Wedding bells! Do you feel the butterfly in the stomach? Oh yeah! Everyone feels the same while selecting a wedding dress. I know it takes dedication, emotion, and of course a good amount of money to buy a wedding gown for the perfect day.

Who doesn’t want to look pretty and sexy on the wedding day?

But just imagine wrinkles and crease on your wedding dress. Heart Throbbing! Hmmm. Taking care of the dress needs extra efforts as it carries a lot of good memories and emotions of our life and soul mate.

Wedding gowns are made with delicate fabrics like satin, silk with beautiful decoration of beads and sequins on it. The expensive clothes require proper ironing or I would say professional ironing to keep them in good condition.

And for that, we have come up with the range of steam iron which would serve your need and that’s too like a professional. Sounds great, isn’t it? These irons are specially designed for the expensive fabric, garments to remove the wrinkle easily.

Best OverallBest Overall
PurSteam 2020
  • 4 Steam Levels
  • Steady Steam flow
  • Professionally Remove wrinkles
  • Santizte & Disinfect deeply
  • Burn Prevention Cap
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Budget FriendlyBudget Friendly
PureSteam XL
  • Heats quickly in 45 sec
  • 1 Hour Continuous Steaming
  • Half-Gallon Water Tank
  • Garment hanger & Fabric brush is included
  • Removable Water Tank
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Best in Heavy DutyBest in Heavy Duty
Jiffy J-4000M
  • Metal Steam Head
  • 2 Hour Steam time
  • 5.5-foot hose with 6-inch steam head
  • Die cast aluminum housing
  • 3 Year Warranty
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PurSteam PS-1200
  • Built-in Ironing Board and Garment Hanger
  • 2L Large Water Tank
  • One-touch Steam Controls
  • Burn Prevention Safety Cap
  • Perfect for both Steaming & Ironing
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PurSteam Pro
  • 4 Steam Levels
  • Heats within 45 seconds
  • 60min Steam Time
  • Transparent 2 Liter Water Tank
  • Comes with Hanger & Brush
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PurSteam 950X
  • 4 Steam Levels
  • 2.5 Liter Water Tank
  • 60min Steam Time
  • Burn Prevention Cap
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Rowenta Master Valet IS6300
  • 4 Steam Levels
  • 2.4 Liter Water Tank
  • 60sec Heat-up Time
  • 60min Steam Time
  • Flexible fabric hose
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PurSteam 910 Steamer
  • 61 oz. Big Tank
  • 2.4 Liter Water Tank
  • 45-60sec Heat-up Time
  • 60min Steam Time
  • Up to 248 °F SuperDry steam
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Rowenta IS6520 Master 360
  • 360° Rotating Hanger
  • 2.5 Liter Removable Water Tank
  • 45sec Heat-up Time
  • 1 Hour Steam Time
  • Unique metal delta head
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Conair Extreme Steamer
  • 360° Rotating Hanger
  • 60oz Removable Water Tank
  • 60sec Heat-up Time
  • 1 Hour Steam Time
  • Dual Heat system
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Best 10 Steamers for Wedding Dress of 2020 – Tested Reviews

#1 PurSteam 2020 – Professional Wedding Dress Steamer

PurSteam is one of the ultimate steamers in the USA. It is a more powerful steamer and produces 30% more steam flow as compared to other steam irons. This iron is professionally designed and it is strong, sturdy, and user-friendly.

Expensive fabrics like suits and gowns can be handle with care by this steam iron. The 4 level steam adjustment controls the pressure which helps to iron the fabric with ease.

An additional feature is the deluxe hangar and fabric brush that makes the whole steaming process simpler and efficient. The hangar helps to reach the tight area of your wide-shoulder suit jackets as well as small sequined leotards smoothly.

You also get a burn prevention safety cap that keeps you safe from skin burn due to the hot water in the steam. The water tank stores adequate water which saves your time from refilling it. It is very easy to handle and portable. In fact, it requires less space for storage.

In all, you get a professional steam iron in 2x fewer prices than other steam irons. Also, you get 2 years warranty from the manufacturer. To avail of the benefits order it today.

