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Steam cleaners for  vinyl floors are one of the best cleaning tools for your home. High temperature steam is directly responsible for sterilizing and sanitizing any type of surface, vinyl floors or furniture in your home, without the need for chemicals and other harmful elements. In addition, the different cleaning parts make the job easier, while a powerful boiler will save you time in cleaning. As a sample of these products, we find the Vaporetto Polti Smart 30 .

A complete product, easy to transport and that, thanks to its 1800 watts of power, heats the water at high speed and allows a strong steam output continuously. Something also offered by the Kärcher SC2 model, equipped with a power of 1,500 watts and has a steam output of 3.5 bar pressure. A complete model that can be used both for vinyl floors floors and for all types of surfaces, making it easier to reach the most complicated places effortlessly.


Kärcher SC2 vinyl floors Steamer

The Kärcher SC2 steam cleaner is an efficient product with which to clean and disinfect the floor and any surface of our home. To do this, this model offers us a sled type structure that we can move easily, just as if it were a vacuum cleaner. (Here you have the Karcher SC3 steam cleaner for vinyl floors).

Inside we find a 1 liter capacity tank and a 1,500 watt heating system, with which it is possible to clean the floor with a steam pressure of 3.2 bar outlet. A model that has two positions, in order to choose the one that is most convenient at all times.

The product is finished off with some interesting details, such as the parking position for the accessories, which makes it easier to store the machine, or the safety lock of the gun, childproof and designed to avoid accidents.

Let’s see some more details of this model, manufactured by what many consider the best brand of steam cleaners of the moment.


Thanks to its 1,500 watts of power it is possible to obtain a continuous steam flow at a pressure of 3.2 bar.


The sled design makes cleaning and disinfecting floors and other large surfaces easier.


The tank of the vinyl floors cleaner has a liter of capacity, which is enough to clean an average home without recharging.


The offer of included accessories is somewhat limited, which, in part, reduces the machine’s versatility.

Water outlet:

It is possible that before generating steam you can emit some water, which must be taken into account to avoid spillage.


Bissell PowerFresh Titanium – Steam Cleaner for vinyl floors


Cleaning is a fundamental process of disinfecting our home and many other spaces, so using a vinyl floors steam cleaner becomes a quick and easy solution to achieve it, especially when we need to clean floors or spaces with very large surfaces and that It is precisely what this model allows: a deep cleaning without much effort, but with outstanding results, since it removes all types of dirt without using chemicals.

On the other hand, its SpotBOOST brush and its electronic control that regulates the steam output make this product adapt to any type of surface.

However, do not resort to it when you need to clean very small or hard-to-reach spaces, because being a foot cleaner your possibilities are quite limited in that aspect and that is why we will analyze in detail the pros and cons of this model :


The fact of being a foot model allows it to be used comfortably on many types of surface, mostly in large ones. Cleaning is done comfortably and without the need to bend over to turn it on, off or adjust the power, since this is done directly on the controls that are in your water tank.


As this floor cleaner uses water and does not require chemicals, it is not necessary to spend money on cleaning products that are usually quite expensive. In addition, their mops are washable, which represents another saving, but without sacrificing quality in cleaning.


Being a standing model, it does not have a large capacity to store water. This is only half a liter, which is quite limited compared to other models that can contain up to a liter and a half of water.


Kärcher 1,512-405.0 floor cleaner


The Kärcher vinyl floors cleaner with 2000 watts of power is the most powerful in its class, has a good performance due to its accelerated heating, in less than 5 minutes it is ready to be used and eliminate 99% of germs.

It has a light that indicates when it lacks water, in addition the external tank can be easily recharged without turning off the equipment, unlike other similar devices.

It contains an accessory kit with flexible handle to ensure complete cleaning on different surfaces and difficult to reach, which can be stored in an apartment at the back of the Kärcher cleaner. It weighs just 4 kg and measures 25.1 x 38 x 27.3 cm, is available in a combination of black and yellow.

To avoid improper use, it has a safety closure in the steam ejector, all these benefits make the Kärcher one of the domestic vinyl floors steam cleaners that has surpassed the other equipment in this category and is widely recommended by users.

Which steam cleaner to buy is one of the questions that can be presented to any housewife today, so here we will try to clarify your doubts:


The Kärcher vinyl steam cleaner is capable of reaching a maximum power of 2,000 watts, which gives the team quite good power to achieve a deep and fast cleaning.

