Top Steamer for Bed Bugs reviews - Best steam cleaner for killing bugs

Best Steamers for Bed Bugs of 2020 [Reviews] – Steam Cleaners that Kills Bugs

Last updated: Jun 26, 2020


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According to the last year’s USA Survey, Bed Bugs percentage has increased by 270 times from the previous year.

These pests can be live for three months without a meal. Also, a female bug lay a minimum of 1 to 5 eggs per day. If you ignore them initially, then each day becomes more critical for you because they grow so fast.

Their eggs are 0.09 inches or  2.5mm in size, whereas the adult is 0.18 inches or 4.5mm big. You won’t even feel when they bite and get into your skin at night.

Killing a Bed Bug and rest of the pests lying on the bed, carpet, mattress, hardwood floors or on any surface by Chemicals or Sprays isn’t a good idea as they can cause health hazards, especially to your children and pet.

Calling a professional pests control and asking them for professional treatment can be an expensive way. But, using the power of dry vapor steamers you can get rid of them with their eggs in the most economical and inexpensive way.

Bed Bugs Steamer can do this job beautifully, without causing any harm to your skin and creating health issue as chemicals do.

Fatal temperatures for these pests range from 117 degrees Fahrenheit to 122°F. Make sure to keep the Dry Vapor Steam temperature beyond it.

To get find out something incredibly useful for you, we tested some top-rated bed bugs steam cleaners on fabrics, floors, and in tight spaces where bugs can hide. And list out which actually kills and sorted them on the base of their killing rate, functionality, reliability, and Value for Money.

After analyzing and reviewing 37 different professional Steamers by our qualified team over 62 hours, We’re sure that Dupray Neat is the best model for you to killing bed bugs totally. Here’s is the comparison table of Bug Steam Cleaners we Reviewed.

Best in PerformanceBest in Performance
Dupray Neat
  • Max. Temp.: 275°F
  • Pressure: 50 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 50min & 7min
  • Capacity: 54oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6.6ft & 16ft
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McCulloch MC 1275 compact steamer
McCulloch MC1275
  • Max. Temp.: 200°F
  • Pressure: 43 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 45min
  • Capacity: 48oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 9 ft. & 15.7 ft.
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vapamore mr 100 primo best in high pressure
Vapamore MR-100
  • Max. Temp.: 220°F
  • Pressure: 46 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 60min
  • Capacity: 54oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6 ft. & 18 ft.
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McCulloch mc1385 multi purpose
McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe
  • Max. Temp.: 200°F
  • Pressure: 58 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 12 min & 120 min
  • Capacity: 64 oz
  • Hose & Cord Length: 10 ft. & 18 ft.
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Cheap bug killing steamer
PureClean XL
  • Max. Temp.: 240°F
  • Pressure: 43 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 10min & 45min
  • Capacity: 50oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6.5 ft. & 16 ft.
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Best 10 Steamers for Bed Bugs of 2020 (Reviews) – Instantly Kills Bugs with these Steam Cleaners

For convenience, we have listed down the Best beg bugs steam cleaner models we reviewed. But to know about each steam machine’s uniqueness and benefits, keep reading the article.

  • Best Overall: Dupray Neat Professional Bed Bugs Steam Cleaner
  • Cheap & Affordable: McCulloch MC1275 Budget Steamer for Pests
  • Best in High-Temperature: Dupray Neat Commercial Bugs Steamer
  • Heavy Duty Pick: Vapamore MR-100 primo Steam Machine
  • More Flexible: McCulloch MC1375 Bed Bugs Killing Machine for Home
  • Small & Compact: Wagner Spraytech 0282014 915 small sizes Steam equipment
  • Affordable Steamer: PureClean XL Rolling for Pests Removal
  • Mini Kit: Spraytech C900053.M Model 53 – Mini Steam Cleaner
  • Lightweight: Steamfast SF-370WH
  • Top in Handheld and Cheap: FFDDY Steamer
  • Small in Size: PurSteam Steamer

1. Dupray Neat – Professional Bed Bugs Steam Cleaner


  • Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 14 inches
  • Max. Temp.: 275°F
  • Heat up & Run Time: 50min & 7min
  • Capacity: 54oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6.6ft & 16ft
  • Warranty: 2 years / Lifetime on steam cleaner boiler

Extra features: Built-in funnel, Retractable handle, Integrated cord wrap, Steam lock, ETL Certified safe.

