Best Tile Floors and Grout Cleaning Machines for Home Reviews 2021

Best Machine to Clean Tile floors and Grout

According to research, the virus can survive approximately seven days on indoor floors and surfaces. All viruses live longer on hard floors, and tiles, metal, grout surfaces compared to fabrics, bed, sofa, and other soft surfaces.

In the cold flu season, most of the flu virus gets on the floor, which can create some critical problems for your children’s health. That’s why regular cleaning is essential for protecting your family’s health. However, it also depends upon how you clean your home.

Killing these germs and viruses using a simple mop isn’t possible. However, it’s also not good to use toxic chemicals for tile floors cleaning.

After researching and testing a lot, we found that a steam mop is the best way to clean your house. This process is completely hygienic and safe. Using steam-machines, you can wipe out all types of infected agents quickly and without using any harsh chemicals.

After testing multiple products over three weeks by our team, we found Dupray Neat Cleaner is the Best Tile Floors and Grout Cleaning Machines for you.

Best 10 Tile Floors and Grout Cleaning Machines for the home of 2019 are:

1. Dupray Neat – Powerful Tile Floors Cleaner for Home

High- Power Mop for cleaning tile floors of home

Till now, it is the most potent, classy designed steamer made by Dupray. The Neat Tiles Floor Cleaner generates highly pressurized steam heated up to 275°F/135°C in just 7 minutes, which is capable of wiping out the strongest and stickiest greasy stains.

After testing this product for 4 hours, we can surely say it is the best cleaning machine for keeping your tile floor and grout shiny right now.

I love its boiler. It is mighty and quickly responsive; even the whole cleansing operation is hushed.

The generated steam is superheated and completely dry. You won’t even see a single drop of water after using it on a surface.

It comes with 54oz of tank capacity, which can provide you continues steaming up to 50 minutes. An integrated funnel is present on the top of the tank, which prevents the spilling of water.

It comes with 18 pieces kit, which made for cleaning any area in the home. All accessories are made up of high-quality material and are very reliable. It also includes grout and tile cleaning tool.

The steam is pressurized up to 50 psi, which can quickly push off the grout dust in seconds. Its 5m power cord and 2m hose give you an added advantage as compared to other machines.

This steam mop is Certified Safe for home use and ETL listed for the USA and Canada. It also comes with two years warranty. Thus you won’t need to spend a single buck for the next two years.

  • The boiler is very powerful and suitable for heavy usage
  • The steam is superheated up to 275°F and highly pressurized
  • Build quality is awesome
  • You will get Spotless cleaning with it
  • Long-lasting steam flow
  • Both Power cord and hose is very long
  • It has an inbuilt large water reservoir
  • Easy to carry and operation is tranquil
  • There is no water level indicator on the body
  • You can’t use it as a handheld steamer

2. Light ‘N’ Easy S3601 – Professional’s Grouts & Tiles Steam Mop

steam mop used by Professionals for making home floors hygienic

Cleaning floor using mop and grout using steamer simultaneously is a frustrating job sometimes. Isn’t it? To make the job much easier, Light ‘N’ Easy brings a multifunctional Cleaning Mop.

It’s next level Smart Switch technology automatically turns on the steam supply when you slant and glide over the floor and shut off when you hold the hose upright. It saves electricity and keeps the steam long-lasting.

We’re also impressed with its detachable design. It is convertible to lightweight Handheld Cleaner Apparatus, which will help you while cleaning walls grout and other areas where cleaning isn’t possible.

Its Jet Steam nozzle attachment generates high-pressure steam, which helps in wiping out dirt from grout, sofa’s edges, and other small areas instantly.

This machine also gives you on-demand steam control ability. Thus, you can adjust the steam pressure and temperature as you want. While testing it on the tile floor, we kept it to the maximum and got decent results.

The Light ‘N’ Easy S3601 is capable of producing up to 110 C hot steam, which is enough for removing any sticky dirt and stains quickly. You can use distilled or tap water in it. It’s excellent and done a great job.

