allowing you to get into tight spaces. Because its handle cannot bend in all directions, so it creates sometimes issue while cleaning.

Overall, you won’t get anything better than this at such a cheap price tag. It will do wonders on your floor. But if you’re looking for something for commercial services or heavy usage, we don’t suggest you buy this.

Key features
12.68 oz tank
On-demand steam ready within 30 seconds
Clean and sanitize with just water
Energetically effective
Very Lightweight
Easy to use and handle
Not expensive
Performs only basic functionality
No additional attachment or tool support
Not suitable for hard to remove stains

#10 O-Cedar Microfiber – Cleaning Machine for Engineered Floors

Steam Cleaning Machine for Engineered Floors
Here you arrived at our last pick, which is popular for its triangular head and a snap-on carpet glider.

Its triangle-shaped head design will help you in reaching the edges and corners, cleansing them thoroughly. Apart from this, its slim mop head design makes it suitable to grasp and sanitize low gaps areas.

So there would be no problem for you while disinfecting areas lies under the sofas, bed or any furniture.

It has an impressive heat-up time of just 20 seconds, so you won’t need to wait long.

Luckily, you will also get an additional carpet cleaning attachment in this box. No steam mop provides this attachment except this one. By attaching it over the mop head, it reduces the number of frictional forces generates because of the contact of pad and carpet. And eventually, you will feel a gliding experience while using it on the carpet.

O-Cedar also gives you the control to adjust the steam flow rate with ease. For this, a trigger is placed just above the tank cap. Just by turning it right or left, you can quickly set the pressure as per need.

Its swivel handling makes it easy to control especially in low gaps areas.

Key Features:
Snap-on carpet glider
Heats up quickly
Adjustable steam settings
Triangle head
Lightweight design
Washable Pads
Easy to manipulate
Works properly on wood floors and carpets
No trigger to hold – just ‘on’ or ‘off’ on a switch
Long cord
Not convertible to a handheld steam machine
Difficult to see when the water tank gets filled, as there is no indicator
While it cleans, it doesn’t deep clean

Choose the Decent Steam Mop for Engineered / Solid / Dark Hardwood Floors – Detailed Buying Guide

Steam cleaning is a quick and efficient way to clean and disinfect floors and the progressive increase in sales of mops seems to confirm it. Today there is a wide range of models, different brands at different prices, which can confuse those who try to acquire one.

We have compiled the essential characteristics of these domestic appliances in this guide to buy the best steam mop, as an aid in choosing the most appropriate model for each person’s needs.

Steam Mop’s Power

Steam mops offer a quick and efficient way to clean floors since they heat water at a very high temperature. Then it is released through the head to effectively remove dirt and soil stains, much better than with a traditional mop since it saves you the heavy work of scrubbing.

However, regardless of the electrical power with which they work, the cleaning power in these mops is determined by the flow pressure. So, when looking for which steam mop is better, it is advisable to check the pressure bars with which the device has.

While the electrical power with which these devices work ranges between 900 and 1800 W, the pressure they reach is between 3 and 6 bar, with 4 bar being the usual measurement.

On the other hand, the steam force at temperatures of 120 to 150 ° C has an extraordinary cleaning power; not in vain, the hospitals sterilize. This temperature kills up to 99% of bacteria, so your floors will also be disinfected. This is also beneficial in case of allergies because, in addition to suppressing dust and bacteria, it also eliminates fungi and mites.

The mop should have outflow regulation because it is not necessary to always use maximum power, so you can control the amount of discharge depending on the dirt present.

In this sense, since these artifacts were created thinking of those who have little time, it is also necessary that the steam is ready in the shortest possible time. Therefore, before buying, make a comparison of mops and check how much Time is ready to use, which can vary considerably from 10 to 180 seconds.


Steam mops have deposits where water is placed to heat it and, depending on the size of the surface to be cleaned, this capacity will determine how many times you have to fill it.

Regularly, the tank capacity ranges between 0.5 and 2 liters. Due to the weight and ease of handling, 1 liter is an acceptable capacity. Some models also have filling indicators, which is advantageous. Besides, an easily removable tank will make a big difference when you have to refill.

Some are designed for use only on hard floors, but fortunately many can also be used on ceramic, linoleum, wood, laminate tiles, and also in textile materials such as carpets and upholstered furniture. When buying a cheap steam mop, make sure it can be used on a wide range of surfaces.