OVERALL RATING: 9.9 out of 10

Till now, it is the most potent classy and sleek design steamer having a capability to producing up to 275°F / 135°C superheated steam within 7 minutes. This will create a critical environment for bed bugs, viruses, bacterias, and germs in no time.

Professionals use this Steam Machine for pests control and treatments. Its large water tank can store 54 oz. or 1600 ml of water at once and can give 50 minutes of cleaning time.

On the steamer handle, A Steam Lock button is present for switching between constant and interrupted speed.

As the steam is very less moisturized and highly pressurized, this steam cleaner offers excellent and deep cleaning of bed bugs hidden inside a fabric or surface from a distance quietly, and without leaving any water droplets.

Also, you will get 18 additional attachment, which included pads, cloth, extended tubes, brushes, mop, lance, and many more items for purifying your home.

Rather than adopting pads, you can use a soft towel or any other cleaning cloth with its floor attachment. Wash this steamer later with warm water and use it again.

With keeping in mind about user problems, this steam cleaner comes with an integrated funnel which stops the overflowing of water on the floor. But as there is no water level indicator, so fill it slowly.

Additionally, it has a long power cord of 16 feet or 5 m with an inbuilt cord wrap mechanism, and 6 feet 6 inches or  2 m steam hose makes it’s easier for you to reach and kill bugs hidden at any place in your house.

It’s simple, elegant, and compact design makes it lightweight, portable, and easy to keep. Four Smooth Rolling Wheels help you for moving it from one place to another with minimum effort and noise. Also, you can carry it easily using its Retractable handle.

This Steamer machine professionally designed with high weighted plastic for long term use, and it is certified safe and has ETL listed for the USA and Canada. The company gives three years warranty for the boiler.

The thing I don’t like in this steam cleaner is that its mop head can’t swivel at the cleaning angle. It creates difficulty while cleaning the washroom, bugs covered under the bed, and other hard reach areas.

Sometimes, after long usage, the handle got slightly warm up. It won’t burn your hands but it may feel uncomfortable for you too as I felt.


  • Awesome Build Quality
  • Easy to handle and Store
  • All the Attachments of this Steamer feels very durable and solid
  • The whole operation of this professional steam cleaner is hushed and smooth
  • The Boiler capacity is voluminous makes it perfect for long-lasting usage


  • No Water level Indicator
  • With prolonged usage, plastic gets a little bit warm

2. McCulloch MC1275 – Affordable & Budget Steam Cleaner


  • Dimensions: 20.1 x 13 x 12.6 inches
  • Weight: 10 lstrongs.
  • Max. Temp.: 200°F
  • Pressure: 43 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 45min
  • Capacity: 48oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 9 ft. & 15.7 ft.

Extra features: 18 Accessories, Steam Lock Switch, Powerful Jet Nozzle, Floor Mop Attachment, Added Scrubbing Power, Water Funnel.

OVERALL RATING: 9.4 out of 10

McCulloch MC1275 Multipurpose Steam Cleaner Heat up in 8 minutes and generates continuous pressurized steam up to 45 minutes, which is enough to get rid of bugs at once.

Without adding any chemicals, it is capable of generating up to 212°C ( 413 F ) pressured steam from ordinary water, which not only dried out and kills the pests instantly but also useful for eliminating grease, grime, stains, mold from broad ranges of surfaces.

The mc1275 steamer large water tank can store up to 8 ounces of water, So you don’t need to refill it again and again.

It comes with 18 Different Functional Steam Cleaning Accessories for Sanitizing other areas of your home like floor marks, kitchen, bathroom, walls spots, and even your car interior.

It’s extra-long 15.7 foot (4.7 m) power cord & 9 foot (2.7 m) make it easy for you to reach difficult areas of your home efficiently without carrying the steam cleaner.

Give some rest to your fingers. Enabling this steamer’s Lock Switch will keep the flow steady. A constant flow has a more effective result on bugs instead of a fluctuating one.

Its Professionally Design Jet Nozzle tip produces high-speed steam for pushing out sticky dirt, grime, and hidden pests from the edges of furniture.

By attaching its floor mop equipment, you can even clean dirty, slippery soil marks. Clean nearly every in and around your home without any harsh chemicals. You can use Scrub Pads attachment on your furniture’s frozen stains.

Its dimension is 13.5″ H x 10.5″ W x 17.2″ D, which is pretty compact. This Steamer can be moved and stored with ease. McCulloch Steam Cleaner gives a 2-year non-interrupted warranty and a customer service team only for the US customers.