Overall the build quality of this mop is awesome. Light ‘N’ Easy also gives you a free replacement if you face any problem in the next year.

  • Two-in-One Mechanism.
  • Smart Switch technology saves power and gives you long steaming experience
  • On-demand steam modes are available
  • Steam is scalding and pressurized for removing any sticky mess
  • Easily convertible to a Handheld Cleaner
  • You will get lots of necessary accessories in the box
  • Quiet Operation
  • A little bit harder to slide its head on the hardwood floor
  • No water level indicator

3. Shark Navigator Lift-Away – Tiles Floor Vacuum Machine 

Vacuum machine to pure home floor

Steam is the best way to clean sticky stains. But what if your floor doesn’t have this? Which machine will you use for removing tile and grout dirt? Well! The best option is to use a vacuum cleaner.

After testing more than 3 hours by two people, we selected Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E High-Power Vaccum Cleaner ( A tile floor Hero ) for you. Not only we love it, but over Nine thousand customers gave a 5-star rating to this product.

It’s Anti-Allergen Glamorous Seal Technology, and a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter can trap 99.9% of dirt of 0.3 microns. This Vaccum’s powerful motors provide very high suction pressure.

The incredible quality Brushroll present on the top of the head serves Deep grout and spotless tile floor cleaning.

By pressing a button present on the right side of the vacuum, you can lift the canister away. Thus this gets converted into to Handheld Vaccum cleaner, which gives you an added advantage for tiny cleansing edges of walls, under the sofas, grouts, kitchen’s racks, and shelves.

Using it’s Swivel Steering, you can smoothly change its suction head direction without turning yourself. Thus its cleaning is Immaculate.

For long-lasting performance, wash the pre-motor form once in 3-4 months. Also, deeply dry clean the HEPA filters once a year.

  • It’s Anti Allergen Seal Mechanism is Amazing
  • High-Efficiency Particulate Air Technology traps 99% of 0.3-micron dirt
  • Powerful Vaccum with High Build Quality
  • High Suction pressure clean the surface deeply
  • Capable of capturing tiny pets hair from sofas, bed
  • Swivel Steering technology gives you smooth cleaning experience
  • Comes with very long Power Cord
  • Convertable to Handheld Vaccum cleaner
  • Not suitable for cleaning sticky dirt like grease, oil
  • You can’t use it on wet floors
  • Not able to kill floor germs and bacteria as there is nothing like hot steam

4. Shark Lift-Away Pro S3973D – Handheld Floor Cleaner for Household 

Handheld mop for household uses

Nobody likes to carry a bucket and mop, wetting it and start wiping the floor. Then wait until it gets dry. Well! Our years old Trusted Shark company made it easy for a housewife like me and you.

Shark Life Away pro S3973D is a 2 in 1 steam pocket apparatus which comes with an Intelli-Cleaning head technology. Now you don’t need to dirty your hands as the floor cleaning pad automatically gets attach and detach to its head just by sliding a trigger.

Its three advanced steam operating intelligence level settings are capable of wiping out stickiest dirt. The steam is superheated and doesn’t leave water droplets after using it.

While operating this machine, the pressurized steam comes out from the nozzle present over the front surface of the head. This hot steam vanishes the stickiness from the surface, and the pad cleans the rest of the dust.

Although for cleaning walls, cupboards, racks, and rest surfaces, you can pull out the steamer from the body. It is so lightweight that even your kid can carry it. Its hose pipe in long enough to clean inside the racks and almirah. By attaching its pocket tool, you can effortlessly sanitize kitchen and home appliances surfaces.

Its cord is 22ft long, so you can easily operate it in those areas where no socket is available. Also, it can hold up to 500ml of water, which is enough for cleansing home.