#2 Pure Enrichment PureSteam XL Standing Steamer – Affordable and Powerful

Our next iron is from Pure Enrichment pure steam XL. This steam iron can save your time and let you out of the door and on your way. It just takes 45sec for steaming with 1500watt steamer.

The superior steam helps to remove the tough wrinkle and make the fabric wrinkle-free. All your expensive gowns, suits, tuxedo, and more can be press professionally at home. You can also use the iron for your curtains, bedsheets, upholstered furniture, and more.

And the remarkable feature of the iron is it can also be used as a deodorizer and kill bed bugs and dust mites. An additional hanger and fabric brush make the ironing experience more effective.

Equally the large ½ gallon of water tank holds the water for continuous 60minutes of steaming and it is removable for mess-free refills. The easy-roll wheels make it portable and easy to carry from one room to another for reducing your efforts.

This is enough for everything you need in a steam iron. Even the price is affordable and the steam iron is durable.

#3 J-4000M Jiffy – Best Heavy Duty & Professional steamer for Wedding Dresses

J-4000 jiffy is a power pack steamer with a metal steam head. It can be used for households as well as for professional service. The flexible handle of the steamer helps you to iron the garments without bending yourself.

If you want to iron your long apparel like a wedding gown or A-line dress, you know how difficult it gets to end. To overcome it, J-4000 has a 5.5ft hose with a 6-inch steam head.

Even you can do an ironing job for as long as 2 hours per filling. It has a larger water tank with 3.79ltr capacity, which saves your time from refilling it again and again.

The steamer is made with die-cast aluminum housing which enables it to withstand the highest temperature which improves performance over the cheap plastic heads. With preheating and steam setting it uses 1500watt to produce powerful steam.

You also get a 3year warranty from the manufacturer. In all, this entire steamer is fantastic, durable, and affordable. I will definitely recommend you to buy this as this steam iron is a life changer.

#4 PureSteam PS-1200 Professional Series Garment Steamer – Best in Multi-purpose

Once again we have a professional series garment steamer from PurSteam. As this is among the trustable brand, it comes with a number of varieties in steam iron as per need of the consumer.

The professional series has highlighted features among the rest. It comes with the built-in ironing board and garment hanger. You can adjust the board as per your comfort and the type of clothes.

Suppose if you want to iron a wedding tuxedo or jacket, you can use the hanger and iron it easily and efficiently. Similarly, you can use the iron board while ironing and steamer while steaming hanging fabrics.

Makeable point is the one-touch steam button control that controls the high pressure steam for a smooth steaming experience. As I said before our steam looks after the safety of their customers, this product also comes with the burn prevention cap to protect from skin burns.

Again the water tank has a large storage capacity up to 2litres and can be used for 45 min per tank. It is easy to put together and easy to use. Surely you will love this garment steamer so much.

#5 Pure Enrichment PureSteam Pro – Heats Quickly

Another clothes steamer is from pure enrichment Pure steam pro. And really this steamer is a pro. It is designed with a convenient power pedal which gives the superior steam output.

Moving on to the water tank, it stores water up to 2ltr which enables continuous ironing up to 1 hour. Even the water tank is transparent which helps to check the water level easily for a refill.

With this steamer, it is easy to refresh and de-wrinkle a wide range of fabrics including coats, table linens, curtains & drapes. Apart from this, the steamer is 100% safe with thermostat-controlled and it automatically maintains the consistent temperature at each of the 4 steam levels.

It produces powerful steam with up to 1500watts. The best feature is the quick pedal power steam that only takes 45sec to heat up without manually pumping the nozzle for steam output.

Additionally, you get a fabric brush and hanger as an attachment for a better ironing experience. And the 5year warranty from the manufacturer makes this steam iron more desirable.

#6 PurSteam Heavy Duty Cloth Steamer – Equipped with a Big Tank

If you are looking for heavy-duty steamer than PurSteam garment steamer professional heavy duty should be on your list. This steamer is also perfect for sterilizing and disinfecting the garments.