  • The nozzle diameter is small, and its well made for pressurized steam
  • Its weight is pretty less makes it easy to carry
  • Compact Design, so takes less stroing space
  • Comes with wide variety of tools


  • Some of the accessories quality is average, like brush heads.
  • After a long run time, its handle get warm which makes it uncomfortable to operate

3. Dupray Tosca – High Temperature & Commercial Bed Bugs Steamer


  • Max. Temp.: 316°F/160°C
  • Pressure: 72.5 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 90min
  • Capacity: 1.05 gal. / 4 L
  • Hose & Cord Length: 10 ft / 3 m & 14’9’’/4.5 m
  • Warranty: 3 years / Lifetime on stainless steel boiler

Extra features: 25 Premium quality Accessories, Advanced Digital Display, Adjustable Steam and Pressure Control, Integrated cord wrap, Ultimate Sanitation, Commercial Bed Bug Steamer.

OVERALL RATING: 10 out of 10

Performance is the most important thing we desire in any machine. And that’s what Dupray promises you with their Tosca Steam Cleaner.
And I promise, among all Bed Bugs steamers Dupray Tosca is the only one who gives you next-level Steam Cleaning experience.

With its Digital Screen, you can keep your eye on its active temperature and pressure. You will get up to 316°F/160°C superheated low-moisture steam which can kill bugs in no time and disinfect all types of floor, furniture, mirrors, kitchen, car, and hundreds of other things.
And its 72.5 PSI Steam pressure will reach out to small areas, holes, or any tiny place where pests can hide.
Along with that, you can also set maintenance reminders easily. Time to time maintenance will make it more reliable and prevent its performance from degrading.

This commercial grade bed bugs steamer packed with 1.05 gal / 4 L stainless steel boiler that can provide up to 90 minutes of run-time per fill up. So, in one go you can kill bed bugs as well as sanitize your house completely.
This is a complete multi-purpose commercial kit, as it also comes with 25 Premium Quality Accessories that will give you a flexible cleaning experience. Even after using these attachments at high temp, none of them melted.
With its 14’9’’/4.5 m electrical cord, you can easily take it to non-socket rooms. And its integrated cord wrap will store the wire safely and prevent it from any cracks.
Overall, it’s an Ironman of Bed Bugs Steamers, Intelligent and Powerful. Check out it NOW!


  • Durable and Vesatile
  • Decently work for Deep Cleaning
  • Compact and Easy to Store
  • Lifetime Boiler Warranty
  • Amazing Built Quality makes it more Reliable and Comfortable to use


  • A bit Expensive but still worthy

4. Vapamore MR-100 primo – Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner to Kill Bed Bugs


  • Dimensions: 13 x 15 x 14 inches
  • Max. Temp.: 220°F
  • Pressure: 46 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 60min
  • Capacity: 54oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 6 ft. & 18 ft.
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Extra features: Improved Larger Floor Head Design, Extremely Effective Bed Bug Treatment, Adjustable Steam Output, Solenoid-Operated Steam Control, Accessory Storage Bag, Carpet Slider.

OVERALL RATING: 9.3 out of 10

It may be surprising for you if I say, this Commercial MR 100 Primo Steamer comes with a lifetime warranty. Well, Vapamore Cleaner specially designed and manufactured while keeping in mind all the problems of customers related to bed bugs, bacteria, germs, user experience, and many more factors.

In 8 minutes, it’s 1500 Watt water heater can produce 210° (410 F) to 220°(428 F) superheated vapors. This steam cleaner result is highly pressurized and heated, and won’t leak a single water droplet after turning on the trigger.

You can control bug-killing rates by changing the steamer output vapor temp using the adjustable button situated on the front side of the body.

Inside its 15 inches of the body, the 1.6-liter stainless steel water tank is present. In one filled, you can get up to 1 hour of ceaseless steaming, which is furthermore as compared to others. This steam cleaner doesn’t have any water level indicator, so fill it gradually.

One button is present on the Steamer’s handle, and it has a function of controlling the flow. You can choose whether you want to keep it steady or dynamic.

In the box, you will get furthermore 22 accessories which are usable in different areas of the home along with killing bed bugs like the floor, sink, washroom, storeroom, window glass, etc. Its floor cleaning head size is slightly more significant as compared to others.