  • The steam output is Hot and Pressurized
  • Comes with the touch-free Intelligence Cleaning head
  • Direct Steam Channeling System
  • Very long Hose and Power Cord length.
  • Steam Blaster wipe out dirt in a second
  • Build Quality is very high
  • It is not self standing
  • This machine feels heavy
  • There is no additional pad in the box

5. ThermaPro- Cheapest Grout Cleaning Machine

Cheap mop for cleaning grouts

While talking about the cheapest cleaning machine for tile floors and grout, this PurSteam Thermo Mop won our heart.

Its handheld unit is attachable with the body, which is removable whenever required, although this steamer is quicky heatable ( maximum it takes 1 minute ). It is capable of providing up to 20-25 minutes of non-interrupted streamflow.

The second thing which we love about it is its premium quality accessories through which you can sanitize hard to reach areas, including those tiny gaps of grouts. It comes with three steam modes which you can adjust according to your need.

Its nozzle design is very narrow and long. Thus the releasing steam flow is high and pressurized. The cleaning operation is completely chemical-free and safe. Even the water use in it is ordinary water, and you can use tap water as well.

Its boiler water reservoir can hold up to 11.50oz(340ml) of water, so it becomes less suitable for long term cleaning. You don’t need to worry even if you have children as the whole process doesn’t need any harsh chemicals.

You will get multiple accessories with it for different cleansing types of surfaces. All additional attachments are reliable and stay in good condition for a long time.

This mop works well for removing pets pee strains, sticky grout dust, and for other moderate usages. We can’t recommend this machine for heavy usage as it not built for that type of work.

  • Easy to hold and operate
  • Heat up time is 30 seconds which is awesome
  • Its Head slides effortlessly against the tile floor
  • The handle design feels very comfortable
  • Steam is hot, and operation is quiet
  • A very high value of money
  • Not suitable for Heavy Usage
  • The is no additional long hose attachment for cleaning away areas like ceiling
  • Not suitable for long term steam cleaning.

6. Bissell PowerFresh Slim 2075a – Lightweight and Portable 

Powerful Portable grout cleaner

This Bissell PowerFresh 2075a Portable Grout and tiles Cleaner comes with an incredible tool kit. This kit includes grout, pad, bristle scrub, angle, flat scrapper, bristle, and many more attachments.

The steam is hot with stable flow and able to eliminate 99% of germs, bacteria, and grout’s dirt. The Steam Control buttons are present on the head of steamers.

Its Swivel steering helps you to clean tight spaces like behind the almirah. It worked decently on my tiled kitchen counter and able to remove my pet’s pee stain, which got stuck in the grouts.

You can easily convert it to a mopping machine in seconds by attaching the additional hose and flat surface tool. However, after this, the pressure reduces a little bit. But still, it does an excellent job of tile cleaning.

The long hose attachment makes it possible for you to steam the low gap areas like under the bed. Its tank can hold the right amount of water, which gives you non-interrupted streamflow.

The brushes bristles are made up of high-quality material and even won’t get damaged after staying in contact on steam for a long time.

This steamer is gets easily mounted on the wall. However, you will also get an on-hand storage kit so you can carry accessories while cleansing.

  • Highly stable while operating and lightweight
  • Swivel Steering mechanism for sanitizing small gap areas
  • Easy to clean away surfaces like a ceiling fan
  • You will get lots of quality tools for multiple purposes with it
  • Onboard kit keeps the tools safe
  • Steam is not superheated, and pressure is moderate
  • Not suitable for heavy and long usage
  • Water Reservoir capacity is only 10oz

Buyer’s Guide

Buyer's guide of machine use to clean Grout and tile floors

Not sure which cleaning machine fits best for your home? You need to have the knowledge of something which you are going to buy the first time.

After testing and operating dozens of mops, we know what things you have to look and whatnot.
Here is a Quick Checklist, created by our experts and testers for grout and tiles cleaning machines.

Cleaning Capability

Every stain and the sticky spot isn’t the same all the time. Sometimes we can clean them with just a wet piece of cloth and sometimes we need hot water or any cleaning agent.