Easy to use

Most steam mops are extremely easy to use. It is just to fill the tank, connect them, and wait for the steam to occur. But, some other aspects would make its use even easier.

  1. First, a power cable long enough, so you don’t have to go searching for sockets and reconnecting; a length of 6 to 10 meters is an appropriate measure and if you have cable ties it is even better.
  2. Second, a power switch, which will save you time and energy, because some models turn on / off if you plug / unplug into the outlet.
  3. Third, a triangular head, rotating and of adequate size will facilitate you to reach all corners, with simple maneuvers, less effort and you will finish in less time. Some models allow you to separate the boiler from the base, which would give you the advantage of using it as a manual steam cleaning accessory.

Finally, it is also recommended that the steam mop has several accessories that allow you to clean the countertop, the tile joint, windows, blinds, curtains, upholstery, and more. Be sure to choose based on your real needs. Remember that better and faster performance also influences how much steam mop costs.


When it comes to purchasing an appliance for cleaning, it is very important to consider its manufacturing materials, so that you can make sure to invest your money in a practical, durable and, above all, resistant alternative.


Some steam mops have structural designs or special functions that help you get the most out of it, either by accessing difficult places, giving you greater freedom of movement or transport of the equipment. Be that as it may, it’s never too much to take a look at the special features.


As expected, when purchasing a steam mop, you should evaluate its compatibility with different types of floors, so that you can clean without worrying about damaging any surface.

In addition to this, they should also able to retain up to 99.9% of allergens, germs, and bacteria that may be in your soil, which makes it incredibly useful when you have children at home or older people since they are practically sterilized rooms.

On the other hand, it should be noted that when you start to notice signs of wear on the cloth, you can easily replace it by purchasing the spare parts of the mop.

How to Clean a Dark or Engineered Hardwood Flooring using a steam mop?

This is a wonderful and convenient cleaning tool, but depending on how you use it there will be a lot of difference in the effectiveness of the cleaning. A steam mop is nothing more than a very innovative floor mop that helps you save time.

Compared to a bucket cleaning system, the steam machine makes it extremely convenient to quickly touch up floors. However, you should follow some guidelines if you want to be satisfied with your purchase and how well it is cleaned.

They come in a variety of styles, sizes, ways to tie the head and amount of energy generated. Some have better features than others, but apart from the features, regardless of the model you have chosen, you need to consider some things.

Prepare the floor

You must sweep or vacuum the floor before using a steam mop to remove lint cracks, dust, and other debris that tend to dirty the pad.

Use it as a maintenance tool

That is, use these machines when the floor is slightly dirty. If your floors are very dirty, what you will do is disperse dirt throughout the floor, obtaining undesirable results. In other words, if you just bought a model, traditionally wash your floors, and then keep them clean with the steam mop.

Acquire more than one pad

Since you want to avoid dragging the dirt already collected throughout the floor while cleaning, it is most convenient to have more than one pad, so you can change it every time you need it.

The prices of the pads are usually reasonable, however, to give you the longest life we ​​recommend you wash them and hang them when you finish cleaning. Read the product manual to confirm the care instructions for both your mop and accessories.

As we mentioned earlier, changing the pad when it is dirty ensures a clean steam scrub. Remember that the pads should be removed from the head and washed immediately after use.

Use steam mop only on sealed floors

It is not a problem of efficiency, but general care of the soil. Steam mops should only be used on sealed floors because excess moisture can damage some surfaces. Moisture can accumulate in the pad and could damage the floor surface.

We recommend you then try in the areas of which you are not sure that they are sealed keeping the mop always in motion and not allowing it to remain inactive at any point. When you’re done with cleaning, let it cool on a sealed surface and remove the pad to wash it as soon as possible.

How to Select the Best steam mop for your engineered or old Hardwood floors?

Choosing something new is a bit difficult for us, right? And the more models available in the market, the more it becomes complicated for us.

Especially we Americans always buy that item which has high value for money. Except in a few cases.

So to simplify the buying process for you, we created some important filters which will beautifully help you to buy the best professional wood floor cleaning machine. Here’s we go!!!

1 What is your Budget?

Budget is a universal issue, isn’t it?

We know that too, that’s why our all best picks perfectly fit in all types of budget. Whether you want a cheap steam mop under 50$ for your hardwood floor or an expensive one under 150$, we gave you every budget’s choices.