By taking customer feedbacks on their old products, Vapamore an inbuilt tools and accessories store on the backside of this steam cleaner. It helps you to handle this stuff safely and keep them away from dust.

Its power cord and the hose is long enough to reach the distance areas. For moving, it has high-quality plastic wheels and a handle on the top of its body. For better gripping and comfort, the handle is covered with the insulating layer. After review, we can surely say that this one fits best for any commercial use.


  • This Steamer is perfect for heavy and long time cleaning. The build quality is pretty good.
  • Handle weight is very light, feels comfortable while handling.
  • Its mechanical mechanism is potent and produces dry steam
  • Sturdy and Armoured Design
  • Comes with dozens of tools


  • The nozzle tool gets warm after long cleaning
  • A bit Noisy in operation

5. McCulloch MC1375 – High-Pressure Pests Killing Machine for Home


  • Dimensions: 13.1 x 13.3 x 19.1 inches
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Max. Temp.: 200°F
  • Pressure: 58 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 12 min & 120 min
  • Capacity: 64 oz
  • Hose & Cord Length: 10 ft. & 18 ft.

Extra features: On-demand variable steam control, Canister Design, Integrated Handle and Cord Wrap, 4 Bar Pressure, Extra Large Water Tank, Squeegee Attachment.

OVERALL RATING: 9.1 out of 10

The unique feature you may miss in the rest of the bugs steamers is the pressure controller. It’s essential as we don’t need the same power every time.

So, here in this steam cleaner, you will get two variable controller buttons situated on the front side, in which one is for flow, and the other is for pressure control. Set as per your requirement before killing your home pests.

The flow rate can be adjustable between 15 g/min to 31 g/min, whereas the pressure with 4 bar (up to 58 PSI). It is necessary to adjust the depth range of cleaning.

This Steamer comes with Stainless Steel Broad Water Tank, which can store up to 48 ounces (1.41 liter) of water and can release flow continuously for 90 minutes after 10 min of heating.

Also, it’s 10 feet hose is insulated completely for user safety and minimizing the loss of heat. Comparing to the rest of Steam Cleaner, it has the most extended power cable of 18 feet ( 5.4 m), which makes this steamer suitable for treating bed bugs present in both indoor and outdoor areas.

It included 20 accessories for multiple actions made up of HQ plastics. In the package, you’ll get a variety of brushes, a large mop head, scrapper, pad, one storage bag, nozzles, and a net.

By increasing the flow rate you can easily clean stains, strong grease, and mud. The scrubber attachment is perfect for the wide area. If you need a high pressurized machine, then check out our high-pressure steam cleaner guide.


  • The build quality is very decent
  • The steamer pressure is maintained even after attaching an extension hose
  • Tank capacity is enormous
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories
  • Ready quickly and has a discharge rate control mechanism


  • Scrub brushes do not stay attached with the steam cleaner head for a long time. If you want to scrub hard your floor or any surface, you have to push them hard at the right angle else it will detach
  • Tools quality is not supreme

6. Wagner Spraytech 0282014 915  – Powerful and Compact to Kill Bugs


  • Max. Temp.: : 212°F
  • Heat up & Run Time: : 10min & 45min
  • Capacity: : 48 oz
  • Warranty:: 1 Year

Extra features: Locking trigger, Wallpaper Removal, On Demand Steam, LED Indicators, Equipped with 6 Attachments

OVERALL RATING: 8.6 out of 10

Compact & powerful

If you don’t want any accessories and wanna save some bucks, this Steam cleaner would be a decent option for you.

This Steamer comes with only 5-6 necessary attachment, which includes floor mop, utility brushes, two extension tubes, and window squeegee.

Wall Cleaning attachment brings high stability while cleansing any surface. Also, its top pressurized flow help in removing the sticky bug entirely and instantly.

It’s able to generate a high temperature up to 212°F ( 100°C ) to sanitizing your home areas. I don’t like it’s heating time as this machine takes up to 20-25 minutes to heat the whole water tank water. Although, It works decently for pests and bugs remedy.

You can fill a maximum of 48 oz. of water in its tank at a time and get 40-45 minutes on continuous, high temp steam. As there is no water level meter, it usually ends up overfilling or underfilling.

On top of this powerful steamer, two lights are present, which indicates the heating status of water. While boiling, the red water light blows up, whereas when it’s getting ready green light turns on.