PurSteam brand always surprises me with its wide range of steam irons. In fact, this iron has so many features that I can go on and on. But I will highlight only the remarkable features.

So getting to the point, the steamer can be used for continuous 60min per tank with the large water tank capacity up to 2.5ltrs of water. It is very effective and makes your ironing easier with its 4 level steam adjustment to control the high pressured steam for better performance.

You can use the steamer for clothing, coats, bedding and sheets, silks and delicates like a wedding dress and more. As previously said this steamer protects you from skin burns through its safety caps.

Along with this you also get accessories like hanger, fabric brush, pant press, and mini ironing board. Wow! Isn’t that enough at this price? What you are waiting for, make a choice now.

#7 Rowenta Master Valet IS6300 – Built-in hanger with Clips

The next steamer is from Rowenta- master valet IS6300. This steam iron is easy to use, In fact, you can roll and press the garments with the vertical support system. It has a built-in hanger with clips that hold the clothes at the place.

The steam iron generates powerful steam in just 60 sec and you can steam your clothes in no time. For the longer sessions of ironing, it has an extra-large water tank that holds 2.4ltrs of water. Even the storage of the steam iron is so convenient and it is compact in size.

You get a fabric brush to brush away the tough wrinkles. The best part is the lint pad that removes the lint, hair, and other unwanted objects found on the garments.

Moving toward the design, the stay-cool handle gives comfort while ironing; it has a flexible hose for easy movement. You can also adjust the height of the telescopic pole as you need. Equally the steam bonnet protects your skin from hot water dripping. All in one the product does what it expected it to do.

#8 PurSteam PS-910 – Compact Steamer for Fabric Dresses

Here again, the PurSteam presents the heavy-duty powerful fabric steamer. As all previous steamers from PurSteam, it also has the same premium features.

Its large water tank holds water up to 61oz of water. The cast aluminum heating element is 30% heavier duty than other steam irons. As usual, you get a hanger, clips, and a handheld steam board. You can easily expand the height up to 169 inches.

This steam iron can be used on any fabric like trousers, pillow covers, children’s clothing, and more. The adjustable hanger easy removes the wrinkles from the wide-shouldered suits, jackets as well as small sequined leotards. An interesting feature is that it kills germs up to 99.9% and freshen your clothes.

Its 5 Years of manufacture warranty makes it more desirable. The golden part is you get 100% money back, if unsatisfied within 30 days that too with no questions. So you got a deal!

#9 Rowenta IS6520 Master 360 – Small in Size

Rowenta IS6520 master 360 is the unique steam iron with 360 degrees rotating hanger. The unique metal delta head makes the steam head where you need it.

The adjustable pole with a 360-degree rotating hanger gives you comfort to swivel in any direction. And the extra-large water tank can be used for long hours of steaming with a removable water tank and easy refills. It takes 45sec to get ready and steam your clothes in no time.

Not only steaming but it also sanitizes and refreshes your clothes. Safety what comes first with Rowenta, its auto shut button, and insulated hose that keeps handling cool for touch and other smart features ensure your safety.

Additional accessories include fabric brush, lint pad, and hanger. Concluding, this steam iron is highly portable due to its large easy wheels for easy transportation. Also, it’s durable and will surely fit in your budget.

#10 Conair RA33901 – Upright Wedding Garment Steamer

Last but not the least, an innovative power care product by CONAIR RA33901.This steam iron is more than a garment steamer, it kills 99.9% bacteria as well as dust mites and bed bugs.

The extreme steam technology creates concentrated steam that is up to 40% hotter than other steam irons. This steam iron smoothes and de-wrinkles your garments in no time.

It is not only easier to set up but also gentle on fabrics from delicate, sheer curtains to upholstery to business suits. Moreover, it works 3x faster with dual heat system and heat-ups in just 60 seconds. You get up to 60min continuous steam time.

In fact, the removable water tank holds water up to 66oz and also easy to refill. The large aluminum faceplate helps to generate heat faster with 5ft cool-touch insulated hose.

You get a 9ft power cord that gives you comfort around the house. Simply this steamer has the entire feature that you want in an easy-cheesy steam iron. Go on! You got it.

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