For vanishing any tile stain, you must select the mop that can change operating mode as per your requirement. It not only minimizes your work but also allows you to take the full benefit of that machine.

For example, you can quickly push of grout dust by attaching any pressurized nozzle attachment. It doesn’t matter whether the blown air is hot or not; both will work.

But for wiping out tea or oil stain from tile floors, you need a little hot vapor or water. Else the surface stickiness won’t go away. Whereas for cleaning months old grout stain, the air vapor should be scalding and pressurized.

Features and Functions

Logically, all of these machines do the same work, which is helps you to keep your home floor clean and hygienic. What makes them different from each other is their features and functionality.

I can’t tell you the exact things or functions, which makes them best for you. But Why? Because it always depends upon your requirements.

Maybe you need the one who can generate maximum heat for removing stickest stains, or perhaps you want detachable handheld cleaning machine for sanitizing low areas like kitchen or book racks.

You can’t get everything in one mop, so choose upon your priority. Above our top three picks are fabulous in performance and features. I’m sure they can fulfill your desire.


Mobility doesn’t mean it should be handheld and lightweight. Anything you can carry or move from one place to another is portable. It not only save your time but also makes the problematic areas cleaning effortless for you.
Look at our top picks, all of them are convenient and easy to use.

However, Light ‘N’ Easy S3601 gives you an advantage over Dupray neat in terms of portability. S3601 can be more efficiently used for wall edges grout and cleaning low gaps areas of your house, like racks, inside the cupboard, under the bed, etc.

All of the steam mops and vacuum we reviewed are easy to handle and operate. So don’t need to worry about the portability of these models.


It is one of the most important things you must look, especially in any cleaning machine. In this case, accessories are like a soldier weapon lol. The more you have, the more it will be better for you.

These additional attachments not only help you to cover more areas of your house while sanitizing but also save some of your bucks.

Didn’t get my point? Suppose a machine comes with a grout cleaning tool, so you don’t need to buy it separately.
Also, they must be reliable and made up of high-quality material. Otherwise, it may get damaged or change its shape due to prolong working.

Here, Dupray Neat comes with a large number of high-quality tool attachments. All of them are highly reliable and capable of working under a high-temperature environment.

Build Quality

Household machines have more chances to fail and have a short life span if they have frequently been using.
As all of we know, while cleaning, we rotate the mop head, change their operating angle, push them hard against floor or any surface for deep cleaning, hundreds of times.

All these activities create a high level of tensile force, which fails a machine after a certain period. Maybe the hardware stop working, or maybe its body gets broken due to cracks created while force cleaning.

To protect yourself from struggling with these problems, always buy those electronic items whose build quality is superb.

Value for Money

Anything, whether it is expensive or cheap for you, you should get some value in return for your paid money. If a cleaning machine is more expensive doesn’t always mean it will be better than a cheaper one.

How to check? It’s easy, compare any product features and prices with others. If it seems like a good deal, then go for it.

How to Clean Tile Floors and Grout? Our Tips

Tips to Clean Floors easily

Cleaning floor grouts and tiles using the traditional method is time-consuming. Also, you may have to pay for labor and chemical agents. It also leaves a bad smell after completion of the task.

You have to scrub the grouts and tile continuously, and this makes your cloth dirty. However, these agents aren’t right for your health. Suppose your baby is licking the chemical cleaned floor, it may make your baby ill. That’s why we avoid this method.

These floor cleaning mops made the whole process effortless. Now this task becomes quick and efficient. Also, we don’t need any chemicals, which makes the entire operation ecological.

The most challenging task is when you must clean the bathroom and kitchen tiles and not say the patio tiles, not only for all the chemical materials and detergents that are needed to leave them clean but for the physical effort that is required for that work.

The best way to clean both the tile lines and the different types of tiles you have at home is with the power of steam without using detergents or chemicals in the process, and the best thing is that you can leave it hygienically clean without effort.