Spray tech Wagner High Power Steam Cleaner pinpoint nozzle specially made for boosting the flow speed, which results in raise in temperature and better bed bugs cleaning.

It has a long pliable hose but short power cord, which created difficulty for me while testing it in areas where there are no outlets or power socket. I used an extension board.

A chemical-free water boiling mechanism helps you in purifying your home areas immediately and efficiently without leaving any slag or residue. Apart from pests treatment, you can easily remove sticky wallpapers from your wall with this wallpaper removal steamer.

You can switch between the constant and dynamic flow of steam easily by pressing the two-mode trigger present on this steamer body. It is small and lightweight, which makes it easy to use. The company has given the 1-year warranty at a global level.

  • This machine is small in size and lightweight.
  • I like the hose length. It is very long, make it easy to kill the bugs stuck to ceiling areas.
  • Spraytech Steam Cleaner comes with a variety of accessories.
  • It works great for cleaning the grime.
  • The material used is not so durable. So, I can say its not a long lasting product.
  • I tried to clean grease with it, and sadly, it didn’t work well for me.
  • Some of this Steamer’s attachments are hard to find if damaged.

7. PureClean XL Rolling – High Power Bug Removal Machine


  • Max. Temp.: 200°F
  • Pressure: 43 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: 8min & 45min
  • Capacity: 48oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: 9 ft. & 15.7 ft.
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Extra features: 18-Piece Heavy Duty Set, Pressurized, XL’s mop head, Built-in cord wrap, Compact design, Targeted Steam Cleaning.

OVERALL RATING: 8.9 out of 10

I never thought that this High Power PureClean XL Rolling steamer would perform so well, and I was surprised by its powerful performance. While testing this steam cleaner on bugs lying on my pillow, my house appliances, furniture, It works awesome.

Pure Enrichment PureClean XL steamer can hold up to 50  ounces or 1.5 liters of water at a time and can provide up to 45 minutes of non-stop high pressurized flow for naturally get rip off from bugs, greasy surfaces, etc.

On its backside, a small cord wrapper has been inbuilt for wrapping it’s 16 m extra long power cord. It makes this steamer compact for storing, and you won’t need to mess up with wires.

To get pressurized vapors for deep cleaning, you can use it’s additional 18 accessories made up of high-quality plastic. It includes two extensions hose, six mini brushes, one angled tip, a funnel for stuffing water, and many more items.

The water used in this high power steam cleaner is ordinary and has get heated in 10 minutes. As there is no water level indicator, you need to fill the tank slowly and carefully else the water gets on the floor.

There is no doubt, and it is an exceptionally well built and designed powerful Steamer, which comes with five years of warranty. Yes! You read right, and five years is vast. You don’t even need to worry about any problem with this cleaner for the next five years.

This model is super easy to manage during bugs control operation. Thanx to its Easy Roll Wheels and Prebuilt handle, you can smoothly move and carry it without any problem.


  • Targeted Steam Cleaning
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Inexpensive Price Tag
  • Suitable multiple types of flooring and surfaces
  • Easily fit into corners


  • You can’t keep floor pads attached to the cleaner head
  • Average Brass Brushes quality

8. Spraytech C900053.M Model 53 – Mini Steam Cleaner


  • Max. Temp.: : 290°F
  • Pressure: : 55 psi
  • Heat up & Run Time: : 45min
  • Capacity: : 40 oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: : 6 ft. & 16ft.
  • Warranty: : 2 Years

Extra features: 17 Accessories, Compact, Easy to store

OVERALL RATING: 8.5 out of 10

Mini and small in size

It looks like a vacuum cleaner because it has a small compact body. But actually, it’s a Steam cleaner of weighted 12.2 pounds, which can generate up to 143 degrees Celsius ( 290 F ) Pressurized Steaming Power within 8 minutes. This high temperature is enough to kill 99% bacteria, and for bed bugs treatment.

Still, in this limited size, this steamer can boil up-to 40 ounces or 1.1 liters of distilled water using it 1500 watt heating element at once for providing up-to 45 min long continuous chemical-free cleaning.

It is capable of allowing 55 PSI pressurized steam for removing stains, messes, and even wet soil marks. It has a power cord of 16 foot (4.8 m) long and a hose of length 6 foot (1.8 m).

This bug-killing machine comes with a Trigger locking mechanism so that you can choose between the static and dynamic types of flow easily. But with some unceasing steaming, the handle gets a little bit to heat up, which feels uncomfortable sometimes.

