Sweepers have evolved since the days when strands of straw were tied around a stick with a piece of string. sweepers for Hardwood Floors come in small or large sizes, and are manufactured in a variety of materials.

The best sweeper for a wooden floor will be the easiest to use and the most effective, although it should not scratch or dull the beauty of your floors.

Wood floors require special care due to their finish. Dust and other particles can scratch wood floors if they are swept with a Hardwood Floors sweeper of hard or natural bristles.
Floor care experts generally recommend using dust mops to collect dust and dirt from wooden floors to avoid scratches. But if you want to use a sweeper, make sure you have soft, synthetic bristles that allow you to sweep and keep your floor finish intact.
Synthetic bristles prevent damage Consumer researchers on the Sweet Home website tested sweepers on hardwood floors and recommended using a synthetic sweeper with soft bristles for sweeping.
The best sweeper to sweep wood floors should also have tightly attached bristles. This allows you to sweep a range of particles, from fine dust to cat litter.

Our pick for Best sweeper for hardwood floors are:


1. Microfiber sweepers – Top Hardwood Floors Sweeper

Frequently, microfiber sweepers are called “mops”; however, they do not necessarily use water or liquid to remove dirt and dust. The advantage of using a microfiber Hardwood Floors sweeper is that it glides through the floors easily, almost effortlessly, and the compartments inside the microfiber material trap dirt and dust. This prevents you from gathering and collecting dirt from the wooden floor. Microfiber mops come with reusable covers that can be thrown into the washing machine, or you also have the option of purchasing disposable covers. Some of the most popular brands of microfiber sweepers are Swiffer, Scotch-Brite and Mystic Maid.

2. Traditional sweeper – Great Sweeper for Wooden Floor 

The traditional wooden floor sweeper is one that most people would draw if they were asked to draw a sweeper. Most of them have a triangular shape, both with synthetic or natural strands of “straw”, which extend from the sweeper stick. This type of item is used to sweep dust and dirt in a movement that goes to your body. Once you gather the dust in a pile, you use a shovel to collect the dirt and discard it. While these Hardwood Floors sweepers are suitable for gathering large particles, they often require to pass the mop below. In order to protect your wooden floors, use a traditional wooden floor sweeper made of rubber fibers, which are softer and less abrasive on the floor. There are many brands that offer such sweepers, such as Ace and Rubbermaid.

3. Swab – Cheap Sweeper

In general, swabs are manufactured for larger floor spaces. The squeegee becomes wider in order to cover a larger area, as you push it from behind. Frequently, the fibers are synthetic, rubber or other materials of the kind, and are better for more industrial areas. If you use a swab on wood floors, make sure the strands do not wear out too much, which will have a more abrasive effect on the floor. Use a swab with rubber strands, and after sweeping do not forget to pass the mop. Ace and Harper are recognized brands that offer swabs.

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