To help you discover how to clean the tiles with steam, I will show you the steps you should take, depending on the type of flooring you have at home.


How to clean the grout lines

cleaning grout lines with steam cleanerFill your boiler and wait for the set time to reach the right temperature.
Verify that your steamer is ready for cleaning with good steam pressure.

Vaporetas generally have the accessory to focus the steam towards the most challenging places, and it can be nylon or brass brushes, some have both brushes.

For cases where the grout lines have a large amount of dirt, grease, and mold, which are very difficult to remove, I recommend using the brass brush to clean the grout lines with steam.

For cases where the grout lines do not present as much dirt, and you consider it easy to remove, you can use the nylon brush to clean the grout lines with steam.

After identifying the level of dirt and the right accessory to vaporize the grout lines, apply the steam directly to the grout line by scrubbing the brush in a steady and slow motion.

Although it is a delicate surface to clean, the power of steam will penetrate these small holes eliminating dirt and grease, quickly restoring the grout lines of the tiles, with minimal effort.

Then you pass a microfiber cloth or the cover of the accessory for any excess dirt that has remained in the vaporization of the grout lines.

How to clean the smooth tiles with steam

clean the tile floor with steamVerify that your steamer is ready to vaporize and properly sanitize your flat tiles.

In most evaporates, the accessory to clean the smooth tiles with steam is rectangular and with a microfiber cover.

When the steam begins to come out at the right pressure, run the brush with its microfiber sheath firmly and slowly over the surface of the smooth tiles.

Be sure to cover the entire surface to be sanitized. Ideally, steam should be dried immediately. The steam will remove the dirt and grease on the surface, and the cloth of the cloth will help you collect the dust that will be released during the vaporization of the smooth tiles, leaving them bright and hygienically clean.

The high temperature of the steam in addition to leaving the tiles deeply clean dries on time, guaranteeing the reduction of germs and bacteria quickly.

How to clean porous or non-slip tiles with steam

Verify that your steamer is prepared to vaporize and thoroughly sanitize your porous tiles.
Use the brush with nylon bristles for deep cleaning of porous tiles and with a microfiber sheath.

When the steam begins to come out at the right pressure, run the brush firmly and slowly over the surface, letting the steam flow deep into the pores of the tiles, and the bristles of the brush help you remove dirt.

The microfiber cloth cover will pick up excess dirt that has come off during vaporization.

Home Cleaning isn’t an art. It’s a step by step process. For getting the best result, it should be followed and done correctly. Here are quick steps to obtain a better result.

  • If there is any frozen stain, scrub them gently with any hard tool. I also recommend you to clean the grout at least one time before operating. For sticky stains, you don’t need to scrub. Hot steam automatically wipes it out.
  • Set up your machine. If it’s a steamer, then fill its boiler with water and wait until the water gets heated and converted to superheated vapor. Don’t hurry; otherwise, you will see water droplets after an operation.
  • Attach the attachment tool as per your requirement. First, clean the grout and other tiny edges areas. It will push off the grout dust on the tile floor. Attach the mop tool and clean the area.
  • Take a dry cloth to clean the wet floor. Open the windows and turn on the fans, let the floor dry.

Cleaning Tips

Always check that the internal pressure of your steam boiler is at the right temperature before starting steam cleaning. Read more about steam cleaning.

For cases where the dirt in the tiles is very extreme :

You must apply the steam previously over the entire surface, then perform the process of vaporization and cleaning of the tiles, as indicated above.

Use the appropriate and specialized accessory for the surface you want to steam clean.

Always pass the microfiber cloth after cleaning the tiles with steam, to remove the dirt residues that it leaves when vaporizing.

The emergence of mold in your bathrooms is inevitable, even if you keep it clean daily; therefore, do not let dirt penetrate deeply by steaming your tiles always.

For cases that suffer from back, neck, waist, or other pains, use your steamer to clean your tiles effortlessly.