For hard to reach areas, home right gives you 17 additional accessories consist of high-quality materials. By attaching the brushes, taper nozzle, broom floor mop, etc., on the steamer, you can lift your area of cleaning comfortably.

Its superheated steam is very effective for cleaning bathroom marks and oven oily surfaces, which are impossible to clean with water. Also, this steam cleaner mop head has a cloth holder where you can attach your regular cleaning cloth or towel for floor steaming.

  • Compact in size, lightweight bed bugs killing machine.
  • It gets heat up within 10 minutes and provides good steaming time.
  • It is easy to use it on the ceiling, thanx to its hose attachment.
  • This Steamer comes with 17 different accessories to make your task easier.
  • The plug cord is short.
  • Not so powerful as compared to others.

9. Steamfast SF-370WH – Lightweight 


  • Max. Temp.: : 200°F
  • Heat up & Run Time: : 8min. & 45min.
  • Capacity: : 48 oz.
  • Hose & Cord Length: : 6.5 ft. & 15.4 ft.
  • Warranty: : 2 Year

Extra features: 15 High-Quality Accessories, 1500 W Power, On Demand Steam Control, Integrated cord wrap, Affordable Price Tag.

OVERALL RATING: 8.6 out of 10

portable and lightweight

It looks so beautiful and well-built Steamer. The integrated cord wrap fitted on the back of it will help you to keep the wire safely and prevent it from future angular distortions.

Sf 370WH steam cleaner can boil ordinary water at very high temperatures and produce ultra-heated steam of 200º F or 93º C. Its handle and tip specially designed for covering small areas like the floor tiles grout lines.

It comes with 45 ounces of a tank, having a heating time of 8 minutes. Furthermore, this steamer can provide up to 45 minutes of uninterrupted streaming.

On its handle, there is an on-demand steam control button, using which you can lock your desired flow speed for a maximum of 45 minutes.

The power supply wire of length 15.4 ft or 4.6m allows you to take the steam cleaner to any corner of your home quickly. It’s smooth rotating wheels can float this 8.4 lbs of the machine smoothly and without making any noise.

This household steamer has equipped with 15 accessories. It includes a jet nozzle, measuring cup, scrub tool, squeegee, mop head, pads, and many more.

It is neither big nor small, so for small houses, it would be a decent option to get rid of bed bugs. Its design makes it lightweight and more comfortable for storing and operating.

  • This Steam Cleaner’s vapors are very hot and pressurized.
  • It has a lock switch, and you can keep the flow steady easily and give a rest to your fingers.
  • Water gets heat up is very less time and lasts about 35-40 minutes.
  • This Steamer is Beautifully Designed and very compact in size.
  • The pads are small in size. Not so suitable for floor cleaning.
  • There is no water level indicator. Sometimes, the water gets overflow.

10. FFDDY Portable Steam Cleaner – Cheap and Handheld Steamer for Bed bugs


  • Pressure: : 3 bar pressure
  • Run Time: : 8min
  • Capacity: : 350ml
  • Cord Length: : 9ft.

Extra features: Child Lock, 180 ° rotatable nozzle to get into tight spaces and under furniture, 9 Accessories, 1050W power

OVERALL RATING: 8.1 out of 10

cheap and handheld steamer for bed bugs

Honestly, portable steamers aren’t much effective on Bed bugs treatment due to their average pressure and temperature. After testing three different handheld steam cleaner, FFDDY Handheld Bed Bugs steamer works a lot better than others.

This model made for light work. At a time, it can hold up to 350ml of water, which will warm up under 7 minutes.

This steamer exhales 7-10 minutes of regular steam with 28g / min steam flow and 3 bar pressure. Honestly, it’s neither pressurized nor hot enough to kill bed bugs instantly. You will need to hold it for longer, in order to get good results.

You will also get nine different accessories in this steam cleaner box for further more cleaning and sanitizing distinct surfaces. It includes a flexible extension hose, nozzles, a cup, funnel, and more items.

For more mobility, it has a 9 ft long power cord made up of highly durable material. The High-Quality material coating tightly fixes the heating mechanism for minimizing the chances of losing and breaking.

For improving the griping, the plastic lining has molded on its body. Overall, this steamer is just 4.03 pounds, which makes it easy to carry nearly any crack, grout, or wall edges for efficient cleaning.