Non – Stop:

Also, thanks to its power, the equipment has a system called “Non – Stop” which is responsible for maintaining a constant flow of steam thanks to the possibility of filling the tank continuously.


Taking into account the health and safety of its users, this model has a special cloth release system so that it can be removed without coming into contact with people’s skin.


It also has a safety lock on the steam gun to prevent it from being accidentally triggered.


As commented by some users, the power cord of this cleaner can become quite hot so care must be taken when handling it.

How to use a vinyl floors steam cleaner


Keeping the home clean thoroughly prevents you from exposing yourself to particles, germs and bacteria that can affect your health, especially the respiratory system and the skin. To achieve deep hygiene on vinyl floors, steam cleaners eliminate a wide variety of these agents, managing to sanitize and sterilize all spaces.


Vacuum before cleaning

A very important task, which you must do before using any other appliance to clean, is to vacuum all areas of your home. This will help eliminate waste and dust particles that may affect the efficiency of other equipment such as steam cleaners. In addition, by not vacuuming the dirt, it can be mixed with the steam, so instead of obtaining quality cleaning, it can become a larger layer of dirt.


Clean floors

To clean the floors you must adapt the brush to your appliance and the special steam towel or a microfiber towel. Once ready, turn on the cleaner and wait for it to warm up enough for steam to start to build. Drag the brush across the floor, cleaning one area at a time, paying attention to how much space you have covered. Do not leave the brush in an area so that the steam does not produce too much moisture; You can regulate the steam flow if you consider it necessary.


How to clean the bathrooms with steam?

To clean the baths thoroughly, use the concentrated jet nozzle, since the pressure of this steam is added, will eliminate more quickly the waste of this part of the home. To do this, keep the pressurized jet ejected from the cleaner three or four centimeters away by moving slowly as dirt is removed. If the jet is not enough, you can put a special cloth on the nozzle that you can go over the surface to complement the work of the steam and help eliminate waste.


For vinyl floors

You can also clean these materials deeply using steam. For this task, change the nozzle of the cleaner and use the manual with a cloth. Next, thoroughly clean the mirrors and crystals with steam. Then, change the nozzle with a concentrated jet so that you vaporize the entire surface; With this you will achieve a more effective cleaning. Finally, place the brush to your electrometric and see removing moisture by passing it vertically, part by part, until the surface is completely dry.


Use it in the kitchen

Steam cleaners are especially effective in removing common grease from kitchens. To make your stainless steel or other material appliances shine, put a microfiber or plush cover on the mouthpiece and vaporize the surfaces while rubbing it. The grease will adhere to the clean custom case. When you consider it necessary, change the cover, since getting dirty enough will not be as effective in collecting fat. For a better result, you can then review the surface with a soft towel.


The most popular brands


Sometimes, in order to clean thoroughly, it takes more than a damp cloth and some detergent and it is in these cases when using a vinyl floors steam cleaner, it can be the guarantee of obtaining a surface free of germs, bacteria and dirt in general.




It was the time of 1935 when Alfred Kärcher founded the company on January 2 in the city of Baden – Württemberg, Germany. In the beginning, the company is dedicated to the design and development of heating equipment of industrial size. However, his vision was much more advanced, so he began to develop a calcination oven. This invention was very successful and achieved good sales for the year 1945.

Kärcher GmbH Co. is today an important name in the home and industrial cleaning market. It has several models of hydro cleaners that are highly valued and used throughout the world.

In your domestic line you will find ironing boards, window cleaners, floor polishers, vinyl floorssteam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, water pumps, sweepers and also various detergents. Meanwhile, almost the same equipment is marketed in the professional line only at larger scales in addition to vehicle cleaning systems, water dispensers, semi-heavy machinery and container cleaners, among others.

Kärcher is headquartered in the city of Winnenden, Germany, has a total of 38 subsidiaries around the world and has a presence in more than 160 countries.


The beginnings of Polti Spa date back to 1978 when Franco Polti founded the company in the city of Olgiate, Comasco, Italy.

One of Polti’s most recognized achievements is the development of the first household steam iron that uses an iron boiler. This invention completely renews the use of the plates at home since it facilitated the work of wrinkles and was less aggressive with the tissues. Soon, Polti would become a leading brand in the European market, since it still holds today.

