Steam wallpaper remover from Wagner

Steam wallpaper remover from Wagner

To renovate interiors, the tedious detachment of old wallpaper can not be prevented. In order not to have to work for hours with spatula, water and other aids, steam wallpaper remover provide a real relief. Professional painters and interior designers are no longer able to do without the aid, even for private users the purchase is worthwhile when moving or renovating.


When you buy a steam wallpaper remover shows a wide range in function and price. In the following, you will learn what is important, how to obtain a real quality model at a low price and which 4 models have received our personal recommendation!

How does a steam wallpaper remover work?

The advantages of hot water with a dash of detergent when peeling wallpaper have been known by home and craftsmen for decades. The special mixture dissolves old adhesives like the smallest from the walls, so that the wallpaper can be pulled in small and large pieces from the wall. Depending on the age and material of the wallpaper and the nature of the adhesive, you can move forward only by a few centimeters.


With a steam wallpaper remover as a technical device you perfect the said principle. Apply hot water to your walls with a constant vapor pressure , so that even old and stubborn adhesives are easier to loosen. The use of the spatula is often no longer necessary with repeated shutdown of the individual webs, since the old wallpaper from the steam simply fall off the wall itself. A real workload that saves a lot of time and nerves.


Important criteria when buying the device

Two components steam wallpaper strippers

At first glance, all modern steam wallpaper removers, which the specialist trade holds ready for you. Manufacturers offer the device in two components : A water tank including boiler and steam generation technology, and a light steam plate that will guide you over your wallpaper. The use is usually via a classic power connection, few devices allow the additional use of batteries.


When buying modern steam wallpaper remover is to pay more attention to the product details, in the type and frequency of use of the device. Key factors in product purchasing include:


tank capacity

With the tank volume you define the length of the operating time with one tank filling . Basically, the wallpaper remover after refilling the tank is refillable, but passes depending on the performance of the device some time to re-use.


Smaller devices have a tank between 2.5 and 3.5 liters, their service life is about one hour. Premium equipment that you should use for professional use can be refueled with 4.0 to 6.0 liters. The useful life reaches quickly between 90 and 120 minutes.



Volume and weight are directly related to each other in steam wallpaper remover. For ease of use, a low device weight of around two kilograms is recommended, although not yet the filling of the tank is set up.


You also need to differentiate between the weight of the device and the weight of the steam plate . The panel itself actively guides you over your walls, the component weighs only 200 to 300 grams for most manufacturers. The entire station with its several kilograms, however, is only a few times during use to move depending on the size of the room.


hose length

How often you have to move the entire station in the room depends on the size of the room along with the length of the enclosed hose. Ideal is a longest possible connection between the tank station and steam plate , with a too large hose length can have a negative effect on the vapor pressure. Many manufacturers rely on a hose length between 3.0 and 3.5 meters, which has a practical reason: If the station is on the ground, it is also possible to remove cover wallpaper .


The said radius of the hose is often sufficient in small rooms to work the entire space. Set up the station centrally and reach most of the walls without having to move the device again. Especially if you are working daily with a steam wallpaper stripper at work, you will be glad of any relief of your hand grips.


steam power

In order to make a real difference between a steam wallpaper remover and manual labor, the steam should release with noticeable pressure from the hose and steam plate. Industry-wide, a standard value of 50 grams of steam per minute has become established. This makes it easy to remove your wallpaper without damaging your walls or making it dangerous to use the unit due to escaping hot air. When buying, ideally, do not choose a device that differentiates the steam power mentioned.

Notes on the correct use of the wallpaper peelers

Peel off the wallpaper with steam wallpaper strippers

Only with correct application, good results come about

If you incorporate the above advice in the purchase of your steam wallpaper remover, you lay the best foundation for a clean and fast work. But even the best device will not make your job much easier if you do not use it properly. Therefore, take the following application tips to heart, so that the next wallpapering is easy and safe:


1. Each model of well-known manufacturers attaches the highest value to safe use without risk of injury. Nevertheless, a proper application is important so that hot steam does not escape at the wrong moment and cause burns to the hands. For this reason, the remover should only be used after a training period and should never come into the hands of children.


2. To remove a wallpaper from the wall as quickly as possible, work on it gradually. Especially laymen often steam the entire web of a wallpaper. The one end of the track is often dry again when you have just reached the other end.


3. In old buildings or other high ceilings, the use of a ladder when steaming walls and ceilings is indispensable. Pay attention to a particularly high work safety. Otherwise, there is the risk of a fall, which is doubly risky in conjunction with hot steam.


4. When using a steam wallpaper remover, the room should be as empty as possible and no objects should stand around. These are a trip hazard or prevent the hose guide of the device runs as straight as possible.


5. Even if it is not necessary with modern and efficient equipment, some users moisten their wallpaper with bucket and detergent. Prevent the risk of electricity and water impacting each other by placing the electrical device as far away from your buckets as possible.


How meaningful are independent tests

There have been no independent test reports from renowned platforms such as Stiftung Warentest for Dampf Tapetenablöser in the recent past. Online you can get some well-founded information on individual devices, which you can subject yourself to a comparison according to the above criteria.


Questions and tips about the steam wallpaper remover

Do I have to wait for the tank to warm up?

Yes, for optimal use of the remover, the water must first be brought to full temperature. Powerful devices manage to do this within ten minutes, a quarter of an hour to 20 minutes is not uncommon.


Does not the wall get wet with a steam wallpaper remover?

The risk of wet walls is basically given, but remains at the correct use of steam wallpaper remover to a minimum. It is important to use steam pressure and water volume according to the specifications of the manufacturer and not to stay too long on a wall position.


Can the functionality be extended?

Many private households paper only every few years and therefore shy away from buying the product. Here are worthwhile models as an alternative, which can be used in everyday life as well as a classic steam cleaner.


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