  • Lightweight and small in size for better mobility.
  • Capable of providing up to 7-10 minutes of steaming time.
  • Heat up within 3 minutes.
  • For different operations, nine accessories included in this steamer box.
  • Flexible hose.
  • Not very reliable and durable.
  • The steam is very less heated and pressurized.
  • Build quality is average.
  • Not effective much on bugs, germs.

Bed Bug Steamer Buyer’s Guide: Buy Best Steam Cleaner to Kill Bed Bug & their Eggs

Before moving further, you should know that steam machines categorized according to their purposes, i.e., for which they specially made. Carpet steamer specifications are different than the Cloth ones. A Home Upholstery steamer can’t able to produce high-temperature steam.

You should be clear about your needs and purpose to use before buying.

Buying a Bed Bug Steam Cleaner isn’t rocket science, but sometimes people forget to check some essential properties. After testing and reviewing a lot of Steamers, we list out those factors which make them the best.

Bed Bug Steamer Buyer's Guide: Buy Best Steam Cleaner to Kill Bed Bug & their Eggs

1. High-Temperature Bed Bugs Steamer

In the beginning, I told you at least 117 F temperature is necessary for criticizing the bed bugs. But to assassinating them rapidly, it must be 170F and above. We also tested 130-150F, but it didn’t work!

The higher the temperature, the quicky you will get rid of bugs. The Steam should be dry else yours bed’s mattress may soak the vapors. It will be also beneficial for cleaning hard to clean surfaces like greasy faces, kitchen appliances, tiles, even for killing floor bacterias.

2. Maximum Steam Time

You can’t kill them in 5 seconds, it takes some time. Till then, you have to keep your steaming static. Otherwise, they may escape from your eyes. It is the time for which you can steam continuously.

Instead of heating the boiler repeatedly and wasting of electricity on it, pick the Bed Bug Steamer who has somewhat 30 minutes on Steam Time. It will also be helpful if you want to clean your whole home at once.

3. Water Tank Capacity

To get a Decent output, the input should also be significant. Refilling the boiler many times will be irritating. As per my result, the capacity should be 35 ounces (1 liter) and above. Because the more the size is, the more steam flow you will get.

Well, if you are going to buy a handheld bed bug steamer due to a low budget or for rare usage, keep in mind that it should be equal to 10 ounces (200ml) or higher. It will keep them lightweight as well as easy to handle.

4. High Pressure

The steam must be pressurized for killing bed bugs and performing cleansing action on pests, tiny pores, tiles gap, bed corners, or any low space/compact area. The pressure forces the hot vapor to flow between these small spaces ultimately.

Also, It will help to push the bugs out of the hidden corners or edges of the bed. However, the output pressure is default set by the Steamer’s Manufacturer in all the products except MC1375 and Dupray Tosca (They both have an On-demand controller).

5. Heat-up time

It may or may not be an essential factor for you because it depends. As some people have less patience, they can’t wait whereas some don’t hurry, they can wait for 15-20 minutes. But it should not be too long, like 20 minutes or above, else the steamer needs more electricity to get ready.

Generally, for standard Bug Steam cleaners, heat time range between 8-15 minutes, whereas the handheld has nearly 5 minutes.

6. Accessories

No matter how expensive or cheapest bug control Machine you buy, there is always a need for some accessories. These machines handle nozzle isn’t pressurized and efficient for all types of action.

According to the situation and work, you need to change the Steamer tip concerning it. The more the accessories included in the Steam Cleaner box will be more comfortable for you.

7. Cord and Hose Length

For reaching the corners, under the bed, inside the kitchen racks, long hose is needed. Whereas to take the bug steamer away from the power socket for cleaning outdoor windows, walls, doors, or cars, you need a long power cord.

On average, the bed bugs steam cleaner power cable should be a minimum of 13 feet (3.9m), and the hose should be at least 6 feet (1.8m). For further expansion, you can attach the extension tubes.

Bed Bugs Treatment: How to Kill Bed Bugs using Steam Cleaning Machine?

Pests like the bug may be volatile and can stay inside the stuff like pillows, cousins, etc. Chemicals and Spray can’t reach there easily.

Steamers are a great way to treat bugs, fleas, black ant, and many more pests. Hot steam completely covers the infected area and vanish them, including their eggs.

Throughout this process, you should follow some guidelines and precautions for efficient and secure remedy.

1. Choose the correct Steamer to kill Bed Bugs

For treating the bugs thoroughly, your machine should have all the necessary specifications listed above. Not all type of steamers possesses these specifications.