Among Polti Spa products you will find equipment such as ironing centers, ironing boards, brooms and steam guns, integrated steam and aspiration systems, different types of vacuum cleaners, glass cleaners and even coffee machines that were introduced in 1994.

With Polti equipment you can cover any cleaning needs that concur in your home at solidarity prices and with a high quality of manufacturing and durability.

For the year 2008 Polti Spa billed up to 120,000,000 euros per year. The company is headquartered in the city of Bulgarograsso in the Comasco province of Italy, since it was moved from Olgiate in 1994.


Bissell was founded in the year of 1876 by Melville Reuben Bissell. At that time, he and his wife kept a small tableware store in the city of Michigan. However, the constant cleaning of the sawdust on his carpet began to tire them. Therefore, Melville decided to invent a special sweeper that later patented.

The use of this sweeper in the store attracted the attention of visitors and acquaintances of the Bissell family, who soon began to ask where they could buy one and that was how Melville decided to found the company. A few years later, in 1889, the founder died leaving the company in the hands of his wife. Mrs. Anna was responsible for bringing Bissell products to the entire United States and then to Europe, reaping great successes.

The Bissell catalog consists mainly of sweeping equipment and vacuum cleaners, such as carpet cleaners, which can be purchased with laptops and tanks, special vacuum cleaners with even robotic models, tools for cleaning pet hair, among others. In addition, they have a line of special detergents for the treatment of carpets and floors in general.

The company’s headquarters are maintained in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States of America.




Frequently asked questions


Q1 Are vinyl floors steam cleaners good?

Steam cleaners are characterized by having a water tank that can reach more than 200ºC and is expelled under pressure. The steam that comes out of these devices, then, is responsible for cleaning and disinfecting all types of surfaces. These high temperatures are precisely responsible for the effectiveness of these items, as they manage to eradicate bacteria, mites and all kinds of dirt. The pressure is such that, as soon as you approach the steam cleaner to the surface, you will notice how the dirt is carried away until it disappears completely.


Q2 How do you use a steam cleaner for cleaning vinyl floors?

The operation of steam cleaners is very simple. To start using one of these devices you must first ensure that the tank is full of water. In case it is empty, you will have to fill it as much as the manufacturer indicates. You may have to wait a few minutes for the water to reach the right temperature. Most likely, the steam cleaner, regardless of brand and model, has an indicator that indicates that it is ready to use. The next thing is to direct this tool towards the surface you want to clean and press the button of the appliance lightly until you see how the steam starts to escape.


Q3 How can a steam cleaner be repaired?

If the steam cleaner has been damaged, the first thing to do is consult the instruction book. Sometimes, the most frequent problems can be solved without any technical knowledge, just by following the instructions in the manual. If you cannot resolve the problem and your product is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer’s technical service to have it repaired or to have it replaced for a new one. In the event that the warranty period has expired, you can contact the seller to assess the possible solutions.


Q4 What are the differences between a steam cleaner and a vacuum cleaner?

Both vinyl floors steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners are machines designed to clean the home. However, they differ diametrically in their mode of operation. While the former expel hot steam as a method to end dirt, the latter are responsible for sucking. They are, therefore, two formulas to eradicate dust, mites and germs from both soil and other surfaces, but that work in a totally opposite way.



Cleaning the dirt present at home is easier when using the right product. In this sense, vinyl plank floor steam mops can help us with the task. They expel hot air and have an operating system that removes even the deepest dirt, grease and dust, without much effort. Depending on their design they can be used to clean the floor, furniture, windows, walls and other surfaces. But in order to select the right equipment, you must first know its characteristics, such as the power that should be between 900 and 1800 watts. With the Moppy Polti vinyl plank floor mop, you can remove dirt present even in hard-to-reach areas, as it is suitable for use on vertical surfaces and higher areas. In addition, it has 1500 watts of power. On the other hand, the Vileda Steam model offers 1550 watts of power, as well as a triangular and pivoting head to clean the dirt accumulated in the corners.

Clatronic DR3431

This appliance cleans, disinfects and degreases with the power of steam at high temperatures, leaving no residue or cleaning marks. It is suitable for use on different types of surfaces such as wood, marble, rubber and ceramics, as well as cleaning cloth surfaces such as carpets and cushions.