When cleaning the tiles with steam, remember to always dry them properly, since:

  • There is a risk of accidents because they are slippery.
  • Existing humidity allows mold to appear more quickly.
  • The possibility that the dust or another element in the environment remain again in the tiles

Remember, you can always find more information about cleaning your home with steamers here, as well as opinions and criticisms of a wide variety of Steamers and where to buy them.

To improve the resulting quality, you must try out these simple tips in your day to day cleaning.

  • For decent results, first roughly clean your tile floor with a sweeper. It will wipe of thick dust and dirt particles. Else it will hamper cleaning machine efforts.
  • Make sure the temperature is near 100ºC or above. Even the stickiest stain will give up at this temperature.
  • Always start from one corner and finish at another. It will prevent the extracted dust to mix with remaining areas.
  • Move the Hose Slowly Slowly. Let it cover an area completely. Clean a surface at least twice.

Why Cleaning Tile Floors and Grout with Machines are better than Chemicals

There are a lot of benefits to machine cleaning as compared to chemical agents. Some of them are:

  • Efficient: The whole process is more efficient and fast.
  • Less Time Consuming: There is no doubt, it saves a lot of your time. The complete operation gets completed within minutes.
  • Economical: Here, you don’t need to use any chemicals, nor it will exhaust any smoke after an operation. It is an evergreen process, with no effect on your health and children.
  • Give Better Results: Machines always perform better than the workforce, especially when the task is repetitive. You will get very high-quality profound cleaning results.
  • Easy to Clean: Forget those traditional ways, in which you have to keep your body down to clean the floor. It may generate pain in your spinal cord. Now you need to hold a hose, that’s it.
  • More Feature: You will get much more in this. Some of the key features you will get in these machines are swivel head, different cleaning modes, detachable handheld unit, and there are a lot more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Easiest Way to Clean Tile Floors?

The Easiest way to clean any floor stain is by using hot steam. A warm Environment created by these cleaning machines is capable of removing any stain or dust. The whole process is completely hygienic and free from harsh chemicals.

It just takes some minutes to sanitize a room. The results you’ll get will also be decent. Also, you don’t need to apply pressure on the hose for deep cleaning. You can quickly do this by attaching the pressurized nozzle attachment.

Are Steam Cleaners Good For Tile Floors?

Of course, as the water used in this is ordinary or tap water, this makes the complete cleaning process safe and eco-friendly. There would be no damage to your tiles. Steam Cleaners brings the shine and smoothness of your tile floor back.

Additionally, you can also effortlessly clean your wall and floors grout with ease. Also, there is no chemical present in the boiler to kill bacteria and germs; all of this die when coming in contact with hot temperature.

How Do You Clean Dirty Tile Floors?

Initially, we roughly clean the floor surface using a sweeper to wipe out all the thick dust particles. It will reduce the chances of hampering in your cleaning efforts.

Finally, we take the floor cleaning machine and do as per the above instructions for getting decent to purify results. This whole process is 70% less time consuming as compared to manual or traditional methods.

How Do You Disinfect Tile Floors?

Disinfection of anything can only be done via suitable Heat Treatments. On average, we do this at least once a week. Floor’s Bacterial and Viruses aren’t capable of withstanding against heat.

Can You Polish Tile Floors?

Yes, polishing of the tile floor is possible using an orbital machine. It is a cleaning apparatus made of rotating the motor and sizeable circular brush.

For polishing your home surface, you need to pour any good cleaning chemical onto it and move the orbital slowly over the floor. This process is a bit time consuming but brings the shine and results as per your desire.

However, you don’t need orbital if you regularly sanitize your house floor using any of the above apparatus.

Is It Better to vacuum tile floors than sweep?

This process is more efficient, rapid, and 100% economical. Although it also depends on the scenario.  For example, it is better to clean a bowl of scattered rice by vacuum as they are very tiny in size, and it is better to sweep dead tree leaves lying on your floor.

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