Never use carpet, clothing, and floor steam cleaners as they can’t generate sufficient hot vapors, i.e., 170°F and above. Also, this will keep them near the fatal zone, which is not tolerable to kill them.

2. Attach Triangular nozzle to the Steam Cleaner hose

The Steamer triangular nozzle is perfect for getting rid of bugs as it maintains the pressure and heat of a Steam.

But if you want to sanitize a deep hole/gap or a large surface area at a time, you can equip the steam cleaner with a narrow and floor nozzle, respectively.

However, using these small accessories on dull surfaces will blow the bed bugs and their eggs around the area. Also, you have to move the hose very slowly as the floor nozzle takes a little bit more time to steam the area thoroughly.

3. Check the temperature and dryness

Before starting, always check the temperature to ensure that the steam is enough hot and dried to kill the bed bugs. For that, use the steamer on an unattractive surface and correct it. It should not feel wet after you run the steam cleaner over it.

The ideal surface temperature should be higher than 170F. It will let you do a cure without damaging your interior. Keep your plastic stuff away. Else they may melt when it comes in the contact.

4. Start Bed Bugs Treatment from Highest Point

Start assaulting them from the peak point (e.g., Ceiling). It will ensure that the bed bugs pushed downward rather than upward. After falling, they may hide in soft materials like cousins, sofas, curtains.

You must have to steam all of them properly. If there is any blanket, cloth, or any washable things, wash them all in hot water after the job done.

5. Move the hose slowly

Slowly moving the Steam Cleaner’s tube will maintain the temp. And pressure throughout the surface and cover all the gaps, cracks, holes completely.

Hold the steamer for at least 30 seconds at a point. It will heat the bugs and their eggs to a very high critical level, and finally, they will die. Otherwise, if you rush, they may run away or survive.

If the room is vast, take the help of someone. Slowly moving the nozzle will ensure that bugs are dying. So, you won’t need to do the same task again in the next week.

Once an area gets cleaned, pick up the dead bugs using a paper towel and throw them away.

6. Open the doors and windows

After finishing the steaming, turn off the steam cleaner. Then turn on the ceiling fan and open the doors and windows.

It will prevent the forming of mildew and mold on the surface.

If you have any floor fan or cooler, turn them on and face them towards the steamed area. The fresh air will dry out the area thoroughly.

Why Killing Bed Bugs using Steamers is better than Chemicals?

Best Steamer to get rid of bed bugs

There are a lot, seriously a lot of reasons why you should avoid using Chemicals and start using bed bugs steam cleaners. It not only dangerous for your health but also affect your children and pet health. Some of the significant benefits of steamers are:

Chemical Free: You don’t need to use any chemical for killing bed bugs. The whole cleaning process is completely hygienic and eco-friendly. Thus, it will keep your health along with your family.

No Bad Smell: Chemicals usually leave an unpleasant smell after their operation. These molecules get to mix up in the air and arrive inside our bodies. And maybe it makes us ill after some time. Steamers never leave any unhealthy smell after usage.

Use for a Long Time: Once you use chemicals, it gets vanish. You can’t reuse it. But this case is not with the steam cleaner. You can use it any much time as you want, there would be no problem. But don’t forget to do regular cleaning for it 🙂

Better Result: There is no doubt, steamer gives a lot better result as compare to Harsh Chemicals. Their high temp steam provides a guarantee for the killing of bugs along with their eggs in an economical way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here I sorted out some FAQ which people generally ask.

Can I use a clothes steamer to kill bed bugs?

No! Because fabric steamer generates less heated vapors, which is not sufficient to kill bed bugs. You need to create a high-temperature environment to vanish them.

Do Steam also wipe out bugs eggs?

Of course! A Steam Cleaner can rapidly kill entire bed bugs and their eggs in a few minutes. It is a one-time operation to vanish all of them with family.

Can I get rid of bugs with Steam Cleaner?

Steaming is the best method ever to get rid of these harmful bugs instantly, efficiently, and thoroughly. It hardly takes a minute to kill a single virus using these machines.

What temperature kills bed bugs instantly?

As per our test results, the steamer’s steam temperature should be 200°F and above to get results rapidly. 170°F is also excellent, but it takes a bit more time.

What is the success rate of Bed bug Steam treatment?

Steam Treatment has a 100% success rate for getting rid of any bed bugs and pests. You can eco-friendly and efficiently cure your home using these machines.

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