It is ready to use in approximately 30 seconds after filling the 500 ml capacity water tank and allows continued use of up to 40 minutes on the vinyl plank floor. Includes 2 microfiber cloths and a measuring cup.

The output of the amount of steam is adjustable to avoid excess liquid on the surface to be cleaned. It has an on / off button on the handle, a cable collection and storage system to save space and provide greater comfort. It also has a fire protection fuse to offer security and peace of mind.

If on the other hand, you have a cap on your budget, the power and performance of what can be the best steam mop for 50 euros may be able to meet your cleaning and cleaning requirements:


The highlight of the Clatronic DR3431 steam mop is that it has the largest water tank so far on this list; 500 millilitres, so its autonomy is greater.


In addition, because it has a 500 millilitres capacity tank, you can use the steam mop continuously for up to 40 full minutes, which will be incredible to clean a room or several at once.


Some clients mentioned that it is not a flexible model so it can be uncomfortable when trying to use it under beds and sofas.

Dirt Devil M318 AquaClean

To achieve efficient and fast cleaning, another model of the best vinyl plank floor steam mop is the AquaCleanM318 from DirtDevil. This device has been designed to clean deeply only with the force of steam, and its use combined with the biodegradable detergent ZeroBac (high-level bactericidal disinfectant exclusive to the same product line) deeply sanitizes all types of surfaces.

In this way, it has the ability to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria in just 5 minutes and maintain disinfectant protection for a full 7 days.

Thanks to its 180º swivel joint, it provides optimal and perfect cleaning in every corner of the surface to be washed. It is also designed for carpet washing and vinyl plank floor using the included slider accessory. The water tank has a capacity of 600ml for 20 min of continuous use.

If after knowing the models on this list in depth you still have not been able to decide which steam mop to buy, it may be that knowing more about the M318 AquaClean from Dirt Devil helps you decide:


First, we must mention the fact that Dirt Devil M318 AquaClean steam mop has two tanks; one of 600 millilitres for water and another of 250 millilitres for a cleaning solution, so you can clean and disinfect at the same time leaving a pleasant aroma.


In addition, this model has a special accessory so you can use it in carpeting.


It has been expressed the annoyance on the part of the users when exclaiming that for the mop to work with the steam, the constant pressure on the button is required, which can cause discomfort in the hands.


In addition, they also consider that microfiber covers are of poor quality, so they recommend purchasing better ones before using this vinyl plank floor equipment.

The most popular brands

Keeping the floor clean, whether hard floor, parquet or textile flooring, is much simpler with a steam mop. The power of steam eliminates bacteria and dirt so you don’t have to use chemicals or break your hands by removing stains. If you are thinking of buying one of these vinyl plank floor products we offer you information about the main manufacturers of the category with which to make a better purchase.

Vileda is one of the great companies dedicated to the manufacture of household products. In its catalogue, we find traditional and manual products such as wipes or mops, accompanied by electrical products and even with an automated operation such as the Roomba robot or steam mops that do not require complicated lessons on how they work thanks to the simplicity presided by the company.

A company that emerged about 65 years ago dedicated to the manufacture and tanning of leathers and that by chance, faced with the shortage of this material, discovered various synthetic textile products that would later be the basis for creating its first mops and cloths. Products that then meant a change in the world of vinyl plank floor cleaning and that would mark the clear commitment to Vileda technology.

A bet that has made it a leading brand in electronic cleaning products such as those steam mops that we have mentioned or the Robot Roomba, one of the most modern and recognized robot vacuum cleaners in the market, as reflected by the comments of consumers around the world. world.

Although this brand may sound like tools for DIY and construction, the truth is that following the line of catalog expansion of many manufacturers in the Black & Decker sector has been dedicated to expanding its range of products including cleaning products such as vacuum cleaners broom, traditional vacuum cleaners or the aforementioned vinyl plank floor steam mops that we are talking about.

The company is currently based in Maryland, the United States, being founded in 1910 as a company dedicated to the manufacture of machinery. However, the electric drill would be the piece that would give the company popularity and revenue to continue working and expanding its product catalogue.

Despite the jump to steam mops, following in the footsteps of other companies, he arrived somewhat later. Specifically, it was in 2011 when the company launched the Steam Mop, inaugurating this new category of products.

However, this category has both the traditional power of cordless products and the company’s own batteries, as well as lightness and mobility above the market. Products comfortable to use, very light and with a wide resistance to obtain perfect results.