However, you will feel the difference between them. The non-expensive steam mop can also give you powerful performance and long-run but remains suitable and limited to unheavy tasks.

Wherever a powerful one can go beyond your thoughts. A good steam machine comes with enhancing features and performs wonderfully for years. Apart from the solid wooden floor, you will also able to smoothly sanitize your bathroom, kitchen, and outdoors too.

The budget always depends upon your needs and desires, so fix it accordingly.

2. Do you need a wooden steam mop for light usage or heavy?

Every person has different living and needs. Might be you only need to clean your home hardwood floor or might be you need it for a commercial cleaning service. It won’t be difficult to choose for you.

Removing the floor’s sticky stains, killing germs and bacteria, disinfecting curtains, carpet, all such things lies under the light usage. Whereas killing the pests like bed bugs or running a deep cleaning operation continuously for hours lies under the heavy usage.

Honestly, even a good model made for a home might not work well for heavy commercial usage. That’s why we also pick out some top-rated commercial steam mops for you.

3 Do you need a corded model or cordless?

This might be a challenging question for you, as both machines have their benefits and disadvantages. It doesn’t matter which one you whose, you will go through some sacrifices.

A corded model will get heat up more quickly, provides you long run time, have fewer maintenance costs, clean and disinfect completely for a long time. And the most important it costs you less.

However, its limited cord makes it a bit less flexible.

Wherever the cordless steam mop provides you the ability to take it anywhere you want. But it has limited run time, you also need to charge it again and again, which eventually costs you more for battery replacement.

4 Would you also clean and disinfect upholstery, appliances, carpets, and other home and kitchen items?

I’m sure the majority of people like you, won’t buy only for cleaning their solid hardwood floors. Who doesn’t love a multi-purpose machine? However, the minority includes the people who need it for commercial purposes or their floor cleaning services.
But I’m sure you also want to purify your home’s upholstery, carpets, kitchen’s oven, bathroom’s shower or there are hell lots of things. Well, I know a steam mop can’t do this alone, but with its extra accessories and tools, it can.

Make to sure check out how many tools it has, for what purposes it made before buying.

5 Do you need to clean your solid wood floor deeply by killing germs and bacterias?

The most efficient heat treatment to makes our home infection free is Steam Cleaning. But can a garment steamer is used to kill pests or too deep clean? A Big NO.

In the same way, not every steam mop is capable of making your engineered hardwood floor completely infection-free. It because of their boiler specifications.

To disinfecting the floor deeply, the model must able to generate heated steam of at least 100C. The more it can, the better it will.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hardwood floors steam mop in America’s market?

Currently, the LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional Steam Mop is one step ahead in terms of performance, flexibility, reliability, and effectiveness on the hardwood floors.

The superheated steam released from its incredible water boiler is capable to clean distinct types of sticky stains and hard to remove messes of your home in no time. Apart from cleaning, it also helps in disinfecting your bathroom, fabric items, or floors by killing germs and bacterias completely.

How does this machine work on the floor cleaning?

The working mechanism of steam mops is simple. The vapors are generated by heating the reservoir’s water beyond 200 degrees F. Then this hot steam travels through a jet nozzle and finally released from the mop pad covering the head.

Are steam mops safe for cleaning hardwood floors?

Cleaning and disinfecting the wooden floors using steam mops are safe with low and mid mode. Low-temperature vapors are enough for bringing the hardwood floor shine back.

The steam mops made by Light ‘n’ Easy, Bissell, and Shark are designed for cleaning hardwood floors. But cleaning the sealed hardwood floor with superheated steam might damage them.

How do I clean my steam mop?

To clean the hardwood floor steam mop properly, you must have to disassemble it first. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Unplug the steam mop and make sure it is not hot else might your hand get burn.
  2. Remove the water reservoir and drain it.
  3. Take a scrubber and scrub it thoroughly with warm water.
  4. Dip the mop pads in warm water and wash them.
  5. Take a wet cloth and clean the mop surface.
  6. Put the water tank back in the mop’s body and attach the pad.
  7. Lastly, clean its body with a dry cloth.

Can I Use A Steam Mop On Engineered Floors?

You can. We tested dozens of models on engineered floors to finalize the list of some best-engineered floors mops. However, make sure to keep steam at a low or moderate level.

We deep cleaned our engineered floor with low-level steam, but for removing some sticky stains we switched it to medium level.

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