The Italian manufacturer Polti, despite a relatively short history, has been able to develop a new trend in the cleaning market, with steam and hot water as the protagonist. Founded in 1978, the company launches its first recognized product in 1983, the first steam cleaning product known as Vampirella.

With its steam output at 120 degrees, this product not only cleaned but also eliminated odours and germs, offering perfect results without affecting the tissues or surfaces on which it was applied.

Subsequently, it expanded its range of products with elements of practical utility, capable of bringing together 5 functions in a single product, getting to obtain a 10 in 1 product that practically serves to leave the house clean without using anything else.

The band would proceed to expand its operations according to the development of other product lines such as pressure coffee machines or broom vacuum cleaners, presenting high-quality products raised in the traditional line of the company. In any case, Polti remains the first European manufacturer in its segment, being also not only the creator of the steam cleaning line but also one of the leading manufacturers of steam mops in the market today.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a vinyl plank floor steam mop?

The use of steam mops is an innovation in cleaning tasks, these devices offer benefits in terms of saving time and effort that would have to clean in the traditional way. To use these vinyl plank floor mops correctly, you must first fill the water tank with its respective meter, some advice to achieve optimal results using distilled or demineralized water. Then you place the base, the microfiber cover and the fixed ones by pulling the cord.

Once this is done, you connect the device to the network and wait 30 seconds, at that time the switch will be ready to emit water vapour that will leave your house gleaming and disinfected. If you have a very dirty area that needs more attention, you should let the mop work for 5 seconds in that place. When you are done with the cleaning work, turn the switch again, so the mop will stop steam and then proceed to unplug it.

Its storage is very easy, you just have to wind the cable in the special applicators and then rotate the base to put it in an upright position. In addition, the microfiber cloth can easily be washed in the washing machine.

Q2: How are carpets cleaned with a steam mop?

If you do not want to risk damaging your expensive carpet when cleaning it with steam, you must choose the right equipment for this task and follow some simple instructions for it. vinyl plank floor Steam mops are ideal for optimal results when it comes to dirty or stained carpets, because they have different accessories such as brushes and nozzles, which with the power of steam facilitate the removal of dirt in an efficient and fast In addition, high temperatures favour disinfection and eliminate all types of microorganisms, as well as dust mites.

Start cleaning the carpet from the furthest part, so that the people who pass will not step on the clean part. Once you have cleaned, you should turn on the air conditioner, fans and dehumidifier, in order to dry the carpet properly.

Q3: Is steam mop used to clean a floating floor?

Floating floors are wooden floors, manufactured with boards treated with a bright and clear coating that resists stains, intensive traffic and requires minimal maintenance. Steam mops for vinyl plank floor can offer a fast and efficient alternative to keep these floors in optimal condition. The effect of steam and microfiber will attract dirt quickly and the accessories that this type of device has allowed you to use it not only on floating floors but on a wide variety of floors.

Q4: Which is better, a steam mop or a steamer?

Vaporetas are portable and very useful devices when doing a deep cleaning at home. It could be said that this appliance is complemented with a steam mop since the mops specialize in cleaning floors, carpets and other surfaces; while steamers, thanks to their accessories, they can clean countertops, windows, hoods, showers and a wide variety of fabrics.

The two devices use very hot steam, which can reach up to 160 ° C, so they are able to easily descale the accumulated dirt and provide an integral disinfection to the home and the best, you do not need to use chemicals.

Q5: Which is better for vinyl plank floor, a steam mop or a mop?

The use of the mop has always been the traditional way of cleaning the floors, given the simplicity of its structure and its ease of use. Usually, it is used together with a bucket, which contains a solution of cleaning liquid where the mop is submerged and then proceed to pass it on the floor and thus remove the dirt. The excess water that remains is absorbed with the mop, which you must manually squeeze with each pass; The idea is that the soil remains dry and safe for people, without the risk of an accidental fall down a slippery and wet floor.

While with a vinyl plank floor steam mop, you won’t have to deal with the problem of drying the floor, since this cleaning tool combines the heat of the steam with the absorption capacity of your microfiber pad. In this way, the surface that moistens slightly becomes dry in a few minutes. In addition, the use of steam mop guarantees you clean bacteria and germ-free, especially useful if you have small children playing on the floor.

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